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NFL Week 11: "Ask the Docs" Replies

Friday, November 15, 2013

You've got questions and we're here to dish out answers. Lot of great questions this week ranging from trade offers to starting decisions to wavier advice. We decided to go the Social Media route this year, so if you dropped us a question on our Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ pages, odds are good you got an answer! For the rest of you, we've compiled the questions and our responses to try to help the masses as well. Many of our replies will have components that are directly applicable to components on your team, so without further ado, let's get to it:

Should I start Matt Ryan vs the Bucs or pick up case Case Keenum or Carson Palmer for a week 11 fill in?
- Chuck, Google+

Docs: Chuck, we like Keenum. He has really energized a struggling Texans team, and he is starting to show in the NFL what he did at ridiculous levels in college. Ryan just doesn't have much of a supporting staff anymore this year, and Palmer you can never fully trust due to his propensity to throw to the other team. If it makes you feel better, we are going with Keenum in one of our leagues, so we will be right there with you suffering (or cheering) as Keenum squares off this week. Here's hoping it's the latter!

Who should I start at QB, Foles or Brady?
- Austin, Twitter

Docs: Austin, we are all-in on Foles this week. The Eagles are flying high, at home, and playing a suspect Skins' pass defense.

Receiving Danny Woodhead for Garcon. I have DeSean Jackson, Denarius Moore, and Percy Harvin as well. Good trade or no? +PPR
- Brad, Twitter

Docs: Brad, if you are hurting at RB with few options, then go forward (PPR). However, Garcon in different gear, so hard to offload now.

Tough call this week! What do you think? In my flex spot should I start Jordy Nelson without Aaron Rodgers against a rallying Giants Defense or start Fred Jackson against a tough matchup?
- Chris, Facebook

Docs: Chris, that is tough. Nelson is more of a wildcard with a new QB, and the Jets have been an immovable force for opposing fantasy RBs. However, we are going to lean to Nelson. Sure, a cheap TD can make you pull your hair out either way, but Nelson is a key cog to the Packers air attack, and he has made headway even with the switch at QB. On the other hand, you've got the Bills facing the juggernaut Jets, and with Spiller now "healthy" (well, more healthy), all it takes is for him to get hot and Jackson will watch from the sidelines. Hope this helps and good luck.

I can trade for Forte or Jamaal. Who is the better bet? Will Jamaal be benched if they lock up their playoff spot?
- Andrew, Twitter

Docs: Lot of football to still be played, Andrew. We go with Charles. Such a huge key to the offense, and Reid is using him like Brian Westbrook from back in his days at Philly.

Rashad Jennings or Andre Ellington for my RB2 slot? and Tim Wright or Harry Douglas for my WR/TE flex slot?
- Manuel, Google+

Docs: Manuel, we give the slight lean to Ellington over Jennings. JAX has been shredded by opposing fantasy RBs, and Ellington is a rising star in Arizona. As for your flex, we go with Douglas. He is pretty much all the Falcons have left at receiver, and his fantasy ceiling is higher than Wright. In short, he has the possibility to pop the big game that could deliver the win, whereas Wright can pop a good game that could contribute to a win.

Should I trade Giovani Bernard for Julius Thomas? I also have Zac Stacy, Shady McCoy, Ben Tate, Andre Brown, and Rashad Jennings, so I am really heavy at RB. My TE1 is Jason Witten.
- Michael, Facebook

Docs: Does it make your team better? Yes. Does it make it significantly better? Not really. The fact you already have Witten gives you an option at TE, but we also understand you may be up against a trade deadline as many leagues start shutting down the trade option this time of year. If you have time, we would try to shop around a little more. Consider your entire team and team needs. Perhaps your WRs are weak. Then package a lot of 2 for 1 trades to various teams in your league (2 lower tier players for a higher tier player). Many players often see the sum of 2 is greater than the 1 player they are giving (key in how you package the deal), so they give them up, failing to realize you oftentimes can't start but one player (depending on the situation). Meanwhile you have made your team better by getting a good player at your weakest position. Without question you have RB depth, so that is to your advantage in working trades. Bernard is the future in CIN, and if you watch him play, he is an explosive, shifty RB. If you are in a keeper league, we wouldn't be so quick to get rid of him, but we do like the idea of trying to make your team better now to win now.

