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"Ask the Docs" Mailbag Replies

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NFL Week 5: "Ask the Docs" Replies

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Week 5 and the season is full of surprises. Brian Hartline has some owners itching to start him after his huge game last week. Other owners are pondering trades to improve their teams. There might be a few players we would start over Robert Griffin III, but there aren't many. Join us as we answer the mail in the Weekly Ask the Docs. Let's get to it!

"My team is the following:

Matt Ryan-Start
Jordy Nelson-Start
A.J. Green-Start
Mike Wallace-Start
Ray Rice-Start
Michael Bush-Start
Tony Gonzalez-Start
(Flex) Eric Decker-Start

Andre Brown-Sit
Martellus Bennett-Sit
Doug Martin-Sit
Mikel LeShoure-Sit
Robert Griffin III-Sit
DeMarco Murray-Sit

(K)Justin Tucker-Start


My main questions is should I pick up Nate Washington, who is currently on the wire and if so who should I drop? Should I make any changes with my startup.... Thank you in advance."
-- Giancarlo, Union City, NJ

Docs: First off, your team looks pretty loaded. Great job. Your starting lineup looks very good this week, but that is an easier call to make because you are dealing with a lot of byes. As far as picking up Nate Washington goes, you don't have to get in a hurry to grab him. There is a chance he could develop into a player you would trust in your starting lineup, but you have a lot of great players already. This really feels like an even move, but we would probably drop Andre Brown and add Washington because Brown is going to be splitting a lot of carries and Washington could have some nice value should Hasselbeck and Washington click.

"My biggest week 5 question is which QB to start. I have Robert Griffin III who has been performing well. However he is playing a tough ATL defense week 5. My second QB is Eli Manning who is playing Cleveland. Which would be the best start? Thanks!"
-- Cody, Cuba, Missouri

Docs: RGIII. He has been too hot to bench.

"Who should I start? James Jones or Jordy Nelson?"
-- Trevor, Lakeland, Florida

Docs: First thought: tough question. You really have to give the nod to Nelson. He is so targeted that he has become a must start.

"In my WRs... I was wondering if I should start Brian Hartline over Torrey Smith. Torrey Smith is up against KC(13th in passing D) and Brian Hartline is up against CIN (16th in passing D)"
-- Amanda, Virginia Beach, Virginia

Docs: No. Torrey Smith is the call here. He is too explosive, on a better team, on a better offense, has a better QB, and is flat out more talented.

"I have two questions. One should I start Steven Ridley on my starting lineup over Adrian Peterson or Marshawn Lynch. Or should I trade Steven Ridley for the Texans D/ST (I currently have the Packers D/ST)"
-- Ryan, Atlanta, Georgia

Docs: Don't start Ridley over Lynch or Peterson. Don't trade Ridley for the Texans. He has much more value than a DST. Ridley provides you some nice depth. Both Lynch and Peterson don't have the cleanest bills-of-health, so having Ridley around is a smart move."

"Flex spot debacle: Harvin, Hartline, or Battle?

I know... Based on the philosophy that the best player should play in a favorable matchup, I really want to say Harvin. However, if it weren't for a special teams TD he would have dropped a whopping 3 points last week, and the fact remains that he has yet to produce a TD otherwise. Hartline has gone 100+ yards in 3 straight games, but should I worry about the Gaffney signing? Battle's role figures to be diminishing, but I feel he's likely to get goalline carries in San Diego. "
-- CJ, Bryan, Texas

Docs: We understand the concerns about Harvin, but he really is the call this week. Harvin still has the ability to produce against the 2nd worst pass defense in the league (421.5 yards per game given up).

Thanks to all for the great questions! That's a wrap for this week. We tried to address some of the more common questions with more detailed answers to try to not only help the specific person asking the question, but the masses as well. Enjoy watching football this week and good luck to your fantasy teams!

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