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"Ask the Docs" Mailbag Replies

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NFL Week 4: "Ask the Docs" Replies

Friday, October 2, 2015

Week 4 is here and we've got some international football on our hands with an early kickoff on Sunday in London. Loads of great questions this week regarding waiver wire moves, start / sit decisions, and roster optimization. So without further ado, let's get to it chaps and open the mailbag for this week in "Ask the Docs" UK style.

Looking for a flex play for 0.5 ppr - T Benjamin, Garcon, Cruz, or CJ?K. Thanks guys!
--Johnny via Twitter

Docs: Slight lean to Garcon. Need to see Cruz in action first before blindly trust. Garcon key, particularly with DJax out.

Should I pick up CJ Anderson? If so, should I drop Eric Decker, Travis Benjamin, or Doug Martin?
--Jerry via Facebook

Docs: Jerry, we would make the move and drop Decker for Anderson. Anderson has really struggled, as has the entire Denver Offensive Line learning the new system of Gary Kubiak. However, that system has produced fantasy gold at RB, and that means despite his poor start, Anderson still has a high ceiling - much higher than Decker. Anderson may not pan out, but at this stage, it's worth the gamble relative to the loss (Decker).

Yo, who at flex: Percy harvin, Jeremy hill, or Reuben Randle?
--Cren via Twitter

Docs: Yo, we would swing the brick bat with Hill. Has highest ceiling for explosion, and his coaches have served him a wake-up call.

Should I trade Legarrette Blount for CJ Anderson?
--Bill via Twitter

Docs: Bill, that's a good idea while Blount's stock is high and Anderson's is low. Blount has off field challenges + Lewis lurks.

Tannehill against the Jets or Carr against the Bears?
--Zach via Twitter

Docs: We give the edge to Carr, who is red hot. Our take on QBs for Wk 4 can be found on our weekly QB rankings.

Is V. Cruz going to have any value this year? Should I drop for S. Watkins or T. Benjamin?
--Jason via Facebook

Docs: Jason, that's the million dollar question. It's hard to drop a player that has shown he can explode for big games (albeit pre-Beckham Jr). We just aren't believers in Cleveland yet, but we think Buffalo could be very real. Watkins is an explosive player, so dropping Cruz for Watkins is the real question. Watkins is out, but his talent level exceeds Cruz, so we would do it: Drop Cruz for Watkins.

I have CJ Spiller and Justin Forsett - both are under-performing. Do you recommend cutting them for a waiver wire pick up?
--HeelsFFL via Twitter

Docs: Keep Forsett and give Spiller a week or two more before considering dropping him. He's a homerun hitter off to a slow start.

Trade Donte Moncrief for Dion Lewis? Already have Beckham, Marshall, and Fitzgerald.
--Mark via Twitter

Docs: We'd do it Mark given your depth. Blount not a threat to Lewis' role, although he is a TD vulture. We like Lewis' upside.

Is Brandon LaFell a good waiver wire pick up?
--Ju via Twitter

Docs: Ju, we would wait. Crowded WR corps for the Pats, and LaFell is out until 10/25 by virtue of being on PUP.

Hey guys, I'm in a 14-team, .5 PPR league. We run a 1 RB; 1 RB/WR; 2 WR lineup. I have Freeman, Bernard, Coleman, and Abdullah as RBs with Dunbar available on waivers. OBJ, James Jones, T. Benjamin, and Wheaton are my WRs, with R. Matthews and Hurns available on waivers (I want to drop Wheaton). I was thinking of running 3 WRs this week, if not most. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
--Peter via Facebook

Docs: Hi Peter - to be honest - we aren't exactly clear on the question. We would drop Wheaton for Hurns for sure. With Big Ben out and Bryant set for a return, Wheaton's fantasy window has closed. The key with running 3 WRs, which is fine in leagues that at least have 0.5 PPR, is starting WRs that have a lot of targets with the offense running through them. You definitely have those types of players at WR. If the match-up looks good, don't overlook starting 2 RBs, particularly if you have a RB that also catches passes. Dunbar is tempting to pick-up and have available on your bench. The Cowboys still haven't settled on a RB (Michael gets his chance this week), but Dunbar looks to be a lock as the 3rd down back, which means he should continue to get a load of targets. You aren't going to win games building your team around Dunbar, but he makes a nice flex option when the match-up looks nice or to help push you through a bye week.

