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"Ask the Docs" Mailbag Replies

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NFL Week 1: "Ask the Docs" Replies

Friday, September 7, 2012

Welcome to another season of Football! For the most part, you should start your players like you drafted them. i.e. Start your studs. However, there are several players that are missing time due to injury or suspension. Other owners might be making some tough calls on second and third tier players. Thus, you know we had a lot of questions waiting for answers in Week 1. Let's get to it!

"Who should I start as my flex Brandon Lloyd or Eric Decker?"
-- Ronnie, Whitewater, Wisconsin

Docs: We are excited to see both of these WRs play with their new QBs, but Lloyd's upside has us beaming. We would start Lloyd because his potential is higher in Week 1. We wish one of them was playing a little softer defense, but it is SF and PIT. We still think you can be pleasantly surprised right out of the games with either of these WRs despite the opponent.

"Who would you start in week 1 at running back...Willis McGahee or Toby Gerhart?"
-- Michael, Lyons, NY

Docs: Gerhart is a great player to have on your roster, but in Week 1 we would rather have Willis McGahee. With PeGerhart is a great player to have on your roster, but in Week 1 we would rather have Willis McGahee. With Peyton Manning running the passing attack, McGahee will have some room to run. Don't look for a monster game, but a nice week is in the cards.

"Hey guys, I have a dilemma in my fantasy team. Who should I have as a #2 QB (RG3 or Big Ben) and #2 RB (Doug Martin or Trent Richardson)? Thanks for the help!"
-- TJ Jersey City, NJ

Docs: We really like your roster because these are some great choices. At QB we want to roll the dice with Robert Griffin III. We know it is his first game, but he should be able to make enough happen to make him worth the start as your QB #2. At RB, you have to go with Martin in Week 1. Richardson needs to show us he is healthy before we trust him over Martin in any week.

"I have Matt Ryan and Jay Cutler on my team. Which one should I start for week 1?"
-- Rich, Sunman, Indiana

Docs: We have heard so much about those WR in Atlanta this preseason that we have to stick with Ryan. We just don't think the Atlanta coaches will be able to control themselves. Look for Ryan's big season to begin in right out of the gates.

"I was wondering if I should bench AJ Green (@Baltimore) this week for either Jeremy Maclin (@ Cleveland) or Darrius Heyward-Bey (@ Chargers)."
-- Sam, Chicago, IL

Docs: No and no way. You shouldn't bench AJ Green under any circumstances. He is one of the most explosive players in the game. He is a classic start him and forget him. That is one position you don't have to worry about for the rest of the season except for his bye week.

"Someone sent me a trade proposal. Giving me Mike Wallace, Ryan Williams, & Evan Royster for Steven Jackson and Kendall Wright. Idk if i should accept it because if S jax stays healthy all year his numbers will be out of control. Here's what my roster looks like in my 12 man league.

QB- Peyton Manning
RB- Arian Foster
RB- Steven Jackson
WR-Steve Smith
WR- Eric Decker
TE- Antonio Gates
R/W/T- Fred Jackson
K- NE Kicker
BN- Ryan Fitzpatrick
BN- Shane Vereen
BN- Kendall Wright
BN- Danny Amendola
BN- Austin Collie"
-- Mason, Phoenix, Arizona

Docs: It looks like your league mate is trying to take advantage of you being located in Arizona with the Ryan Williams offer. We think Williams is the back to own in Arizona, but we would not do this deal. Steven Jackson is a beast and your WRs are good enough to get you through the season.

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