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RGIII is a great fantasy football start in week 6.
"The Cowboys are used to seeing this." (Icon SMI)

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Our weekly "Who to Start and Sit" column is part of FootballDocs In-season content. All of FootballDocs In-season content is 100% free.

After starting your studs (typically players ranked after week 5 in the top ~15 RBs, top ~ 10 WRs, top ~ 10 QBs, top ~3 TEs, top ~5 Defenses, and top...wait, no kicker is a fantasy football stud), the Docs will help you decide who to start and sit as we recommend players in our fantasy football start sit column that are not clear studs and can step in with a big game for your team this week. Consequently, we will not recommend who to start and sit with the top few players at each position in our weekly fantasy football start sit advice (given starts every week); however, we may occasionally recommend players ranked 15 - 25 overall due to some teams out there that will have multiple players at one position in this range but can only start one.  If we recommend such a player it does not mean we think they are not a stud, we are just trying to help those folks out there that may be in such a situation. We also recommend players to bench, so our fantasy football start sit column is sometimes referred to as fantasy football start bench column. Additionally, we offer Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings to help even further with some of those more difficult start sit decisions. Last, be sure to check us out every Tuesday as we do a Wrap-up on our advice - both good and bad.  In fact, every wrap-up is kept and posted as a permanent, public record of what we called and how good or bad the calls were. Why?

Three reasons:
1.  Accountability.
2.  Confidence in our analysis and recommendations.
3.  Because the Docs take winning every bit as seriously as you do.

Thank you for visiting and welcome to FootballDocs Fantasy Football - "Where the geeks meet the gridiron."

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FREE Fantasy Football Start Sit Advice
NFL Week 6

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Don't miss out on our FREE fantasy football weekly rankings to further help with your start / sit decisions!   Weekly Rankings Released every Thursday!

Give 'em the rock (a.k.a. Start)

Robert Griffin III, QB, WAS - If you saw the Broncos faceoff against the Cowboys last week, you saw an awesome game and could only hope you had some players in that contest. You also noticed that the Cowboys defense did not look particularly impressive. Granted Peyton Manning had a lot to do with the Cowboys looking bad, but Griffin should be able to have a very good week. He has had two weeks to get ready for the Cowboys and get his legs fresh.

Jay Cutler, QB, CHI - With the emergence of Alshon Jeffrey and Martellus Bennett to go along side of Brandon Marshall, Cutler has a lot going for him. Cutler should have no trouble having a good game against a Giants defense that appears to have no heart. The Giants could surprise the Bears with a great performance, but it won't be because Cutler didn't deliver. You can start Cutler this week.

Andy Dalton, QB, CIN - Dalton has been very quiet the past couple of weeks, but that changes on Sunday facing the Bills. We're not seeing a big game from Dalton, but we do see a game that can help get you through the BYE. Based on aggregate fantasy league statistics, Dalton is available for immediate pick-up for one out of every three you.

Zac Stacy, RB, STL - In for a penny. In for a pound. Stacy was pretty good last week in his first real action of the 2013 season. This week he is being given the chance to run the ball again. Stacy should have no trouble posting a good game despite the Texans run defense.

Bilal Powell, RB, NYJ - The Steelers defense is not what it used to be. Powell should be able to run fairly well this week if you need some help at the RB position. The Steelers will be focusing on the mobility of Geno Smith. That should provide just enough room for Powell to put in a solid effort.

DeAngelo Williams, RB, CAR - With Stewart sidelined, many fantasy owners expected more from Williams this season. This week he gets the lowly Vikings run defense. While Williams is showing signs of age after hitting the not-so-magical age of 30 for RBs, he should be able to hold his own this week and help get you through your BYE.

Justin Blackmon, WR, JAX - Blackmon came back from suspension in a big way. He had 136 yards and 1 TD. Blackmon won't likely have that success in his second week on the job in 2013, but he should continue to post nice numbers. The Broncos will provide lots of garbage time for the Jaguars to post some nice fantasy numbers despite being outclassed.

A.J. Green, WR, CIN - Green has not been getting it done this year and has only had one big game to date (week 1). That changes this week, as the lowly Bills are on tap. The Bengals are flying high after a huge win over the Pats last week, and they will carry that confidence to a beat down of the Bills. Green will be the weapon of choice to issue this beat down.

Vincent Jackson, WR, TAM - Jackson and the Bucs passing attack has really frustrated fantasy owners this year. Now that clubhouse cancer Josh Freeman gone, things should start to turn around. It also doesn't hurt they are facing the horrendous secondary of the Eagles, which has been very friendly to fantasy WRs this season.

Greg Olsen, TE, CAR - Olsen has been very reliable in the Panthers passing game. This week he faces one of the worst pass defenses in the league in the Vikings. Olsen should continue to be solid performer for your fantasy team this week.

Garrett Graham, TE, HOU - Graham has flashed some potential this year, and now with Owen Daniels out for a few weeks, Graham gets a chance to show what he can do as the primary receiving weapon at TE for the Texans. It all starts with the porous secondary of the Rams, who come to Houston to help set the table for Graham to have a solid week.

Let 'em warm up the pine (a.k.a. Sit)

Terrelle Pryor, QB, OAK - Pryor had a huge week last week with 221 yards passing, 2 TDs, and no interceptions. This is a great fantasy game. It is hard to believe that Pryor is going to continue to take care of the ball the way he did last week. It is more likely that Pryor will struggle against the Chiefs defense in Arrow Head Stadium.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, TEN - Fitzpatrick had the 2nd best fantasy week of any QB not playing in the Cowboys-Broncos game. Fitzpatrick had a great game with 247 yards, 1 TD passing, and 1 TD rushing. Fitzpatrick has really been a fighter who has made the most of the opportunities he has been given. However, he just doesn't have the talent to sustain this type of production. You can skip Fitzpatrick this week in most leagues.

Frank Gore, RB, SF - Gore has been hot, and Arizona hasn't been able to do much this season, but they have been able to shutdown opposing RBs. If you don't have any other decent options, go ahead and start Gore, but if you have other options available, we would look their way this week.

Rob Streater, WR, OAK - Last week Streater had 56 yards and a TD for a big game. This week there is little chance he will repeat against a very stout Chiefs defense. While you may be tempted to add Streater, you don't need to start him this week. There has to be better options.

Golden Tate, WR, SEA - Tate played very well against the Colts last week. He looked like a man possessed and was difficult to take down on several plays. Tate finished the day with 61 yards and a TD. This week he won't return those kinds of numbers. Tate isn't a regular part of the Seahawks offense. You can't trust him in Week 6.

For an expanded list of players to help with weekly fantasy football start sit line-up decisions, be sure to check our our Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings, which are released every Thursday during the regular season.

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