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"Ask the Docs" Mailbag Replies

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NFL Week 3: "Ask the Docs" Replies

Friday, September 21, 2012

Week 3 and the season is full of surprises. We have seen some miracles of medicine, injuries to major players, and the emergence of new stars. There were some questions this week about some struggling studs and what to do with them. Join us as we answer the mail in the Weekly Ask the Docs. Let's get to it!

"Hello, somebody has offered me Mike Wallace for Ben Tate in a non PPR league. They are thin at RB due to injuries. At first glance I was going to accept the trade but I have a pretty good group of WRs and I don't have a lot of depth at RB. Also, I would like to have a group of RB that might get decent time for the playoffs which I would assume Ben Tate would be in over Foster. Here is my lineup:

QB (Start 1)
o Matthew Stafford
o Robert Griffin
RB (Start 2)
o Ray Rice
o Trent Richardson
o Mikel Leshoure
o Stevan Ridley
o Ben Tate
WR (Start 2)
o Miles Austin
o Victor Cruz
o Greg Jennings
o Wes Welker
o Danny Amendola
TE (Start 1)
o Dennis Pitta
o Jermichael Finley
K (Start 1)
o Garrett Hartley
o Justin Tucker
Def (Start 1)
o Pittsburgh Steelers
o Houston Texans

Please let me know if you think I should make this trade or not.

Thank you,"
-- Dimitrios, Littleton, CO

Docs: It is a fair trade, but this is a non-PPR league. Thus, some of Wallace's value is diminished. You team is loaded, so you would only benefit from someone who could be a home run for you. Arian Foster is used pretty heavily. If he were to miss time around your fantasy playoffs, you would be starting Tate 100%. That is why you should hang onto Tate and his homerun capability. Again, nice roster.

"I drafted Heyward-Bey, should I drop him or keep a while longer and hope for the best?

I also have Ryan Mathews on my roster. There are still many promising FA's around in my league. Should I think about making a move there too as well?

-- Ben, New York, NY

Docs: Ryan Mathews is a DO NOT TOUCH player. When he comes back he could be a major boost to your roster. You drafted him, so now you need to keep him until that pick pays off. Heyward-Bey is another issue. I would be willing to part with him for the right free agent, but Heyward-Bey hasn't been terrible. He has been getting regular looks, but the Raiders just haven't looked very good so far this season. There is still a good chance that Heyward-Bey can be an impact player. If his funk last a couple more weeks, we will be getting much more interested in letting him go.

"Hey guys, should I start Brady @ BAL or Rivers vs. ATL...Brady has struggled with the Ravens in the past but is obviously my QB1, and on the flip side, the Falcons defense really made Manning look quite ordinary last week."
-- Brandon, Kingston, ON, Canada

Docs: This is a tough call, but Tom Brady holds a special place in our fantasy hearts. Brady is capable of great games against anyone. Rivers is capable of melting down or having a great week. Atlanta's defense has looked much better. If they were able to confuse Peyton Manning, they could pull several INTs out of Rivers as well.

"Hey Football Docs! I have a question about Kellen Winslow and my current Tight Ends.

So, in a league of mine, I have Vernon Davis, Tony Gonzalez, and Jared Cook. In this league, Kellen Winslow is available, Aaron Hernandez will be replaced by him, and since Jared Cook's performances have been sub-par this year, I was considering dropping him and picking up Winslow. If I did this, however, once Hernandez returns, I would expect Winslow to not get as much playing time.

Should I drop Cook for Winslow? If not, should I pick up another TE?"
-- Jacob, Indianapolis, Indiana

Docs: Yes, drop Cook for Winslow. It is worth the flyer. Cook just hasn't cashed in on his massive talent, and Winslow is dropping into a great role.

" Well I am struggling a bit this year at wide receiver. I have Larry Fitzgerald and have continued to play him while seeing no upside. I also have acquired Desean Jackson, Malcolm Floyd and Danny Amendola. I have Steve Smith locked in one spot. But I have two empty spots for receivers. I want to know if you think I should hold out and stay on the Fitzgerald train or if I should play two other wide receivers? Also Out of the three others which do you see as the strongest play for week three? Thank you"
-- Shane, Tehachapi, CA

Docs: Keep holding onto Fitzgerald, but we don't have any issue starting Desean Jackson and Malcom Floyd this week over him.

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