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"Ask the Docs" Mailbag Replies

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NFL Week 11: "Ask the Docs" Replies

Friday, November 16, 2012

Danny Amendola has run amuck this week! You are running out of chances to make an impact on your regular fantasy season. It is time to make the tough decisions about adds, drops, trades, starts, and sits. There were so many great questions coming in this week. We couldn't get to them all, but we hope you still can gleam some good information from the ones we did answer. Join us for the Week 11 Ask the Docs mailbag.

"I have Ben Roethlisberger and Joe Flacco as my backup. However with Big Ben most likely out next week I'm wondering who out of the following should I start?

Joe Flacco (Bench), Andy Dalton (FA), Carson Palmer (FA), or Andrew Luck (FA)?"
-- Zaki, Laguna Niguel, CA

Docs: Carson Palmer. He has a great matchup this week and he has been playing very well. You shouldn't be disappointed by him in Week 11. Andrew Luck would be our second choice if you just can't trust Palmer.

"Who is better flex option this week? Ryan Mathews, Mikel Leshoure, or Owen Daniels? Or possibly Amendola if I get him off waivers?"
-- Travis, Murray, KY

Docs: If Mathews is healthy, he is our choice. Keep an eye on him to see if he practices on Friday. If Mathews cannot go, Leshoure is your next best option. Owen Daniels wouldn't get the nod from us unless it was a league that favored TE's heavily. Next choice after your RBs is Amendola.

"I never thought I'd actually have to ask this question, but here it goes. I have Tom Brady at QB in my league, and although he gets his weekly points and is up there in QB stats he's really only had a couple games maybe where he really carried my team (and that's what I expect from him, being that he was my first overall selection). Now this week brings up an interesting predicament I am having, where I can either start Brady against the Colts, which is a favorable matchup whichever way you look at it, or Carson Palmer against the anemic Saints defense. I see the Oakland/New Orleans game possibly turning into a shootout, giving Palmer a good chance to have gaudy numbers, while the Patriots could be more likely to build a lead, then run the ball down the colts throat with Ridley and company. I know it's incredibly hard to bench Tom Brady ever given his fantasy football history, but therein lies my question. Who should I start?"
-- Chris, Rochester, NY

Docs: Your question is not that crazy. It is a close call deciding between these two this week. As much as we like Carson Palmer this week, you can't bench Brady for him. Brady is trustworthy and capable of putting up solid production. Palmer is still a Raider, so that means everything could be flipped on its head in an instant and no one would be surprised. You do have two great options, but Brady is the play this week.

"I need to pick three of these WRs in a .5 ppr league, who would you go with:

Danny Amendola, Steve Smith, Steve Johnson, Brian Hartline, or Mike Wallace?

I'm leaning towards starting Amendola, Smith and Johnson since Wallace scares me without Ben and I trust Fitzpatrick a bit more than Tannehill, but I'm not sure.

Thanks very much."
-- Jonathan, Washington DC

Docs: We would start Steve Smith because he has an amazing matchup against the Bucs. Wallace is just a beast no matter who is the QB. He is always a threat to take it the distance. Even the worst QBs can figure out that they need to get the ball to Wallace. As your 3rd choice, we like Amendola. He looked so impressive in his first game back. All the targets he got from Bradford illustrated that the young QB will continue to focus on Amendola.

"My name is Brad, I have an extremely urgent matter at hand. My line up is as follows:

QB-Andy Dalton

WR- Roddy White
Wes Welker
Denerius Moore
Danny Amendola
Kendall Wright

RB- Steven Jackson
Darren Sproles
Jonathan Stewart
Rashad Jennings

TE- Tony Gonzalez

I got a trade proposal: Titus Young and CJ Spiller for Danny Amendola. Please help. Thanks."
-- Brad Kimber, Pittsburgh, PA

Docs: Key points on why you want Spiller and Young: (1) You have WRs. (2) Titus Young isn't that bad. (3) C.J. Spiller could see more time in the playoffs if Jackson's concussion lingers. Spiller can be and has been a top 5 player in the game when he gets the full load.

"To get into my playoffs.... Stafford or Schaub?"
-- Hal, Pittsburgh, PA

Docs: Go down swinging or go down with the ship! Start Stafford in the big NFC North game. The Packers should score enough to make sure Stafford has to throw the ball.

"Ok so I am in a 10 team H2H standard scoring league. QB TD's are worth 6 not 4. We can start QB, RB1, RB2, RB/WR, WR1, WR2, TE, D/ST, K. I am going to be 8-2 after this week and guaranteed to make the playoffs. I'm trying to prepare for playoff weeks in week 14 and 15. I have dominated this league before only for my team to lay an egg in the championship. So basically I am eyeing a huge trade. Here is my roster:

Rodgers Eli Manning
D. Martin Ray Rice
Richardson Bradshaw
Ridley Decker
A.J. Green Julio Jones
Welker V Jax
V. Davis Witten
MIAMI D/ST Here's the guys team I'm wanting to trade with: Chicago D/ST

Tannehill Freeman
Ballard BJGE
Ivory Torrey Smith
Stevie Johnson Felix Jones

The rest are irrelevant.

I'm thinking I need to get rid of Welker due to his matchups those weeks and improve my WR2 position. I'd also LOVE to get my hands on that CHI D/ST. So here's what I'm thinking. I trade him Ridley, Welker, Miami D/ST, and Rodgers.....for Ray Rice, Julio Jones, CHI D/ST, and Freeman.

Am I crazy for thinking about offering him this trade?? I know it's Rodgers, but Freeman has been on fire and very consistent since the bye. I upgrade three positions in this trade with the chance of Freeman giving me almost as much as Rodgers. Am I over thinking this or should I try this out??? Any input is much appreciated!!"
-- Chad, New Orleans, Louisiana

Docs: You will likely just mess up your team and rip out your guts because your decision will cause you to get booted from the playoffs again. However, you should go for it. Freeman or Eli could get you by in a pinch. Ray Rice is a monster. We are concerned about your rookie RBs hitting the wall of the long NFL season. Don't dare trade A.J. Green. Yes, go for Julio. Getting rid of Welker in a deal isn't a terrible idea. DSTs will mess you up, so don't get too hung up on that part of the deal.

Again, this may completely backfire, but at least you are going to have a great story to tell either way!!

Thanks to all for the great questions! That's a wrap for this week. We tried to address some of the more common questions with more detailed answers to try to not only help the specific person asking the question, but the masses as well. Enjoy watching football this week and good luck to your fantasy teams!

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