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Give Tony Romo the start in week 12
"Hey Dez, go deep!" (Icon SMI)

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Our weekly "Who to Start and Sit" column is part of FootballDocs In-season content. All of FootballDocs In-season content is 100% free and starts September 5, 2012.

After starting your studs (typically players ranked after week 5 in the top ~15 RBs, top ~ 10 WRs, top ~ 10 QBs, top ~3 TEs, top ~5 Defenses, and top...wait, no kicker is a fantasy football stud), the Docs will help you decide who to start and sit as we recommend players in our fantasy football start sit column that are not clear studs and can step in with a big game for your team this week. Consequently, we will not recommend who to start and sit with the top few players at each position in our weekly fantasy football start sit advice (given starts every week); however, we may occasionally recommend players ranked 15 - 25 overall due to some teams out there that will have multiple players at one position in this range but can only start one.  If we recommend such a player it does not mean we think they are not a stud, we are just trying to help those folks out there that may be in such a situation. We also recommend players to bench, so our fantasy football start sit column is sometimes referred to as fantasy football start bench column. Additionally, we offer Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings to help even further with some of those more difficult start sit decisions. Last, be sure to check us out every Tuesday as we do a Wrap-up on our advice - both good and bad.  In fact, every wrap-up is kept and posted as a permanent, public record of what we called and how good or bad the calls were. Why?

Three reasons:
1.  Accountability.
2.  Confidence in our analysis and recommendations.
3.  Because the Docs take winning every bit as seriously as you do.

Thank you for visiting and welcome to FootballDocs Fantasy Football - "Where the geeks meet the gridiron."

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FREE Fantasy Football Start Sit Advice
NFL Week 12

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Don't miss out on our FREE fantasy football weekly rankings to further help with your start / sit decisions!   Weekly Rankings Released every Thursday!

Give 'em the rock (a.k.a. Start)

Tony Romo, QB, DAL - We know that counting on this guy is very much like asking for your face to get kicked. However, his match-up is just too good to not take advantage of it. Romo gets the Redskin's terrible secondary on Thanksgiving! Despite this game being a huge one, we still feel like Romo can make some nice plays. He may still lose the NFL game, but that doesn't mean your fantasy team will struggle.

Chad Henne, QB, MIA - Don't get too carried away, but Henne should be able to answer the bell for your fantasy team in Week 11. Henne was very good last week and he has proved that he can actually make some aggressive throws down the field. This week Henne is taking on the Titans' terrible pass denfense.

Chris Johnson, RB, TEN - Johnson has burned you several times this year, but the match-up this week is just too good to not give him the starting nod. The Jaguars practically give rushing TDs just looking at their opposing RBs. Fresh off a BYE week to rest up, Johnson should deliver for you this week.

Ryan Mathews, RB, SD - Mathews has been good, but not spectacular. This week he has the chance to take his game to a whole new level. The Chargers are teeing off on a surprisingly bad Ravens rush defense. This is your chance to get back on the Mathews' bandwagon.

Stevan Ridley, RB, NE - Ridley has made this list several weeks. He is going to make it again here too. Ridley continues to be undervalued, but he has a great matchup against a poor Jets rush defense. The Patriots always give you reasons to take another dose of Pepto, but Ridley should get his regardless of the rest of the team.

Ronnie Hillman, RB, DEN - Willis McGahee is going to miss several weeks. This is your time to give Hillman a shot. Hillman is an exciting rookie. As long as he can pass protect Peyton Manning, Hillman should be good.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis, RB, CIN - The Law Firm hasnít delivered the verdicts you had hoped this season, but last week was a big win with his first 100+ rushing yard performance of the year. He should keep the good times rolling with a great match-up against a beat-up, Raiders rush defense that would struggle keeping Pee-Wee offenses out of the endzone.

C.J. Spiller, RB, BUF - Don't let the fact the Fred Jackson is cleared to play force you to shy away from Spiller. Spiller has a great match-up, and is very, very explosive as both a rushing and receiving threat. The Colts have been vulnerable to big plays on the ground, which is Spiller's specialty.

Michael Crabtree, WR, SF - WOW! The Saints have no pass defense. You need to start Crabtree in all scoring profiles.

Dez Bryant, WR, DAL - Bryant popped a big-time fantasy game last week, and he is hungry for more of the spot light. The spot light (and match-up) just doesn't get much better playing on Turkey Day, so if you own Bryant, be sure to give him the start.

Brandon Marshall, WR, CHI - Marshall is banged up, and so is his QB. However, both should be ready to go. Cutler locks onto Marshall like a Patriot Missile on a Scud, and the Vikings have really struggled over the last three weeks against the pass. The end result should be a good game for Marshall.

Justin Blackmon, WR, JAX - Blackmon had a breakout performance last week, and the match-up is too good this week for him not to carry that momentum into another solid day. Wideouts are very dependent on their QB, and Henne and Blackmon are fitting together like peas and carrots. Start him.

Denver Broncos Defense - The Chiefs are the most favorable team for a fantasy defense to face, and the Broncos are on a roll. This could get ugly. Good for those that have the Broncos defense. Bad for those that have to face it.

Let 'em warm up the pine (a.k.a. Sit)

Brandon Weeden, QB, CLE - Weedon had a good NFL game last week, but you shouldn't count on that this week against the Steelers. The Steelers pass defense has been pretty stout.

Ryan Tannehill, QB, MIA - We know there are some fantasy teams out there really hurting at QB, but Tannehill is not the QB to try the fantasy Hail Mary start. The rookie is having trouble adjusting to the NFL, and the Seahawks are not a good match-up for any QB, let alone a rookie.

Mark Ingram, RB, NO - The 49ers defense is not to be trifled with! Ingram will have a difficult time repeating his performance from last week. You should start better options.

Santana Moss, WR, WAS - Moss is playing the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. It would be best to leave him on you bench and look for another option. The Cowboys secondary is one of the least favorable to other choices.

For an expanded list of players to help with weekly fantasy football start sit line-up decisions, be sure to check our our Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings, which are released every Thursday during the regular season.

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