Rivers vs Cleveland or Dalton vs. KC for Week 4?
--Nicholas via Twitter

Docs: Nicholas, we really like Dalton this week. He's also good value at FanDuel.

Offer Bradford for Big Ben in a 2-QB league? I also have P. Manning and Mariota. I'm 3-0 with a strong squad.
--Bob via Twitter

Docs: Bob, given your other QBs, we would do it. Big Ben gives you a nice option down stretch & in your playoffs to play matchups.

I need to pick 2 CJ Anderson, D. Murray or Jeremy Maclin. Please help!!
--Rohit via Twitter

Docs: Maclin is the lock of the three. Battle of "uh-oh" with Anderson & Murray. We follow the $$ and say Murray and PHI.

Travis Benjamin or Crabtree?
--Daniel via Twitter

Docs: Daniel, Crabtree will start converting all those targets to points. Carr red hot. We like Crabtree here.

Hey, guys! Non-PPR. Yeldon or Cooks? Both have been disappointing thus far, but Yeldon gets the consistently bad rush defense of Indy. Thanks!!
--Taylor via Facebook

Docs: Taylor, this one is tough. The Colts line is awful, but so is Jacksonville's offensive line. We had them rated as the worst offensive line in run blocking entering the season, and that is the source of much of Yeldon's trouble. Since you are non PPR, we ever so slightly lean to Yeldon. Too much instability in New Orleans right now, and at least the offense has shown signs of life in Jacksonville despite their horrible offensive line. In the passing game, it's all about rhythm, and the Saints are out of rhythm in a post-Jimmy Graham era. Graham was a human vacuum cleaner with defenders, and the space is much smaller in the secondary with him gone. Hence, there is an adjustment needed that is taking longer than most thought (including us). This is no more evident than C.J. Spiller's struggles and Mark Ingram being a focal point of the offense. Running the ball in New Orleans? Really? Their run game feeds of the pass, not vice versa. Now Brees is banged up. While he should play, missed practice time and last week has not helped with gaining any rhythm. Those are a lot of words to say: Yeldon. We don't like that start either, but we think things are more stable in Jacksonville than New Orleans right now and the match-up is a little better. Better start prepping - it's officially the end of the world as we know it!

Even if Foster plays, does Blue still have value?
--Gordon via Twitter

Docs: Gordon, one week for Blue doesn't make up for 2 weeks of being awful. HOU should be happy to feed Foster early and often.

Pick 1: Stevie Johnson, T.Benjamin, N.Washington?
--FFcantmiss via Twitter

Docs: We like Benjamin here.

Need some help! Pick 1 for flex in a PPR lg. Stevie Johnson, Jeremy Hill, or Mathews? Thanks!
--Robert via Twitter

Docs: Robert, we like the TD presence of Hill, and so do his coaches. Everyone needs Hill to get on track. We go with Hill.

Our league has two QBs on each team. This week My back-up Marcus Mariota is on a bye. My starter is Drew Brees, and you know he might not even play this week. I can replace Mariota with a waiver pick up, but would loss him to a different team next waiver wire Wednesday. My options for waivers is Vick, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Blake Bortles, and Kirk Cousins. Question is should I pick up one of these QBs, or keep my awesome back up? Also the option of picking up Brees's back up Luke McCown. So go with no QB and most likely loss week 4, I'm 1-2 BTW, or replace a good back up with a risky QB?
--Kyle via Facebook

Docs: Kyle, you can't ditch Mariota, so roll the dice with Brees, who looks good to go (as good as he can anyway) this week. It's far from ideal, but the loss of Mariota would hurt too much long term for any of the players listed. Sure, one or two of them may do just fine this week, but picking that is like throwing a handful of darts on the wall and hoping some stick. When they don't - it really hurts. We take our chances with an injured Brees that has proven to be explosive in the past and hope this is the week New Orleans finally gets on track with their passing game.

That's a wrap this week. Great interacting with everyone and good luck to everyone's teams this week. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out our FootballDocs' Social Media pages and send us your fantasy football question: Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

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