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Thanks to all for taking the time to comment...

"Just want to say that this is the fourth season I've used your draft package and it's netted me a first place and a second place in my highly competitive league. I think I've definitely got an advantage over everyone else due to the Draft Advisor software. Sorry I can't spread the word on FootballDocs, but this is a closely guarded secret that I cannot share with any of the competition. Thanks again!"

--Rickey, Round Rock, TX

"I used the Draft Advisor Software and the great information you provided, and it helped me win my league championship against some seasoned veterans.   Just to show you how potent the Draft Advisor and the weekly advice from your website was, my team (The Juggernauts) finished with a 12-1 record and averaged around 128.5 points per game in my league's scoring format.  I am awestruck that I was able to set many of my league's records:   Most Points in a Season, Most Points in One Game, Longest Winning Streak, Longest Unbeaten Streak, and Best Winning Percentage."

--Jim, Binghamton, NY

"Last year was the first time I had ever paid for fantasy football advice.  I visited your site and thought what the heck... for about ten bucks I have nothing to lose.  Guess what?!  I didn't lose - thanks to your Draft Package of course.   I was our League Champ and I owe it to you guys.  So, I'm back this year and years to come... Thanks guys."

--Karl, Dallas, TX

"I've used your Draft Advisor Software the past two years, and I've won my highly competitive league two years in a row! This customizable software is powerful, and mixed with your research and expertise it is absolute dynamite. Thanks for your hard work on a great product!"

--Mike, Toledo, OH

"I would like to say that from someone who did not know anything about fantasy football I have learned a lot from your site. I heard about people playing this before but thought I did not know enough about the players to do this. Well I started out this year as a way to just bond with some of my customers, and I won the Super Bowl using your Draft Package. The Draft Advisor Software got me where I am today."

--Ray, Haymarket, VA

"Thanks to your Total Draft Package and weekly advice, I have won 3 of the last 4 championships (2nd place in the other) and am in the title game again this year."

--Curt, LaCrosse, WI

"I have used your Draft Advisor Software for the past three seasons.  I have been to the Super Bowl twice and the Conference Finals once.  Your ratings and "value" picks have been terrific, especially in the mid and late round steals of my draft!  Thanks again!"

--Richard, Youngstown, OH

"Thanks again, I subscribed to the FootballDocs Total Draft Package and I loved it.  I will certainly be back again next year!"

--Bill, Haddonfield, NJ

"Docs - Thanks for all the help this year - my draft went well and I'm playing for the Championship in my league for the first time (first time I used your site and info)!  I also had the best regular season record for my league - again thanks to your advice."

--Rod, Lombard, IL

"Hi Docs, I was a Total Draft Package rookie this year and am very pleased that it aided me in earning the #1 seed in BOTH of my leagues!"

--Lee, Brookline, MA

"This is my first year in fantasy football and I am the #1 seed going into the playoffs thanks to you.  I have followed your site prior to the August draft and I am amazed at the accuracy!"

--Gary, Luthervill, MD

"Hey Docs! Great site. I've been coming here since I started playing fantasy football about 4 years ago.  Your site has helped me to a playoff berth every year and 2 championships! Thanks for all the help guys, best on the net!"

--Paul, Princeton, NJ

"Thanks to your Draft Advisor, weekly Add/Drops, and Sit/Starts our team is going to the Super Bowl for the first time in five years. Oh and thanks again for customizing the Draft Advisor for me right before our draft. I'll be back next year!"

--Marc, Vandalia, OH

"You guys are killing me. I love it!! The subscription was worth every penny, and I'll definitely continue to support the Docs!"

--Scrappy (no location given)

"I've been following FootballDocs for a couple of years but decided to go with the Total Draft Package this year. I'm 4-0, about to be 5-0, along with being the highest scorer, and the chumps in my league are trying to figure out how to catch me."

--Doug, Austin, TX

"I have to give you guys the up-most props.   You've given me the insight to help me make it to the championship in two leagues last year (winning one), and I'm in first place in two leagues this year going into the playoffs."

--Dave, Chapel Hill, NC

"Thanks guys. I followed your sage advice and won my league's championship game. I only wish I had discovered your site earlier in the year."

--Charlie, Mandeville, LA

"Well, thanks to not only your awesome Draft Package but your excellent advice throughout the season, I'm 10-3 and only one win away from the Super Bowl. Thanks for your help guys."

