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"Ask the Docs" Mailbag Replies

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NFL Week 12: "Ask the Docs" Replies

Friday, November 27th, 2015

It's already been a great Thanksgiving Holiday stuffed with lots of good food and football, but anytime you can sneak in a Slave Leia reference in a fantasy football reply, it goes to a whole new level of awesome! Loads of great questions this week, so let's get to the mailbag and serve an extra helping of "Ask the Docs" for Week 12 of fantasy football.

Hey guys thanks for taking my question(s) it's a two parter:
1. My flex spot in my PPR league should I start Vincent Jackson or Brandon LaFell, Jackson has a good matchup and came back hot last week but after Denver double/triples Gronk, LaFell is the only option right?
2. Same league PPR who should I start out of these three, Yeldon, West, or Javorius Allen? Had Charles and Forsett originally lol. That's it thank you for ur time and hope to hear back. Go Bengals!

-Sean via Facebook

Docs: Hi Sean, for the first part of your question we roll with LaFell. He had an awful amount of drops when he first returned, and unfortunately Denver has not one, but two shutdown corners. However, what LaFell does have going for him is Tom Brady, who is one of the best QBs in the history of the NFL. Amendola is out this week and with Edelman out, LaFell is going to have to step up. We like the ceiling for LaFell, but he comes with a low floor too. We take the chance of the low floor with the upside to potentially make a real difference for your team. We just aren't seeing as strong an upside with Jackson, who has to compete with Evans, Martin, and dependent on a rookie QB. As for the second part of your question, we would go with Yeldon. Yeldon has a great stat line just under the surface of his performance as of yet. The Jaguars have really been looking to Yeldon as the anchor in their gameplan, and we are late enough in the season opposing defenses have to keep their attention on Hurns and Robinson, not to mention Thomas. We like Yeldon at home with upside to deliver a nice game this week.

Go for T.Y. Hilton or Stand with Sanders?
-Paul via Twitter

Docs: Paul - both have shaky QBs - but we stand with Emmanuel Sanders. Now healthy and has higher ceiling with QB with live arm.

Have a WR conundrum. I got Cooks, Maclin, and Diggs. I have Cooks and Diggs starting. Just asking for a second opinion on this. Thank you.
-Pat via Facebook

Docs: Hi Pat, we would do the exact same thing. Cooks is way too hot to leave out of any fantasy line-up at this point, and Diggs is a safer play than Maclin at this point. The thing that concerns us with Maclin is his concussion. Concussions are poorly understood beasts, and the likelihood of getting another one on a lesser hit is much higher after suffering a concussion. That means Maclin could literally be knocked out of the game on any offensive snap. Diggs is young and emerged as the top receiving threat for the Vikings. He has cooled off since his hot streak earlier in the year, but this week he gets the Falcons on the speedy turf of the Georgia Dome. The Falcons are a dumpster fire right now, while the Vikings are focused on a division title. That's more than enough for us to trust Diggs this week over Maclin.

I can't decide between Rawls vs Steelers or Allen vs Browns??? And how do y'all feel about Kamar Aiken since Flacco's out??
-Chachi via Facebook

Docs: Chachi, it's a coin toss between Rawls and Allen as shown in our Week 12 fantasy football RB rankings. Allen has a great match-up against a horrible Cleveland run defense, but Rawls has the "want to" every time he touches the ball. If you have seen Rawls play, you know exactly what we mean by that. If you haven't, Rawls plays for extra yards and effort with little concern regarding his health or long term longevity in the NFL. After all, now is the time for Rawls to make a name for himself if he is going to have a long NFL career. His "want to" also traces back to his story in college, and he survived and made the NFL despite being put in a situation to fall off the radar. The Steelers are a fierce defense though. In the end, we barely, and we mean barely, lean to Rawls over Allen this week. The Hawks are a better team with more stability on offense than the Ravens right now. Losing both their starting RB and QB last week is too much instability to outright trust the Ravens offense without a little "show me" first. Allen is fine by virtue of being what should prove to be a feature RB in a NFL offense, but the rest of the Ravens offense is in the status of "proceed with extreme caution". We wouldn't trust Aiken with the start this week, but we wouldn't drop him from our fantasy roster either just yet. Let's see what plays out on Sunday. Any time there is a switch at QB, QB-WR chemistry is reset. Aiken may already have some of that chemistry in place by virtue of some previous second team reps earlier in his career, but there could also be another WR that emerges as well. Anyone that has played QB knows how there is always one WR in particular that you will go to when you have to have it. And that is the WR you want on your fantasy roster. Let's see if Aiken proves to be that WR first given the change at QB before dropping him.

