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The Denver Broncos grade high in our 2013 Offensive Line Rankings
"Nobody gets to our boy Manning without going
through us first."
(Todd Kirkland / Icon SMI)

2013 Offensive Line Rankings & NFL Team Summaries

Reduce the risk of your 2013 fantasy football picks

One of the key factors that can really help your decision between two seemingly equal players is reviewing the quality of the offensive line for those players. All things being equal, a player that plays behind a very solid offensive line brings more stability to the table relative to a player that plays behind a suspect offensive line. Coupled with a Strength of Schedule Analysis, you can significantly stack the fantasy odds in your favor for having a very successful draft. At the end of day, it is these subtleties that can help provide a big boost to your fantasy football draft selections, helping you select players with favorable circumstances while avoiding potential duds that can crush your team.

The Docs have broken down our projected 2013 offensive line rankings in a very clean, user friendly format. Both projected 2013 run blocking rankings and 2013 pass blocking rankings are given, as well as an in-depth NFL overview for each NFL team, highlighting off-season player movement, coaching changes, and headline news stories. This is all designed to give you a concise overview of each NFL team, and the fantasy football implications of these off-season moves relative to anticipated 2013 fantasy player performance. Coupled to our in-depth offensive line rankings and projections, you will be ready to give your league mates a beatdown on your fantasy football draft day. It's all about reducing the risk of your 2013 fantasy football draft picks to help stack the fantasy odds in your favor.

For an explaination of how the Docs created the FootballDocs Offensive Line Rankings, click here (or scroll to the bottom of the page).

  Team Pass Blocking Run Blocking
  Denver Broncos #4 #11

What a difference a year and a QB can make. Denver wasted no time getting Peyton Manning prior to the start of last season, and they instantly increased their win total from 8 in 2011 to 13 in 2012. Clearly Manning's neck was fine, as he experienced one of his best seasons as a pro, and that is saying something considering he is Peyton-friggin'-Manning. Not satisfied with anything short of a Super Bowl victory, the Broncos went out and got WR Wes Welker from New England. With Welker joining WRs Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker, it's a little scary to think about the weapons at Manning's disposal. Losses in the off-season come in the form of OC Mike McCoy, who joined the Chargers to become their new HC, and RB Willis McGahee. Denver replaced McGahee with RB Montee Ball (Wisconsin), who will battle R. Hillman and K. Moreno for carries.

  Team Pass Blocking Run Blocking
  Indianapolis Colts #14 #31

The Colts closed the Peyton Manning chapter last year and opened a new chapter with Andrew Luck. Lucky for the Colts Luck came through, as Manning had a monster year and several former 1st overall QB picks have completely flopped (Alex Smith, JaMarcus Russell, and David Carr to name a few). Luck will look to build on an outstanding rookie season, and he will do it with a new OC (Pep Hamilton), as Bruce Arians has left to become the new HC in Arizona. The Colts have sputtered at RB, and they are looking to fix that issue by having signed RB Ahmad Bradshaw from the NYG. Bradshaw will join the RB depth chart with Vick Ballard and Donald Brown, among others. WR Darrius Heyward-Bey (OAK) was signed to help stretch the field and joins WRs Reggie Wayne and T.Y. Hilton. DHB could emerge as a sleeper with Luck throwing him the ball.

  Team Pass Blocking Run Blocking
  Jacksonville Jaguars #25 #13

Prior to the start of the 2012 season, the Jaguars gutted the coaching staff and replaced it with a completely new one. After a 2 - 14 record in 2012, new GM Dave Caldwell gutted the coaching staff again and replaced it with a completely new one. That doesn’t exactly bode well for continuity, but such is life in Jacksonville these days. QBs Blaine Gabbert and Chad Henne will duke it out for starting honors, while star WR Justin Blackmon will sit on the sidelines for the first 4 games of the season due to a suspension. In a more to try to bolster their offensive line, the Jags took T Luke Joeckel (Texas A&M / Outland Trophy winner) with the 2nd overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. However, the offense has and will continue to be centered on RB Maurice Jones-Drew, who has battled back from a foot injury that kept him sidelined for much of 2012.

  Team Pass Blocking Run Blocking
  Miami Dolphins #21 #20

The biggest change in South Beach is that RB Reggie Bush is now in Detroit. The second biggest change is that the Phins added deep threat WR Mike Wallace from PIT. Wallace made a living catching the long ball in the Steel City, and now Miami finally got the much needed help at WR they have been looking for ever since losing WR Brandon Marshall prior to the start of the 2012 season. The Phins also added Pro Bowl T Tyson Clabo from Atlanta in an attempt to help bolster a struggling offensive line. The battle at RB is on between Daniel Thomas, who struggled with fumbles and concussions all last season, Lamar Miller, who is the hometown favorite having played at "The U", and Mike Gillislee, who is a 5th round pick out of Florida. 2nd year QB Ryan Tannehill will need one of them to step up to keep opposing defenses honest against the pass.

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How did the Docs create the FootballDocs Offensive Line Rankings?
Similar to our other fantasy football projections, a very intense level of detail and analysis has been carefully built into the FootballDocs 2013 offensive line rankings. This provides an extremely comprehensive evaluation of each and every line in the NFL. Every effort has been made to separate the offensive line contribution to its team offensive success in the previous season. The evaluation goes well beyond just looking at total sacks allowed and other traditional, first-level factors. For one, assuming every team in the NFL had exactly the same offensive line, simply the teams that had the most pass attempts would yield the most aggregate sacks allowed. Consequently, although sacks allowed can be an indictor of line quality, it is not a true, accurate reflection of line quality. Similar examples can be made with other first-level pass blocking ratings as well as run blocking ratings. Rather, ratings were normalized between each and every team in the league. Long runs were discarded from rushing yards per carry in an effort to extract line contribution to the success of the play. Several other factors were included to provide a baseline rating in both run and pass blocking based on previous season performance. Next, 2013 run and pass blocking projections were made for each and every offensive line. Factors that were considered include key additions, key losses, changes in offensive line coaches, and other statistically significant considerations. The end result is a very detailed, thorough evaluation and projection for each offensive line.

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