--Jeremy, Nashville, IL

"Just wanted to say thanks for another great season. Thanks to the Draft Advisor, I finished first in my league. This is the third year I have used your software, and as before, I am very pleased with the outcome. I picked last in a 10 team draft. Your advice for draft positions and sleepers were on the money! Too bad I can't share your site with anyone in my league. RULES! Thanks again."

--Jeff, Chesapeake, VA

"Thanks to following your advice from drafts through championships, I am now in the title game for my FIFTH year in a row.  Thanks a million!"

--John, Charlotte, NC

"Thanks for the bomb-diggy website. It's through your advice I went from worst to first last year for my first ever championship. This year I got wise, ordered your Total Draft Package, and I loaded up with enough talent to pull off some great trades."

--Dave, Richmond, VA

"I'm in the championship game for the 2nd time in four years, much in part due to your excellent draft package."

--Kevin, Philadelphia, PA

"I just discovered you guys this year and you've been absolute MONEY! Thanks guys and I can't wait to check you guys out again next season!"

--Dave, Minneapolis, MN

"I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know you guys are the best. I have been playing fantasy football for over 10 years with only modest success. I started using your site for my fantasy research about 3 or 4 years ago and have made it to the playoffs each year and with my 1st Superbowl appearance last year in one of my leagues. I attribute my success to your site and the information you provide for my draft preparation."

--Dominick (no location given)

"Hey guys, great info.  I've been playing fantasy football for 12 years now (have won 4 times) and have never been impressed with any information (fee or no fee) until your site was referred to me."

--Jay, Milwaukee, WI

"You guys are da bomb!  Your advice and Draft Advisor (Software) has me two games away from claiming my first Super Bowl.  Whether I win or lose this week, I would just like to say thanks."

--Job, Franklin, VA

"Just writing to thank all the team there at FootballDocs.  I joined a fantasy football game organized at my website by some American friends for a bit of fun.  Not knowing enough about the game, I came to here to FootballDocs for some tips, and you certainly delivered! Your advice has been accurate, sound and on the spot.  And it has allowed me to take the top prize this season."

--Paul, Manchester, England

"Thanks Docs for the information to get me to 1st or 2nd place in my football league over the last 5 years and counting."

--Brandon, Dallas, TX

"I would like to thank you.  I used the Draft Advisor for the first time this year and have, what I feel to be, a very strong roster in the league I play in with very experienced players."

--Adrian, Farmersville, IL

"You guys are awesome. I can't tell you how many times I've needed to Start/Sit a player and have been leaning towards one guy and your advice reassured me and everything works out. Love your site and you're always on time with your updates."

--Lou, Altus, OK

"Hey Docs, thanks for all the help this year.  You guys are my secret weapon."

--Cody, Turlock, CA

"I have to thank you for the amazing resource you provide.  It's incredible how effective you guys are.  I was new to fantasy football last year, and through your guidance, I am now defending my crown.  I want to thank you for making fantasy football strategy fun and winning made easy."

--Raffaele, New York, NY

"I would like to thank you for all your advice this season!   The results are obvious.   I'm playing for my league championship."

--Stewart, Boise, ID

"Thanks to you guys for great all-around advice. You've helped me to be in the top on my league."

--Jon, Jacksonville Beach, FL

"Thanks for all of your help through the years!  With your help I have played fantasy football for 6 years making the playoffs all 6 years and winning twice!"

--Matt, Savannah, GA

"I love your site.  I discovered you last year early in my season and ended up winning my Super Bowl.  Thanks."

--Kenny, Conway, AR

"Wanted to thank you this past season on my fantasy football championship.  I lost a bunch of key players, and you helped make my decisions on who to pickup and who to bench/start.  Look forward to your selection this upcoming season."

--Max, Redondo Beach, CA

"Great advice, in-depth and realistic, I love it."

--Gene, Tempe, AZ

"I've loved your site for a few years since I found it. It's been my bible every week before I set my team up. You guys rock and know your stuff."

--Nilesh, Wayne, NJ

"I asked you guys a couple weeks ago about my QB issue, and I want to thank you for your answer. It was the most thought-out, well-explained fantasy football advice I've ever seen. You didn't just tell me what to do; you explained how you came to that conclusion giving me a way to look at the game I hadn't thought of before. Thanks to you guys, I feel like I'm a better player in the long run. So, thanks a ton. You have made a devoted fan."

