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Give C.J. Spiller the start in week 14
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Our weekly "Who to Start and Sit" column is part of FootballDocs In-season content. All of FootballDocs In-season content is 100% free and starts September 5, 2012.

After starting your studs (typically players ranked after week 5 in the top ~15 RBs, top ~ 10 WRs, top ~ 10 QBs, top ~3 TEs, top ~5 Defenses, and top...wait, no kicker is a fantasy football stud), the Docs will help you decide who to start and sit as we recommend players in our fantasy football start sit column that are not clear studs and can step in with a big game for your team this week. Consequently, we will not recommend who to start and sit with the top few players at each position in our weekly fantasy football start sit advice (given starts every week); however, we may occasionally recommend players ranked 15 - 25 overall due to some teams out there that will have multiple players at one position in this range but can only start one.  If we recommend such a player it does not mean we think they are not a stud, we are just trying to help those folks out there that may be in such a situation. We also recommend players to bench, so our fantasy football start sit column is sometimes referred to as fantasy football start bench column. Additionally, we offer Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings to help even further with some of those more difficult start sit decisions. Last, be sure to check us out every Tuesday as we do a Wrap-up on our advice - both good and bad.  In fact, every wrap-up is kept and posted as a permanent, public record of what we called and how good or bad the calls were. Why?

Three reasons:
1.  Accountability.
2.  Confidence in our analysis and recommendations.
3.  Because the Docs take winning every bit as seriously as you do.

Thank you for visiting and welcome to FootballDocs Fantasy Football - "Where the geeks meet the gridiron."

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FREE Fantasy Football Start Sit Advice
NFL Week 15

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Don't miss out on our FREE fantasy football weekly rankings to further help with your start / sit decisions!   Weekly Rankings Released every Thursday!

Give 'em the rock (a.k.a. Start)

Cam Newton, QB, CAR - Newton is going berserk at just the perfect time. He's reminding you of why you paid that high price in your fantasy football draft to get him, and he will continue to carry your team in the playoffs. His momentum is great, his match-up is great... this could be nasty for your opponent.

Josh Freeman, QB, TAM - Freeman has been showing up for your team, but not delivering the great game. This week should be different as he gets to face the extremely pass-friendly secondary of the Saints.

C.J. Spiller, RB, BUF - We just can't quit Spiller. We recommended him last week, and he was very unimpressive. With Fred Jackson out of the way, Spiller could finish the season just like he did last year. For those lucky enough to have Spiller on your roster, enjoy the production!

Darren McFadden, RB, OAK - Fragile McFadden has killed your team, but he is back just in time to help punch you out of your league's Toilet Bowl bracket. McFadden can take it to the house from anywhere on the field, and his presence as a pass receiver helps get him in open space. We expect the Raiders to do just that to pose match-up problems and stress on the Chiefs' defense.

Steve Smith, WR, CAR - Smith is an angry, angry little man. Dear lord, did you see that block he laid out for his QB last week where he took out three defenders on his 5'9" frame?? Smith will give the Chargers fits and Newton will feed him the ball.

Vincent Jackson, WR, TAM - Jackson reminded everyone last week the type of fantasy production he can dish out, and the good times should keep rolling facing the Saints in a very, very favorable match-up. Jackson just may single handedly deliver the knockout blow to your opponent.

Danario Alexander, WR, SD - What a find by Norv Turner in the middle of the season. Alexander joins the Chargers and proceeds to destroy every cornerback that tries to cover him. More of the same this week, so be sure to get him in your starting line-up if you have him.

Randall Cobb, WR, GRB - Cobb is explosive and capitalizing on the opportunity given to him by injuries to other wideouts on the Packers' roster. The Bears' defense is wounded, and Cobb will step up his play in this rivalry game.

Dennis Pitta, TE, BAL - Pitta is Flacco's safety value when under duress, and Flacco will be put under duress against an aggressive Broncos' defense. The Broncos' defense is #2 in the league in getting sacks, and they are also susceptible to giving up receiving TDs. Just the recipe needed for Pitta to squeak a TD in week 15.

Andy Dalton, QB, CIN - Dalton isn't a sexy name, but he has been very productive over the last 4 weeks with 857 yards passing, 7 TDs, 3 INTs, and another 2 TDs on the ground. This week Dalton will be playing a struggling Eagles team. You always have to be careful when you are picking on a wounded animal or wounded NFL team, but Dalton should be able to have a good game.

David Wilson, RB, NYG - With Ahmad Bradshaw likely to miss this week's game, you have to like Wilson's chances of a nice game. Wilson had a huge week 14 in terms of return yards. That success should help him build the confidence he needs to be successful running the ball. If you do start Wilson, keep your fingers crossed that he doesn't fumble again like he did at the beginning of the season. Grand Pa Coughlin will have him on the bench quicker than you can say Werther's Originals.

Josh Gordon, WR, CLE - Hopefully, the next time RGIII tells the Redskins to go get someone, they will do it. Robert Griffin III wanted Washington to go get Gordon in the supplemental draft this year, but the Browns were able to beat the Redskins to the punch. Mike Holmgren believed that Gordon could make an impact right away. It looks like Holmgren and Griffin know a thing or two about football. Gordon has caught on fire the past few weeks. You should stick with him again this week against the team that should have listened to their new QB.

Let 'em warm up the pine (a.k.a. Sit)

Ryan Fitzpatrick, QB, BUF - We know there are some teams out there with some shaky QB situations. If you find yourself in that grouping, don't look Fitzpatricks' way this week. The match-up is not good playing the Hawks, who will pin their ears back and come after him all game long.

Christian Ponder, QB, MIN - Percy Harvin is gone and he took any chance Ponder had at showing up for your team. Sprinkle a tough Rams' defense on the slate, and Ponder should be no where close to smelling your starting line-up.

Vick Ballard, RB, IND - Ballard may be getting praise from his coach, but this week a very angry Texans' defense looking for payback. That payback will take the form of shutting down Ballard, who is going to struggle all day long finding any room to operate.

Larry Fitzgerald, WR, ARZ - The Cardinals are a flaming pile of NOT-fantasy goodness. We would avoid Fitzgerald right now. It is shocking to see what he has become in 2012. Apparently, we should all have given Kurt Warner more respect for taking 2 different franchises to the Super Bowl. Those franchises have been terrible without him.

Beanie Wells, RB, ARZ - It might seem like we are picking on the Cardinals, but that is only because we are picking on them. They should not have gotten beat like that against the Seahawks. This looks like a team that is looking for the season to be over as soon as possible.

Jonathan Dwyer, RB, PIT - Dwyer is going to carry the load for the Steelers, but we just can't get behind him in Week 15. There are a lot more attractive matchups to work with this week. If you have no one else, Dwyer will do. However, we are looking for a more explosive option now that the Steelers are way out of the playoff hunt.

For an expanded list of players to help with weekly fantasy football start sit line-up decisions, be sure to check our our Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings, which are released every Thursday during the regular season.

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