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Running Back Weekly Rankings

FREE fantasy football RB weekly rankings to help with who to start

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Our fantasy football weekly player rankings are part of FootballDocs In-season content. All of FootballDocs In-season content is 100% free.

FootballDocs fantasy football weekly rankings are designed to provide further assistance to those difficult fantasy football start sit line-up decisions beyond what is provided in our Fantasy Football Start Sit column each week. There are several variables considered when compiling this list, but the primary variables include match-up, player ability, game plan, and role in the offense for the current, upcoming week in the NFL / fantasy football season. Since all of these variables are evaluated solely on a week to week basis, this list will change considerably each week. As such, this list indicates short-term player value based on the current, upcoming weekly match-ups alone, and it is not to be confused with a traditional Fantasy Football Player Rankings list, which considers aggregate performance over an entire season. Consequently, this list should not be used to help evaluate significant trades or assess long-term player value. It is only intended to help with fantasy football start sit line-up decisions for the current week of the NFL / fantasy football season.

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FREE Running Back Weekly Rankings
NFL Week 1


You wanted it, and you got it! Fantasy football weekly rankings are here to further help with those critical start sit decisions. We've got our weekly rankings broken down by the four primary offensive skill positions.

Position:   QB   |   RB   |   WR   |   TE  

In-Season Running Back Weekly Rankings
Weekly Rank Player Name Position NFL Team Opponent
1   RB

2   RB

3   RB

4   RB

5   RB

6   RB

7   RB

8   RB

9   RB

10   RB

11   RB

12   RB

13   RB

14   RB

15   RB

16   RB

17   RB

18   RB

19   RB

20   RB

21   RB

22   RB

23   RB

24   RB

25   RB

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