--Pete, New York, NY

"Whoa, thank you guys so much!  I'm the commissioner of a league with 7 of my friends, and I was in 4th place coming into the playoffs.  Because of yall's help with the bench/start advice and pick-up/drop column, I fought my way through the playoffs and destroyed the number one ranked team in the championship game, 164-125.  I came out on top when no one thought I'd do it from 4th place.  Just wanna say thanks again."

--Andy, Houston, TX

"Thanks to the Docs' Draft Advisor Software, I'm sitting at 7-2 and first in my 12-team league."

--Greg, Wildwood, MO

"A 'thank you' is in order.  I won my league championship and also set the season point record for a fantasy football game too.  I utilized your website on my march to victory."

--Tom, Mission, KS

"Docs, I love the site. I have been using it now for years. I even won a championship last year with your help."

--Dan, Columbus, OH

"I love the time and consideration you place on each question in 'Ask the Docs'.  No other fantasy site does that."

--Jim, Fort Worth, TX

"Just wanted to say thanks.  Last year, I won the championship by the narrowest of margins mainly because of late pick-ups recommended by you.  You guys rule!"

--Chris (no location given)

"I just have to tell you I love your web site.  Since I have discovered it, I have received a load of great info that has helped me to win."

--Jeremiah, Pittsburgh, PA

"Thanks!  The season is winding down, and I truly appreciate your EXCELLENT web site!"

--Glenn, Albuquerque, NM

"Hi Docs, Thanks for all the help over the past couple of years. The Draft Advisor has helped me a ton!!"

--Jim, Chicago, IL

"I am so glad I found your site. I love the idea of you not providing the "obvious" start/sit or other advice like every other site. I am always up for taking an educated chance!"

--Kris, Rochester, NY

"Hey Docs!  You guys are the best!  Your advice has helped me from 7th to 3rd in my league and I'm riding a five-game win streak!  Thanks again for all you guys do!"

--Mason, Cary, NC

"Thank you so much for your analysis, both pre-draft and during the season; it has been a big help for my first year in fantasy football.  Thanks so much for your help!"

--Drew, Indianapolis, IN

"Hey Docs!!!  Awesome site!!!   I have received some valuable pointers that have helped lead me to the fantasy championship game."

--Jim, Westernport, MD

"Hey Docs...I'm in the finals, and if it wasn't for reading your site week by week for bench/start, I'd never be here.  Thanks a TON guys.  I have a chance to be a back-to-back champ because of you!"

--Anthony, Trenton, NJ

"Great site.  I've relied on you guys all season, and my record is starting to show it.  You guys give me the edge every week in my league.  I'm tied for 2nd with my record, and lead in total points.  Thanks!"

--Stacy, White, PA

"Docs, I recently discovered your website, and I feel like I hit the fantasy jackpot! Thanks for all the fantastic advice you provide!"

--Mike, Oklahoma City, OK

"Docs - avid reader and wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your website.  It guides me through some tricky decisions often."

--Scott, Castro Valley, CA

"Just writing to say 'thanks' for all the great stuff on the website.  My wife has a team this year for the first time and loves your site...happy wife translates into more football which, of course, translates into happy husband."

--Charlie (no location given)

"Great site Docs.  I know I speak for pretty much everyone when I say thanks for your hard work and advice.  I check it regularly to help maximize my fantasy lineup from week to week."

--Tim, Brantford, Canada

"Love the site! Bookmarked, convenient, reliable, and essential. 'Nuf said."

--Scott, Chicago, IL

"Great site!  It's always nice to see guys who are willing to help others and not expect a first born son in return.  Thanks guys.  Keep up the good work!"

--Jace, Newark, DE

"Hey Docs, love reading your advice.  It has saved me on several occasions."

--Tyler, Boston, MA

"Hey Docs, thanks for everything.   Your total draft package helped put me in the championship game in each of the past two years.  It is the best on the net.  Your rankings and advice has helped take my game to the next level."

--Doug, Mountain View, CA

"Hey Docs, I absolutely LOVE your site and have made you my go-to guys!  Thanks again for all your help and insight."

--Jeremy, St. Louis, MO

"I want to thank you for your great website and help all season long as you have taken my team to 14-1.  This is my first year in fantasy football and thanks to you I am playing in the final game!!!"

--Shawn, Slinger, WI

"I have been reading FootballDocs religiously the last 3 years, and that has helped me tremendously in making the playoffs every year and winning one championship.  Thanks for all the good advice and information."

