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The Denver Broncos grade high in our 2015 Offensive Line Rankings
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2015 Offensive Line Rankings & NFL Team Summaries

Reduce the risk of your 2015 fantasy football picks

One of the key factors that can really help your decision between two seemingly equal players is reviewing the quality of the offensive line for those players. All things being equal, a player that plays behind a very solid offensive line brings more stability to the table relative to a player that plays behind a suspect offensive line. Coupled with a Strength of Schedule Analysis, you can significantly stack the fantasy odds in your favor for having a very successful draft. At the end of day, it is these subtleties that can help provide a big boost to your fantasy football draft selections, helping you select players with favorable circumstances while avoiding potential duds that can crush your team.

The Docs have broken down our projected 2015 offensive line rankings in a very clean, user friendly format. Both projected 2015 run blocking rankings and 2015 pass blocking rankings are given, as well as an in-depth NFL overview for each NFL team, highlighting off-season player movement, coaching changes, and headline news stories. This is all designed to give you a concise overview of each NFL team, and the fantasy football implications of these off-season moves relative to anticipated 2015 fantasy player performance. Coupled to our in-depth offensive line rankings and projections, you will be ready to give your league mates a beatdown on your fantasy football draft day. It's all about reducing the risk of your 2015 fantasy football draft picks to help stack the fantasy odds in your favor.

For an explaination of how the Docs created the FootballDocs Offensive Line Rankings, click here (or scroll to the bottom of the page).

  Team Pass Blocking Run Blocking
  Buffalo Bills #19 #20

A lot can be said for an organization that has a clear message that it can send to its team and its fan base. In the case of the Bills, that message is, "We care about #@!&ing winning." This philosophy starts with hiring the polarizing Rex Ryan as the head coach. However, the message gets stronger when the team added the notoriously nasty Richie Incognito at guard and the temperamental Percy Harvin at WR while unceremoniously sending RB CJ Spiller packing. The quarterback situation in Buffalo remains an unknown. EJ Manuel will get some help from Greg Roman's experience with Colin Kaepernick in SF, but Ryan has a backup plan with Matt Cassel. RBs LeSean McCoy (from PHI), Fred Jackson, Anthony Dixon, Bryce Brown and strong fullbacks let us know that the team is prepared to run the ball a ton in 2015. When you look at the receiving options with Harvin, Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods, and TE Charles Clay (from MIA), you have to assume that the offense will be better than anything Ryan had with the Jets. Add a solid offense to the aggressive defense you know Ryan brings and the Bills should be greatly improved from their 2014 team. They should threaten for a playoff spot in 2015. From a Fantasy perspective, the Bills are definitely in an interesting situation entering the season.

  Team Pass Blocking Run Blocking
  Cleveland Browns #14 #24

Imagine yourself, for a moment, as Cleveland's 2nd year head coach Mike Pettine. You look at your roster and you see Josh McCown (37 years old) as your starting QB and Johnny Manziel (first-round bust coming out of rehab) as your backup QB. You look to your WRs and you see Dwayne Bowe (perennial bust with questionable work ethic) as your best option and Brian Hartline (474 yards and 2 TDs last season) as your number two option. Yeah, you pretty much want to run the football like you have never heard of the forward pass. The Browns RB will likely be the only player on the Browns with any decent Fantasy value. Isaiah Crowell is the lead candidate to be the Browns starting RB. He is the most talented back in Cleveland, but his hold on the starting role isn't strong enough to lock out the competition completely. Terrance West or Duke Johnson could wrestle away significant carries if Crowell can't capitalize on his potential. The Browns offensive line should be much healthier this season, so the team should be able to get significant yards rushing. The only other player of some note is Jordan Cameron's replacement at TE, Rob Housler. Housler, 6'5" 238 lbs, is a pure pass catching TE with prototypical NFL size, and he could see significant targets based on the state of the Browns WRs.

