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NFL Week 15: "Ask the Docs" Replies

Friday, December 13, 2013

You've got questions and we're here to dish out answers. Lot of great questions this week ranging from trade offers to starting decisions to wavier advice. We decided to go the Social Media route this year, so if you dropped us a question on our Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ pages, odds are good you got an answer! For the rest of you, we've compiled the questions and our responses to try to help the masses as well. Many of our replies will have components that are directly applicable to components on your team, so without further ado, let's get to it:

I need some TE advice for this Sunday... Dennis Pitta or Scott Chandler?
- Aaron on Twitter

Docs: Aaron, splitting hairs here. While the match-up for TE is not as strong w/ DET, we lean to Pitta b/c of his better upside.

Flex question here for a .1 pt PPR league (yeah, it stinks); Have 1 free flex slot, so should I start Pierre Thomas, Greg Jennings, Toby Gerhart or Golden Tate? Thanks!
- Michael on Facebook

Docs: Michael, this is nasty just about any way you shake it. Bad match-ups, sub tier players, injuries... But if it were us, we would take a shot with Tate. He's got a tough match-up, but he has been very active with targets in the passing game, and we like Russell Wilson and his football IQ to get the ball to his players when facing a tough secondary that has been hot over the last 4 weeks. We toss Tate in there and hope he shows up enough to help get us through this week.

Should I start the unpredictable Russell Wilson this week @NYG or pick someone up off of the waivers? (Flacco, smith, Ryan)
- Marty on Twitter

Docs: Marty, we would stick w/ Wilson. Most stable option. Playoff games need stable rosters. Not the time for a Hail Mary.

Deep league. Been playing RGIII. Kirk Cousins vs ATL or Jason Campbell vs CHI? Any advice is appreciated!
- JP on Twitter

Docs: JP, we would go with Campbell. Known entity w/ flash of explosion. Too much risk with Cousins. Could leave egg on your face. Cousins needs to show us he can do it before trusting him w/ our fantasy playoffs. Shanahan too unpredictable too.

Which 2 of the following WRS: Jeffery, T. Smith, D. Jackson, Cooper? NON PPR
- Barbwestlake on Twitter

Docs: Barb, we would go with Jeffery and Jackson. They bring the most pop to your line-up. Either one could pop big points this week.

Non-PPR; RyanMatthews-CJ2K; Gore; Spiller; pick 2?
- Jeff on Twitter

Docs: Jeff, we go with Mathews and CJ2K. Mathews played, but we had him featured as a start in our start/sit and weekly RB rankings.

Andre Brown, Ellington, or Bobby Rainey?
- Thomas on Twitter

Docs: Thomas, we like Brown. Tough match-up, but he brings the TD hammer. Other 2 backs have tough match-ups too. We trust Brown the most.

Which 2 should I play? Kendall Wright, TY Hilton, or Cordarrelle Patterson.
- Jeff on Twitter

Docs: Greg, tough crew. Anything possible, but we would give the keys to Patterson and Hilton. Both have the best upside in Week 15.

What D do I start this week with all the weather problems going on?
- Stephen on Twitter

Docs: Stephen, go with your best D with the best match-up, regardless of weather. Fantasy D's are very sensitive to match-up.

Hi, do I start Edelman, Baldwin, or Andre Brown at flex this week?
- Nathan on Twitter

Docs: We like the upside of Edelman the most. With Gronk out, it brings an added potential of explosion to the table. If in PPR, slam dunk.

In playoffs - Rivers or Stafford this week? I know they are close!
- Ian on Twitter

Docs: We really like Stafford this week as shown in our Week 15 QB Rankings.

We really like Stafford this week as shown in our Week 15 QB Rankings.
- Amit on Twitter

Docs: Amit, we lean to Pitta as shown in our TE rankings. If went with Tamme, still OK. Should have plenty of roster pop if those are your TE choices. Good luck!

Riley Cooper, Keenan Allen, or Dwayne Bowe?!?!? Please help!
- AboxingFan on Twitter

Docs: Based on our Week 15 WR rankings, we like Allen, Cooper, & Bowe in that order. If didn't start Allen, go with Cooper over Bowe.

