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"Ask the Docs" Mailbag Replies

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NFL Week 9: "Ask the Docs" Replies

Friday, November 2, 2012

The season is getting heated! We know your teams have to make tough choices about adds, drops, trades, starts, and sits. There were so many great questions coming in this week. There were lots great trade questions, and Matt Forte's name kept popping up. We couldn't get to them all, but we hope you still can gleam some good information from the ones we did answer. Join us for the Week 9 Ask the Docs mailbag.

"Hey I'm in a ppr league Fred Davis got hurt so I need to make a trade for one this my team QBS Matt ryan Josh freeman Rbs Darren McFadden Matt forte Doug Martin Mikel LeShoure WRs Julio Jones Jordy Nelson Torrey Smith Danny Amendola Titus Young K Robbie Gould defs Seattle and Pittsburgh I've been offered Antonio Gates or Brandon Pettigrew for Mikel leshoure what do u think ?"
-- Mack, Pelham, AL

Docs: Mack, we would rather grab a TE off the waivers. LeShoure has some good value for your team. Both McFadden and Forte do not have great health records. It is a good idea to have some backup. There has to be a very unsexy TE on your waivers that you can pick up.

"1) Should I start Randall Cobb or Titus Young as my Flex option?

2) Should I bother starting Donald Brown, because it seems like he will evenly split carries with Vick Ballard? I actually have both of them, but my roster is lacking in RB's, and Frank Gore is on a bye. So, it is literally either Donald Brown or Vick Ballard, unless I can find a deep sleeper on the wire. I also have Mendenhall, but he has pretty much been dead."
-- Neil, Columbus, OH

Docs: Randall Cobb is the choice here. He has been on fire with 5 good to very good games in a row. Cobb has always been an elite talent, and now he is getting the touches he needs to be a weekly starter. At RB, you have a much less appealing call to make. Brown didn't participate in practice on Thursday, so that helps make this an easier call. We were leaning toward Ballard even with a heathly-ish Brown. With Brown dinged up, Ballard is a pretty solid option.

"Who do I start Brian Hartline (Miami) or Sidney Rice (Seattle). I can only start one. It's a head to head pts league."
-- Jake, Milwaukee, WI

Docs: This is such an ugly mess of WRs, it is a tough call. However, we like all the targets that Hartline gets. Hartline did leave practice with a little ding, so keep an eye on him, but he is who we would start right now.

"I have Dywer and Stephens-Howling on my bench. DeAngelo Williams is on the FA waiver wire. Should I pick him up? Thanks,"
-- Zack, Houston, TX

Docs: We would start Dwyer this week out of this crew, but dropping Stephens-Howling for Williams is a good move. Stephens-Howling isn't the type of back you can count on in any scenario. There is still some hope that Jonathan Stewart gets dinged up, or Williams starts running for a new deal with another team. Williams is still capable of doing good things. Stephens-Howling never will be anything more than a 3rd down back.

"Maurice Jones-Drew recently ended up in my league's free agent list and I quickly scooped him up. With Marshawn Lynch, Frank Gore, and LeSean McCoy also on my team is MoJo worth a roster spot (even if only to use as trade bait later)?"
-- Cole, Farlington, KS

Docs: Jones-Drew is a good add. He currently doesn't hold a candle to your other RBs, but things have a way of changing very quickly in the NFL. He might only be trade bait, but we like the way your team is thinking. Because you have a solid base of players, you can use a roster spot on an investment like this.

"I am in an 8 team PPR league with an annual redraft. Our format is QB, RB1, RB2, WR1, WR2, WR3, TE, K, Def.

My current team is Matt Ryan and Romo at QB. M. Forte, C. Johnson, D. Martin, S. Ridley and A. Morris at RB. R. White, Andre Johnson, M. Colston and R. Wayne at WR. Witten and Pettigrew at TE. Hanson at K and Ariz at D.

I have been offered RGIII for D. Martin. Although I am not likely to start RGIII ahead of Ryan, I think he is better security at QB than Romo. Martin could do well down the stretch but even trading him I have four playable options at RB. My fear is if I don't make the trade and Ryan goes down, I could be in trouble. What are your thoughts?"
-- Paul, Novi. Michigan

Docs: You have to ride Ryan here. If he goes down, you are just going to be out of luck. Plus, Griffin has been getting banged around, so there is no guarantee he won't leave you high and dry. You need Martin. You can't trust Chris Johnson on a weekly basis at this point and Matt Forte gets banged up pretty frequently. Then there is Ridley, whom we love, but you know the Patriots can change their mind about running the ball over a bowl of bad clam chowder. Martin provides you some nice depth at the position where you need it the most. We would pass on this trade and hold tight with Martin and Romo as your backup.

Thanks to all for the great questions! That's a wrap for this week. We tried to address some of the more common questions with more detailed answers to try to not only help the specific person asking the question, but the masses as well. Enjoy watching football this week and good luck to your fantasy teams!

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