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"Ask the Docs" Mailbag Replies

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NFL Week 3: "Ask the Docs" Replies

Friday, September 20, 2014

Week 3 is here and tough choices are in no short supply. Between suspensions (for a variety of reasons) and injuries, fantasy owners are finding themselves making tough choices. That makes for some interesting questions sent in to "Ask the Docs." Let's jump right into the mailbag.

I'm trying to get Gronk on a buy low...should I trade Gates or Kelce...or should ride them out?
- Gilbert @ Facebook

Docs: Targeting Rob Gronkowski is a good move right now. While we like both Antonio Gates and Travis Kelce, we would be willing to give up either (or both if needed) to get Gronkowski. Most likely, you would have to add something else to get Gronkowski, but that is OK. Gronkowski is still an elite option at TE.

Need one flex for this week...Andre Ellington vs SF, Montee Ball vs SEA or Terrance West vs BAL?
- Julian @ Facebook

Docs: Ball has a lot of great games left in him this season, but this week is not his best bet for performance. Seattle gives a lot of fantasy owners indigestion. Ellington is your best option this week. San Francisco is tough, but Ellington is the show in Arizona. He should have a solid week. On a side note, you have some great Flex options at RB.

How long do you think Adrian Peterson is out for? Should I dump him now?
- Dave @ Facebook

Docs: This is a tough one. It will be hard to say how long Peterson is out for because we haven't traveled this territory before. The best judgment you can use is think about someone else dropping Peterson in your league. Would you pick him up? In most leagues, Peterson would be hard to pass up on the waivers. Thus, you should hang onto him unless something definite and final comes out on him.

Would love some input, I have Sproles, Welker and Z. Stacy and am only starting Stacy, I got a trade offer, those three for Le'Veon Bell, and Stevan Ridley. I'm not sure if it's worth it, but bell would make a killer flex for me.
- Leon @ Facebook

Docs: If you are in a point per reception league, we would not do this trade. Sproles and Welker have some good PPR value. However, non-PPR leagues make this trade a good deal. Since you don't need all that depth, Bell would be a great addition.

So I have a question, I have been doing RB roulette all season since Ray Rice left. I really need a solid starter and been thinking of trading Jimmy Graham for someone since my backup TE Antonio Gates is hot. My question is; Should I trade Jimmy and if I should who should I go for? My RB's on my roster are Danny Woodhead, Pierre Thomas, Justin Forsett, and Deanglo Williams.
- Jake @ Facebook

Docs: Replacing Rice is one of the challenges facing fantasy owners this season. Pierre Thomas is going to be a solid starter in PPR leagues while Mark Ingram is out. Williams is struggling with health issues, so he doesn't do much to help you sleep at night. Forsett could have some value despite Bernard Pierce getting the heavier load at the moment. Trading Antonio Gates sounds like a better idea than parting ways with Graham. Graham is too good. You might fare better shooting for some guys on this list in a Gates trade: Stevan Ridley, Ahmad Bradshaw, Bernard Pierce, Lamar Miller, Reggie Bush, Toby Gerhart, or Bishop Sankey.

Stacy or Bradshaw ppr league.
- Bryant @ Twitter

Docs: Bradshaw by a significant margin.

Brandon Cooks or Andre Johnson for week 3? It is not a PPR league. Thank you.
- D.W. @ Twitter

Docs: - This is a tough one. In a non-PPR, Cooks is the choice over Andre Johnson. The Rookie has impressed.

Cam Newton or Russell Wilson this week?
- Scott @ Twitter

Docs: Because Cam Newton is only 1 week back from his injured ribs, Russell Wilson is a safer bet. Wilson looks poised to take his fantasy game to the next level.

Please help! Week 3 flex: Welker, Floyd, or DeAngelo Williams?
- Scouting Report @ Twitter

Docs: Michael Floyd is the choice this week, but none of these guys looks that strong in Week 3.

I'm in a PPR league and I don't know whether I should start Cam Newton or Phillip Rivers. Any advice?
- Caleb @ Twitter

Docs: Philip Rivers over Cam. We need to see one more week of a healthy Cam Newton to ride him without question.

Could a waiver wire RB be your key to victory?
- James @ Twitter

Docs: Could a waiver wire RB be your key to victory?

PPR league. Would you start Larry Fitz or Sammy Watkins?
- PJ @ Twitter

Docs: Sammy Watkins is headed in a great direction, but Week 3 is still Fitzgerald in a PPR.

1 pt ppr flex, lynch, asiata or cooks? Wr need 2- Cobb, Fitzgerald, maclin, or cooks.
- Coach PJoe @ Twitter

Docs: Fitzgerald and Cobb at WR. The WRs start to look good in a PPR, but Marshawn Lynch is still your start at Flex.

Advice? My Marshall for Foster RB:Sproles Miller Mathews Richardson P.Thomas D.Brown WR:Wright, A. johnson, Edelman, Marshall
- Logan @ Twitter

Docs: No deal. You should keep Brandon Marshall. Try to work another trade. Marshall is too explosive to move. Plus, the Texans are running Foster into the ground in a hurry.

Should I give up asiata and Terrance west for kelvin Benjamin? Have Ellington and ball at RB
- Mark @ Twitter

Docs: Yes. You have some depth at RB. If you need a WR, Kelvin Benjamin is a good target.

With foster questionable should I start L.Bell over him?? Like Fosters matchup a lot.. Hope he plays
- Spencer @ Twitter

Docs: Bell is a great back. With such a close call, go with Bell if Foster looks shaky closer to game time.

That's a wrap this week - wow. Thank you for asking such great questions this week. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out our FootballDocs' Social Media pages and send us your fantasy football question: Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

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