  Team Pass Blocking Run Blocking
  Minnesota Vikings #30 #10

Enter year two of QB Teddy Bridgewater's tenure, but also enter year two of offensive coordinator Norv Turner's tenure. Norv Turner is well known for making monsters out of stud RBs, and his biggest monster, RB Adrian Peterson, didn't play in 15 games last season. Peterson is back and ready to put his 2014 off-field controversy behind him, and Turner finally gets his chance to see what he can do with Peterson in his backfield. The aforementioned Bridgewater returns having gone through the growing pains of his rookie season, which is typical for most rookie QBs as they adjust to the speed and complexity of the NFL. Bridgewater had a good rookie campaign at QB, and he will only get better now with Peterson lining up behind him and newcomer WR Mike Wallace joining the WR corps for the Vikings. Wallace is hoping to rekindle his career after two forgettable seasons in Miami, and he leads a WR corps composed of Charles Johnson, Jarius Wright, and Cordarelle Patterson. Patterson has really flopped in his career as a WR, and we don't see much changing on that front short of some excitement in the return game. TE Kyle Rudolph is back, and he is hoping this will be a season he finally stays healthy. With Rudolph only making 40 of a possible 64 starts thus far in his career, we're betting he cuts his tongue on a pancake and misses a couple of games this year. Overall, the Vikings offense will be improved and could be a source for at least one other fantasy gem other than Adrian Peterson, and we think that additional gem will be Bridgewater. The potential and talent on the Vikings roster is there compared to several other NFL rosters. As a team, we like the Vikings fantasy upside, particularly with a strong running game and Turner at the controls.

  Team Pass Blocking Run Blocking
  Philadelphia Eagles #18 #30

Philadelphia has one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL, and they made major changes in the offseason at all three key offensive positions of QB, RB, and WR. At QB, they shipped Nick Foles to St. Louis in exchange for QB Sam Bradford. Bradford has all the skills and football intelligence to post huge numbers in Chip Kelly's offense, but he also has had big time issues with injuries, particularly with season ending injuries. He is the single most high risk / high reward pick in your 2015 fantasy draft. At RB, long time Eagle LeSean McCoy is now in Buffalo. To offset this loss, Philly made a move and acquired RB DeMarco Murray from Dallas. Murray had a breakout year last season, but he was also running behind the best run blocking offensive line in the NFL. Murray also had a massive 392 carry workload last season, which is a big red flag (see our Effect of RB Carries on Future Production article... no really... you need to read that article). As an insurance policy, the Eagles also signed Pro Bowl RB Ryan Mathews out of San Diego. Mathews has the skills to be a starter, but a $40 MM contract to DeMarco Murray says he will back-up Murray. At WR, Jeremy Maclin is now in Kansas City, leaving second year WR Jordan Matthews as the #1 option with the new additions of rookie WR Nelson Agholor (20th overall pick / USC) and veteran WR Miles Austin to help in the passing attack. At TE Zach Ertz enters his third year in the league, but there is nothing here worth calling collect home to talk to mom about. Ertz is young and has talent, but the offense in Philly isn't built to slowly grind down the field and cap off the drive with a TD to their TE. They like to have all options on the table for a TD to keep opposing defenses off balance, and they love misdirection, big plays, and quick strikes for long scores.

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How did the Docs create the FootballDocs Offensive Line Rankings?
Similar to our other fantasy football projections, a very intense level of detail and analysis has been carefully built into the FootballDocs 2015 offensive line rankings. This provides an extremely comprehensive evaluation of each and every offensive line in the NFL. Every effort has been made to separate the offensive line contribution to its team offensive success in the previous season. The evaluation goes well beyond just looking at total sacks allowed and other traditional, first-level factors from the previous NFL season. For one, assuming every team in the NFL had exactly the same offensive line, simply the teams that had the most pass attempts would yield the most aggregate sacks allowed. Consequently, although sacks allowed can be an indictor of line quality, it is not a true, accurate reflection of line quality. Similar examples can be made with other first-level pass blocking ratings as well as run blocking ratings. Rather, ratings were normalized between each and every team in the league. Long runs were discarded from rushing yards per carry in an effort to extract line contribution to the success of the play. Several other factors were included to provide a baseline rating in both run and pass blocking based on previous season performance. Next, 2015 run and pass blocking projections were made for each and every offensive line. Factors that were considered include key additions, key losses, changes in offensive line coaches, and other statistically significant considerations. The end result is a very detailed, thorough evaluation and projection for each offensive line in the NFL.

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