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NFL Week 2: "Ask the Docs" Replies

Friday, September 13, 2013

What a game last night! Perhaps it would be better to call last night a mess instead of a game. For those that have Tom Brady on their roster, you need to be concerned about his lack of weapons. At this point, your best hope is that Brady and the Patriots can get back Rob Gronkowski soon. You also have to hope that those young WRs in New England can figure out how to hang onto the ball. Even though it was raining last night, there were just too many balls dropped. Until Brady gets some weapons back from injury or those younger guys figure out how to catch, Brady cannot be considered an elite fantasy QB. He will have a tough time breaking into the top 15 fantasy QBs on a regular basis. Don't trade him at this point, but you might want to think about some back-up plans in the short term. We went to Twitter last week, so we are going to grab a few responses from there this week to mix in with the emails you sent in to our Advice email acount. So posted below are our collection of responses to email and from those that dropped us a question on our FootballDocs Twitter account.

Best flex play: Colston @ TB, Hartline @ IND, DeAngelo Williams @ BUF, or Torrey Smith vs. CLE? HELP!!
- Cap

Docs: You have to stick with Colston in this case. With Sean Payton back in the HC seat, we like the whole New Orleans offense to look rejuvenated. (Torrey Smith is a close second)

Should I trade TY Hilton for Cecil Shorts?
- Anthony

Docs: Yes. Cecil Shorts could get some new life if the team goes to Chad Henne on a regular basis.

Jared Cook, DeSean Jackson, TY Hilton, Joique Bell, and Mike Wallace. I'm thinking about going with Cook & Jackson for flex. Good?
- Jess

Docs: You are barking up the right tree. Cook is looking great and Jackson could be great in the Eagles new offense. Wallace is tempting, but misses the cut.

I am in a ppr league. Chris Givens or Knowshon Moreno?
- Jake, Merrimack, NH

Docs: Moreno is the pick in this case. He is a much more critical piece of a more explosive offense. The Broncos are going to give Moreno lots of snaps because he is the best pass protector they have. Moreno's ability to catch the ball also makes him a hands down winner in this decision.

I play in a standard scoring 12-team league. I have 4 solid WRs: Cruz, Fitzgerald, Boldin, and Welker. I also have Reuben Randle and Denarius Moore. At RB I am hurting, with Foster, A. Bradshaw, Mendenhall, and Ben Tate. I need a new RB. Which WR should I sell high on since all had good weeks? I'm leaning towards Welker, but I'm not sure yet.
- Randy, Akron, OH

Docs: Randy, you do have some great WRs. You should target some of the underperforming top preseason RBs from Week 1. If you can get someone like Trent Richardson for one of your WRs, that might be a good move. You should continue to get production from Cruz, Fitzgerald, Boldin, and Welker all season. You wouldn't be ripping anyone off with a trade, but you might be able to good deal for a top RB that just had an off Week 1 like Maurice Jones-Drew.

I have both Mike Wallace and Hartline on my roster. Would you start Hartline over Wallace?
- Christopher

Docs: Mike Wallace is the choice. He has too much talent to bench him for Hartline.

I have 3 open slots. Use any combination of these players to start this week. (Max 2 TE) Ryan Mathews, Eric Decker, TY Hilton, Jared Cook, Greg Olsen, Julius Thomas My gut tells me Cook and Thomas, but I cant figure out who else gives me the best chance this week. Please help! Thanks for your time.
- James, San Diego, CA

Docs: Being from San Diego it is probably hard to trust Ryan Mathews. He has broken a lot of hearts over the years. However, he is the last player you are looking for to round out your 3 starters. Cook, Thomas, and Mathews is the way to go this week. Decker is the last one out, but he appears to be the 4th receiving option for the Broncos.

T.Y. Hilton or A. Roberts? PPR league with bonuses for big plays.
- Highroller

Docs: Andre Roberts is the play this week. Larry Fitzgerald has been limited in practice this week. If Roberts can get more targets, he could be a huge return in value this week.

That's a wrap this week. Great interacting with everyone and good luck to everyone's teams this week. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out our FootballDocs' Social Media pages: Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

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