--Bobby, San Jose, CA

"Hello Docs!  Thanks for the advice you gave me in last week's "Ask the Docs."  You guys were spot on.  Thanks for all the advice I've received throughout the season.  It has definitely helped to surf through your website.  I love the articles."

--Patrick, Ft. Walton Beach, FL

"Thanks for your help at the draft and throughout the season.  This was my first year subscribing to the FootballDocs Total Draft Package and I will save plenty of money on Fantasy Magazines next season by subscribing again."

--Scott, Birmingham, AL

"Great site.   I'm in my league's Super Bowl for the second straight year thanks to you guys."

--Brett, North Liberty, IA

"In the fine tradition of Thanksgiving gluttony, I've got too much of a good thing.  I've been following your advice all year and kicking the stuffing out of my league.  Thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!"

--Tony, Tampa, FL

"Hi guys - really enjoy the FootballDocs website.  I've been playing fantasy football for about 8 years now, and I'm finally in a championship game and led my league all year long."

--Jack, Eau Claire, WI

"I wanted to thank you for everything.  This is the first year I used FootballDocs, and I am doing awesome in my leagues."

--Bowie, Arlington, TX

"Docs, fantastic site.  I have been riddled with injuries and bad bye week luck all season, but thanks to your advice, I have stayed in the playoff hunt.  Many thanks!"

--Tyler, Atlanta, GA

"Thanks for all of your help this season.  It was my first time playing fantasy football and I won my league."

--Rich (no location given)

"Well, due in no small part to the help of your site, I've made the finals in both of my leagues!"

--Jeremy, Omaha, NE

"Hey guys!  Of all the sites out there, you guys seem to always make the right predictions.  THANKS GUYS!!!"

--Morgan, San Diego, CA

"Docs, you've got me though some tight spots this year.  Love the site guys, and thanks for all the help."

--Troy, Louisville, KY

"I've used your site for the last two years and the results to say the least have been outstanding."

--Scott, Fishers, IN

"Hey Docs, thank you so much for the work you do week in and week out!  I check your site pretty much every day, and you are the reason I make the playoffs every year! Thanks!!!"

--Tyler, Brentwood, TN

"I love this site - it's one you want to tell your friends about but don't want to lose the edge!"

--Brian, Wampum, PA

"Just wanted to say I love your site and the accountability you provide!!!  Thanks for the info and keep up the good work!"

--Chris, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Docs - your advice has been crucial in helping turn my 1-4 team into a 6-4 playoff contending team over the last five weeks.  Thanks for the help!"

--Zach, Minneapolis, MN

"What's up Docs?  I think the site is great.  You give intelligent insight explaining WHY you think players are good and bad starts and have saved me from making bonehead moves. Thanks."

--Glenn, London, Canada

"Hey Docs, thanks for all the great tips so far this year!  Reading your website has resulted in me being 9-1, with sole possession of first place in my league.  Thanks!"

--Jason, Evansville, IN

"Love the site.  I'm in first place and I owe it all to you guys."

--Mike, Burnsville, MN

"Thanks for doing such a good job with Pick-Ups, Bench / Start, and the personalized advice.  Your recommendations not only gave me a great Draft, but kept me in the top of the standings all season."

--Rob, Charlotte, NC

"Your website is hands-down the best advice on the web, and you've helped me turn my season around.  Thanks for everything."

--Dave, Richmond, VA

"I'm going into my fourth fantasy season this year and wanted to let you guys know that you were a great resource for me last year.  I actually won both leagues in no small part to you guys."

--Gary, Brooklyn, NY

"I'm tied for the best record.  This is my first year in fantasy football, and your Draft Package -- as well as your articles -- have really helped me get there!"

--Kevin, Bolingbrook, IL

"Hey Docs - love the site.  Thanks for helping me get a championship last year!"

--Chris, Albany, NY

"Love the site and all the advice! You guys have helped me stay in the top 3 for the last three years."

--Mike, Omaha, NE

"Great site!  Your advice has helped me over the past two years, taking me from last place three years ago to winning the championship in my league last year.  Starting from the Draft, your site has given me a great edge over other managers.  Thanks for all of the advice Docs... it is the best on the net!"

--Shawn, Boston, MA

"Your Draft Advisor Software is the best tool I have found amoung 21 other sites."

--Bret, West Chester, OH

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