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Five key fantasy football tips to
keep in mind

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Original Release: July 30, 2003

Some time ago, the Docs were approached by a journalist asking the question, "If you could only give five fantasy football tips, what would they be?" For those new to fantasy football, this article is for you. For those savy veterans out there, the Docs may appear to be Jedi masters of the obvious; however, among the gory details of more advanced fantasy football tactics, it is always a good idea to review the basics contained in these fantasy football tips to keep the prime directives of fantasy football priority one.

1) Draft running backs early and often. They are the most valuable position relative to the quality and demand of most fantasy leagues. With only 32 NFL teams and typically two running backs required for the start in most fantasy leagues, they're hot commodities on draft day.

Use our Fantasy Football Player Rankings and Fantasy Football Draft Software to help select the best available running backs on draft day.

2) Start your studs. Your top players should always be in your lineup.  Starting a lesser player over a stud due to a more "favorable" match-up can cost you a lot of points and grief.

Enhance tip #2 with our Fantasy Football Start Sit and Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings columns. After starting your studs, we will help fill in the rest of your roster as we recommend players that are not clear fantasy football studs and can step in with a big game for your team.

3) Use the waiver wire. Free agents will help you fill the holes in your team all year. Every year there are always undrafted fantasy players that unexpectedly emerge during the course of the season.  These free-agent acquisitions can make the difference between winning and losing.

After the weekend battles have been fought, be sure to check out our Fantasy Football Waiver Wire column to replenish and reload your roster with some new blood.

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4) Don't waste picks on kickers, second tier defenses, or second tier tight ends - in that order. These three positions can be filled very late in your draft or from the waiver wire with competitive results. Burning an early pick in these areas could cost your team a great QB, RB, or WR.

Our Fantasy Football Player Rankings will help you find those top tier defenses and tight ends, while this timeless classic article can reiterate the reasons why tip #4 is important regarding wasting picks on Fantasy Kickers.

5) Propose trades. You never know when a little chum in the water might land you a big fish. If your team is weak in a particular area, identify several teams in your league that have players that could fit your need.  To increase your chances of making a successful trade, hone in on teams that have complementary needs such that the trade is mutually beneficial for both parties.

Once the regular season gets into full swing, you can always see if you can get your trade questions for tip #5 answered in our Fantasy Football Advice column.

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