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"Ask the Docs" Mailbag Replies

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NFL Week 15: "Ask the Docs" Replies

Friday, December 14, 2012
The last few days of the fantasy season are upon us. It is time for you to make the critical moves that will make you a legend! (Well, a legend in your own mind anyway.) Either way, it is time to make the tough decisions about adds, drops, trades, starts, and sits. There were so many great questions coming in this week. We couldn't get to them all, but we hope you still can gleam some good information from the ones we did answer. Join us for the Week 15 Ask the Docs mailbag.

"Week 2 of playoffs playing the # 1 team. Need 2 RB, 2 WR, and a flex. Have Reggie Bush, Shonn Greene, Jaquizz Rogers, Daniel Thomas at RB. WRs are Roddy White, Demarious Thomas, Heyward-Bay, Rod Streater, and Kenny Britt. Please help.

Thanks docs!"
-- Brian, Bossier City, LA

Docs: Your WRs are an easier choice in Roddy White and Demaryius Thomas. Those two are proven player and ranked pretty highly in our weekly rankings. In a non-point per reception league, we typically like to go for a RB. However, Kenny Britt is stronger option than your RBs. Britt is not 100% healthy, but that hasn't stopped him from having some very good games. We would stick with him again this week. Your two RBs are Reggie Bush and Shonn Greene. Bush has taken the starting role back in Miami and Greene is facing one of the worst run defenses in the league.

"Hey Docs,

Need help on my wide receiver starts for my playoff semifinals match this week. I have to start three of these five:
Reggie Wayne
Greg Jennings
Brandon Lafell
Emmanuel Sanders
Jason Avant

I know I need to start Wayne, but who do you suggest for the other two spots?

-- Christian, Pittsburgh, PA

Docs: Reggie Wayne is an easy start when compared to your other WRs. Greg Jennings is our second choice. We know he will have to face the weather and the Bears, but we have a feeling he could surprise this week. With Aaron Rodgers, it is always possible any of his WRs could have a good game. Emmanuel Sanders is our distant 3rd choice. We don't really like any of your other WRs all that much this week, but Sanders is your best option. You are going to have to hope that he catches a deep ball or two. We are concerned about Lafell being healthy enough to go this weekend, and Avant just doesn't bring enough to the table to talk about.

"I'm skeptical of choosing Eli manning over Colin Kaepernick"
-- Scott, Las Vegas, Nevada

Docs: You are speaking specifically to our rankings where we have Kaepernick just in front of Eli Manning. When players are that closely ranked, you could easily go with Manning over Kaepernick. However, you have to like what Kaepernick has been able to do. His rushing ability has been a big help to his fantasy game. The Patriots know how to confuse young QBs, so Kaepernick could stump his toe this week. Eli has been able to chew up the Falcons in the past, so that is another reason to like Manning. If you are in a league that awards 6 points for a passing TD or favors passers, go with Eli. However, in most standard leagues, Kaepernick has become a reliable fantasy starter and he has a game this week where he will be forces to make some plays.

"I have to start one of these 4 RB's...
S. Jackson
S. Greene
D. Wilson
K. Moreno"
-- Mike, Sycamore, IL

Docs: Mike, that is short and to the point. We like it. This is actually a very tough call. You could draw up a scenario where any of these backs has a good game. We do like start Jackson as your starter this week. Jackson has been playing very well.

"So I am in round 2 of playoffs and I am not sure how much longer I can start Larry Fitzgerald !!!

My options stink though.....

Braylon Edwards (I just picked up)
Jason Avant
Larry Fitzgerald

I have Alex Green filling in for McCoy in my flex spot...... So essentially here is my question :

Which two do I start out of the following :

Larry Fitzgerald
Jason Avant
Braylon Edwards
Alex Green
Clay Harbor
Shane Vereen

Is there a sneaky pick up out there you like ???


-- Mike, Bloomington, IL

Docs: WOW. Those are some bad options. Alex Green is your #1 choice and Larry Fitzgerald is your #2 choice. We do not like Fitzgerald this week, but you have a roster full of guys we like even less. You are going to have to just hope Fitzgerald has hit rock bottom and has to go up from here on out.

Thanks to all for the great questions! That's a wrap for this week. We tried to address some of the more common questions with more detailed answers to try to not only help the specific person asking the question, but the masses as well. Enjoy watching football this week and good luck to your fantasy teams!

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