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Antonio Brown is at the top of our Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings
"Yes, I am the #1, #2, and #3 WR for the Steelers."
(Brian Kunst / Zuma Press / Icon Sportswire)

Fantasy Football
Wide Receiver Rankings

Fantasy Wide Receiver Rankings & Projections
for your Draft

All fantasy football player rankings and projections will be updated every week in the NFL Preseason to account for all player injuries, trades, and depth chart adjustments.

Sometimes it is helpful to think of fantasy wide receivers as highly unstable dynamite. Sometime you get a great explosion that propels your fantasy football roster to an unexpected victory. However, you can also end up getting blown out because DeSean Jackson decided to get alligator arms on you in your fantasy football championship game. From A.J. Green, Randall Cobb, and Antonio Brown to Michael Crabtree and Julio Jones, FootballDocs fantasy football wide receiver rankings have you covered. Will the top vets produce again? What about the rest of the NFL? What about the rookie WRs? The full version of the top wide receiver rankings and projections is available in our Total Draft Package. You will find out where Emmanuel Sanders, Sammy Watkins, and others land on the WR rankings. The NFL is a tough place, and WRs need a QB that can deliver. We went ridiculously deep, and we use excruciation detail when we compiled our fantasy football player rankings. Rankings for your particular league setup and scoring system can be obtained by using our Fantasy Football Draft Software. All projections and wide receiver rankings will be updated weekly to account for player injuries and depth chart adjustments.

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Wide Reciever Rankings & Projections Passing Rushing Fantasy
Rank Player Team BYE Yards TD INT Yards TD Points





Note that fantasy football player rankings and point totals were calculated based on the following scoring system:
• 1 point / 10 yards rushing or receiving
• 1 point / 20 yards passing
• 6 points / TD rushing or receiving
• 4 points / TD passing
• -2 points / INT

The Draft Advisor Software will allow the user to incorporate a variety of different fantasy points scoring systems to generate custom rankings and a unique draft strategy based on those scoring systems.

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Thanks to all for your interest and support.  Enjoy the season, and above all else, have fun!

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