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"Ask the Docs" Mailbag Replies

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NFL Week 1: "Ask the Docs" Replies

Friday, September 9th, 2016

Thanks to everyone who sends us a question. We look forward to having the opportunity to answer your fantasy football question this season. Week 1 mail bag is here as the first installment of the 2016 NFL season. We have some questions about starting rookie WRs in Week 1. Giovani Bernard was a topic of conversation, but he should produce good numbers. Michael Crabtree is an interesting start in Week 1, but should you start him with Derek Carr? Week 1 is here to kick off a great year of football for "Ask the Docs."

Who would you start----J Landry (Miami) or T Sharpe (Tenn)???
- ?Vince @ Facebook

Docs: Hi Vince - go with the super star with experience (Landry) over a rookie WR that was viewed as a mediocre prospect (Sharpe). Sharpe is gaining attention, but the preseason is a different animal than the regular season with first team defenses. Here is an article that shows how statistics are in your favor with Landry and why starting rookie WRs is a risky business:

Current roster; 1. A. Brown, 2. A. Jefferies, 3. McCoy, Bernard, D Williams, K White.. Trade L. Bell and E Sanders for #2&3?
- James @ Twitter

Docs: James - you've got a solid team. Just sit tight and don't let someone sneak in on your roster with a trade.

I'm already playing Ryan Mathews at RB2, should I start Gio B or D Sproles in Flex v CLE standard scoring? (PS thanks for LW)
- Patrick @ Twitter

Docs: Gio is the way to go. Mathews is fine, but don't want too much investment in Philly until things settle a little.

Picked up Forsett and T. Smith on waiver wire Either of them over Gio? (I know 49/BAL aren't much better than Philly but...
- Patrick @ Twitter

Docs: We know Gio doesn't feel like a solid lock in Week 1, but he will be involved in the game no matter how things break down and is a good start.

I have Aj as my number 1whose a better start for week one Eldman or Marvin Jones both are projected to have 8pts in my league
- Rich @ Twitter

Docs: We like the upside with Jones over Edelman for Week 1.

Who would you rather have: T. West or J.Cook? Non ppr. RBs are JStew, Mathews, JLang. TEs are Barnidge & JThomas
- Michael @Twitter

Docs: We like West, who could just emerge from the pack this year. Cook is just another reasonable TE that can be found to plug a gap.

ppr question: need to start Langford, duke Johnson, mjones or m. Christine. Where would you lean?
- Coachpoje @ Twitter

Docs: Langford is your best option here. Jones and Johnson are no-go. Christine is too risky relative to Langford.

Crabtree or Decker? Starting Carr, non ppr
- Michael @ Twitter

Docs: We would double down on Oakland with Crabtree. Should be a lot of points in that game.

Current roster; 1. A. Brown, 2. A. Jefferies, 3. McCoy, Bernard, D Williams, K White.. Trade L. Bell and E Sanders for #2&3?
- James @ Twitter

Docs: No trade for a WR2 with shaky QB and suspended RB recovering from a shredded knee with quality RB (DWilliams) on roster.

It looks like Marcus Wheaton is questionable for Monday night. Who should I start as my WR3 between Travis Benjamin, Jeremy Maclin, and Tajae Sharpe.
- Tim

Docs: The Steelers' Monday night game looks like a shootout, so it is a shame if you can't cash in on that opportunity. However, you have some good options, so there is no need to risk it for Wheaton with him looking questionable. Sharpe is an exciting option, but it is tough to trust a rookie in Week 1. Benjamin could bust a big one at any moment, but KC has a tough defense playing at home to open the season. Maclin is a native Missouri guy that we think will produce against the Chargers. Start Maclin this week as a solid play with a chance for a TD.

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