Should I start Carolina's D/ST or Houston's? I'm nervous Brady will play well coming off his bye despite Carolinas tough D.
- Chris, Twitter

Docs: Chris, we still go CAR. OAK is a nice match-up for HOU, but CAR is just too good. CAR DEF can score fantasy pts a lot of ways.

Who should I drop between Kenny Stills, Aaron Dobson, and Terrance Williams?
- Nathan, Twitter

Docs: Nathan, this is a two-flip coin toss. We lean to dropping Stills. He has CAR and SEA on the schedule. Both VERY stingy on fantasy points for WRs. Also note Stills has CAR note once, but twice.

I have been offered Ridley and Ellington for Forte... yes or no?
- Rochelle, Facebook

Docs: Rochelle, depends in part on what the rest of your roster looks like, but in general, "yes", particularly if you are really hurting at your RB2. If you already have a good RB2, then you are effectively trading Forte for Ridley straight up, which we wouldn't do. Forte's roll is unquestioned. Ridley has been very hot, but you never know when the fumbles can come and Belichick makes a move to reduce his role, particularly with Vereen now lurking again. That's life with the Pats.

Who should I pick up art WR for rest of season. Colston, Riley Cooper, Randle or Stills. I have Harvin and Desean now.
- Mike, Twitter

Docs: Mike, we go with Cooper and hope Foles remains the starter. NOR has tough schedule down the stretch & Randle has lower ceiling.

Help me please... torn on what QB to start. Peyton Manning versus the Kansas City D or Nick Foles against Washington?
- Shannon, Facebook

Docs: Shannon, that is what we call a pick 'em. We've got both P. Manning and Foles right next to each other in our rankings this week. If you feel more times than not your team would beat your opponent this week (imagine if this were to play out 100 times), than we go with Manning, who is a safer play despite the tough match-up. Studs like Manning are immune to tough match-ups and can sometimes post their best game of the year with such match-ups, although for Manning that is a very tall order given the huge games he has already posted. If on the other hand you feel a little over matched and more times than not your opponent would beat you this week, then we go with Foles. Foles is very hot right now and has a very fantasy friendly match-up. He is an x-factor that could pop a huge game for you, but he could also leave you with a little mud on your face too. Hope this helps and good luck.

Need a hand setting my final WR slot: Should I play Golden Tate or Kenny Stills?
- Michael, Facebook

Docs: Michael, we like Tate. Tate has had a steady number of targets each week, and the match-up is nice against the Vikings. Stills has beaten Robert Meachem at his own game becoming the deep threat for Drew Brees, but laying our fantasy fate on a reduced number of targets from a one dimensional player like Stills opposing defenses know is in there for the deep bomb over a player like Tate is something we wouldn't do (man, that was a long sentence! Somewhere my 11th grade English Teacher Mrs. Franks frowns by a disturbance in the force. Ms Franks - this isn't your fault). Even with Harvin potentially back, we still see that helping Tate as Harvin commands so much attention by opposing defenses. Let's face it, the Vikings don't have much personnel in their secondary to command. Advantage Tate.

With Rodgers out, Keenum or Foles? Also, loaded at WR, so sit AJ Green this week on Haden island and play Harvin instead? thx!
- Nicholas, Twitter

Docs: Nicholas, we go with Foles at QB. At WR, we go with Green. Too good to bench - ever. Need to see reality with Harvin first.

Have Brady, Foles and Wilson at QB... need to start 2. Thoughts?
- John, Twitter

Docs: John, we like Wilson and Foles here. Both are hot. Both have great match-ups playing D's that have been very QB friendly.

Torrey Smith @ Bears or Victor Cruz vs. Green Bay (PPR league)
- Mike, Twitter

Docs: Mike, splitting hairs here. Slight lean to Smith. We trust Flacco over Manning, who has had issues with accuracy and timing.

That's a wrap this week. Great interacting with everyone and good luck to everyone's teams this week. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out our FootballDocs' Social Media pages and send us your fantasy football question: Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

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