My hopes are that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. This week I have Larry Fitzgerald against a very soft SF but he is listed as "Q". I have Travis Benjamin against a soft BAL that I can plug in on Sunday should that be necessary. Also disappointing Jeremy Hill is in my flrx position that I could replace with Mr. Benjamin should Fitzgerald be good to go or Matt Jones. Your thoughts are appreciated.
-Mitch via Facebook

Docs: Hi Mitch, hope you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday as well. The good news is we still have a load of games on Sunday to enjoy before facing the fun that awaits us all on Monday. Fitzgerald will play as the Cardinals are right in the thick of it with their eyes on a Super Bowl birth. This is a key division game and no team in the NFL can be taken for granted, so there is no chance Arizona will hold Fitzgerald out to give him a week to rest. We also trust his QB a whole lot more than the situation in Cleveland if having to pick between Fitzgerald and Benjamin. Granted, age is not on Fitzgerald's side, and at this point in a long NFL season the bumps and bruises do add up. But we are back to the Super Bowl - something Fitzgerald has tasted but not fully experienced with a ring. Both he and Palmer are going to do everything they can to make sure they get that ring. As for your flex, that could play out a million different ways for you, so don't beat yourself up if you happen to pick the wrong player between Hill, Jones, and Benjamin. Ironically, Benjamin is probably your safest play, and we don't offer that lightly. The good news is that all three of those players are explosive with high fantasy ceilings. Sure, they can offer up some stinkers, but they can also drop a fantasy bomb. We like Benjamin the best this week as he has a great match-up and a focal point in the Browns offense. We like Benjamin a little better when Manziel is in there, but we still like him over Hill and Jones this week. Jones is the most dangerous due to his recent fumble issues. Few things will put you on the pine faster than putting the ball on the ground as a NFL RB, particularly as a rookie RB. It is too risky to take a chance on Jones, who could have a great game, but he could also give you a negative game like last week from a fumble and subsequent benching. He needs to prove to us he can take care of the ball before we put him back in our fantasy starting line-up. Look no further than Detroit to see what fumbles from a rookie RB can do to subsequent fantasy play in games downstream of those fumble issues. That leaves Hill vs Benjamin, and again, we favor Benjamin here. Hope this helps and good luck this week!

Happy Thanksgiving! M Evans or J Stew for flex this week?
-Mark via Twitter

Docs: Hi Mark - Hope you had a great holiday. We're too late, but we like 'em both as seen in our weekly rankings & leaned to JS.

Hurns or Cooper this week?
-Adam via Twitter

Docs: Adam, it's close as shown in our Wk 12 WR rankings, but we lean to Cooper. Little higher ceiling and has a better match-up.

Pick 2 RBs & a flex: Gio, Hill, West, DeAngelo, Yeldon, M Evans and T Benjamin. Thanks Docs!
-Brian via Twitter

Docs: Brian, we go with Yeldon, D. Williams, and Evans. West's hammy risky, particularly w/ Ware healthy and ready. Good luck!

Should I trade Javorius Allen for Melvin Gordon & Donte Moncrief?
-Dave via Twitter

Docs: Dave we wouldn't do it. Moncrief appears DOA with Hasselbeck, and Gordon isn't going to emerge. Allen could.

Forte or Hillman for my Flex this weekend?? Non PPR
-Geoff via Twitter

Docs: i Geoff, while this response is too late, our weekly RB rankings were not - we favored Forte, but his return was very meh!

Need a win this weekend, playoffs on the line. Should I start Derek Carr or Ben Roethlisberger?
-Ice via Twitter

Docs: Ice, we like a healthy Carr here over Ben in a boot. Legion of Boom is waking up and the Titans secondary is falling asleep.

WRs #help plz which 2 would you start? K. Wright, V. Jackson, or B. Cooks.
-Hans via Twitter

Docs: Hans, few things on this Earth have been as hot as Cooks as of late (5 TDs in 3 games). Hotter than slave Leia. Well, maybe not. We go with VJax for your other WR and hope his rookie QB locks in on him when under duress. Too much rust on Wright.

That's a wrap this week. Great interacting with everyone and good luck to everyone's teams this week. If you haven't yet, be sure to check out our FootballDocs' Social Media pages and send us your fantasy football question: Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

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