Should I start Asiata (MIN) over DeAngelo Williams today in a PPR league?
- Tommy on Facebook

Docs: Tommy, the match-up for Williams is nasty, but at least you know you have NFL talent when he gets touches. Asiata is just too much of a wildcard to toss into the line-up with no real information on him. First, you don't know if the Vikings are actually going to commit to him. Second, he has limited help at QB, so defenses can really focus on shutting him down with little fear a QB will torch them. Last, he has struggled to stay in the league. His size and speed (4.77 sec 40 yard dash) do not bring the fantasy explosion x-factor you like (i.e. maybe he gets lucky and runs through a hole for an 80 yard TD - Asiata isn't running away from anyone). At least with Williams you have some hope he shakes and bakes and squeezes a TD against all odds. In addition, with Stewart out, there is one less RB he has to compete for touches. It's not pretty, but we would go with Williams.

Ryan Mathews or Andre Brown this week? 1pt PPR
- Terry on Twitter

Docs: Terry, too late to help, but we were high on Mathews in our start/sit column and listed him over Brown in our Week 15 RB rankings.

Who do I choose Crabtree or Nicks to start this week? Revis or Seattle def arghhhhh!
- Anthony on Twitter

Docs: Anthony, we lean to Crabtree. Nicks had his week last week, and SEA is just nasty to face. Crabtree's a fresh face w/ hope.

Prob will win game, want to crush him. Many Flex options, which one: Garcon, Gore, Witten, A. Brown, Rainey, Boldin, Hartline.
- Robby on Twitter

Docs: Robby, no guarantees in fantasy, so careful with the pregame smack talk. We'd go with Garcon, even with the switch at QB.

Harry Douglas or Stevie Johnson?
- Andy on Twitter

Docs: JAX has been lit up like a Christmas tree the last 4 weeks by WRs, so we go with Johnson. Douglas has been sliding with White back.

I am in my leagues championship game, and I've got a few situations. 1. Will Brady play? If not who can I possibly grab as a replacement? 2. Cecil Shorts looks like he may not play, and I will need a replacement, and again there is little to choose from, some help please?
- Matt on Facebook

Docs: Matt, it's hard to answer your questions without knowing who is available. At QB, we like Jason Campbell as a candidate that is probably available for pick-up and has the upside to deliver a nice start. This is most likely a moot point, as Brady looks fine to play today. As for WR, Shorts is looking iffy at best. You never want to read about one of your players needing surgery at this point in the year when you need them the most in your playoffs. As for some WR options probably available on your waiver wire, give a look at Nate Burleson. He has a great match-up against a BAL defense that has been torched the last 4 weeks by opposing WRs. DET is hungry for a win, and they are playing at home on the speedy turf. Stafford is one of the best in the league at QB, which makes you feel a little better as well when having to sort through a mess of sub tier WR options off your waiver wire. It's a long shot, but give some thought to Burleson.

Need some advice on who to start: Jordy Nelson, Justin hunter, or Brian Hartline?
- Matt on Facebook

Docs: Matt, we go with Nelson and Rainey. Rainey has the ability to break the big run, and Nelson is leading the charge in the receiving corps for the Packers in a great match-up. Yes, QB play has been horrid since Rogers has exited, but the Dallas secondary has been equally as horrid. Maybe, just maybe, this is the game the Packers passing game wakes up a little.

I have a critical playoff game this week and I can't get any up to date status on Jordan Reed, TE Redskins, or Reggie Bush. Do you guys have any insight on their status for this Sunday? Thanks.
- Hugo on Facebook

Docs: Hugo, Reed is out with a concussion. Even if he were to play, which it appears he is not, he is dealing with a QB switch with limited practice time. Furthermore, concussions are strange beasts that are poorly understood. Once you suffer one, you can get another on a much lesser hit. No guarantees Reed would even make it through the game. As for Bush, we would be shocked if he didn't play. Detroit is fighting for the playoffs, and Bush is key to their success. He'll be in there.

Start Joique Bell or Darren Sproles?
- Jake on Facebook

Docs: Jake, to be honest, we could argue both cases as we are splitting hairs here. Reggie Bush will play, which means Bell's role he has enjoyed recently will not be quite as sweet. Sproles is slippery and explosive, but he has been a little cold as of late and his production is on the decline. If you twist our arm, we go with Bell and hope he punches in a TD. Good luck and hope you are able to move on this week.

That's a wrap this week. Great interacting with everyone and good luck to everyone's teams this week. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out our FootballDocs' Social Media pages and send us your fantasy football question: Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

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