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New Orleans Saints RB Mark Ingram is a great fantasy football start in week 9.
These guys have Ingram locked and loaded in week 9 of their fantasy line-ups. (Matthew Visinsky / Icon SMI)

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Our weekly "Who to Start and Sit" column is part of FootballDocs In-season content. All of FootballDocs In-season content is 100% free.

After starting your studs (typically players ranked after week 5 in the top ~15 RBs, top ~ 10 WRs, top ~ 10 QBs, top ~3 TEs, top ~5 Defenses, and top...wait, no kicker is a fantasy football stud), the Docs will help you decide who to start and sit as we recommend players in our fantasy football start sit column that are not clear studs and can step in with a big game for your team this week. Consequently, we will not recommend who to start and sit with the top few players at each position in our weekly fantasy football start sit advice (given starts every week); however, we may occasionally recommend players ranked 15 - 25 overall due to some teams out there that will have multiple players at one position in this range but can only start one.  If we recommend such a player it does not mean we think they are not a stud, we are just trying to help those folks out there that may be in such a situation. We also recommend players to bench, so our fantasy football start sit column is sometimes referred to as fantasy football start bench column. Additionally, we offer Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings to help even further with some of those more difficult start sit decisions. Last, be sure to check us out every Tuesday as we do a Wrap-up on our advice - both good and bad.  In fact, every wrap-up is kept and posted as a permanent, public record of what we called and how good or bad the calls were. Why?

Three reasons:
1.  Accountability.
2.  Confidence in our analysis and recommendations.
3.  Because the Docs take winning every bit as seriously as you do.

Thank you for visiting and welcome to FootballDocs Fantasy Football - "Where the geeks meet the gridiron."

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FREE Fantasy Football Start Sit Advice
NFL Week 9

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Don't miss out on our FREE fantasy football weekly rankings to further help with your start / sit decisions!   Weekly Rankings Released every Thursday!

Give 'em the rock (a.k.a. Start)

Colin Kaepernick, QB, SF - The Rams are quite the treat to have your QB face, and Kaepernick should have no problem burning them with both his arms and legs. Last time he faced the Rams he absolutely torched them for a monster fantasy game.

Russell Wilson, QB, SEA - Wilson has had some up and down games with big swings both ways. This week should be up as he faces an Oakland defense that is suspect against the pass and struggles against the run. We like Wilson's mobility here as it helps tilt the fantasy odds in his favor in this match-up.

Tom Brady, QB, NE - It doesn't matter who Brady is facing these days, he is absolutely on fire. Manning will only force Brady to focus that much more as we see this game being a shootout.

Cam Newton, QB, CAR - Newton struggled last week, but he wasn't the first QB to struggle against the Seahawks and he won't be the last. This week he gets a much more favorable matchup against the Saints. Newton has been a little streaky this season, but he should be able to rise to the challenge this week in Carolina.

Brian Hoyer, QB, CLE - If you find yourself in a QB bind this week, Brian Hoyer could be your man. The Bucs have been the 6th best opposing defense for QB fantasy production. Hoyer had one inexplicably bad game against Jacksonville, but he has been decent in his other starts. The Browns are still in the race for a playoff spot in the AFC North, and Hoyer is a big part of that. He should help you get by in a tight spot in Week 9.

Mark Ingram, RB, NO - Ingram had a monster game last week, and he has a great match-up in a key division game. You've got to keep riding the hot hand until Ingram shows you he can't do it.

Ahmad Bradshaw, RB, IND - Bradshaw gets a revenge game against his old team, which also happens to be second worst defense in all of football for your fantasy RB to face. That is a big time: "Advantage Bradshaw" on both accounts... get him in there.

Ronnie Hillman, RB, DEN - Hillman has been very solid since seeing the increase in workload with Ball being out. Manning will use Hilllman even more this week to help keep a Pats defense with its ears pinned back off balance.

Lamar Miller, RB, MIA - Outside of a week 2 misfire at the Bills, Miller has been one of the more consistent and reliable fantasy options at RB. He's not super sexy, nor is he going to drop a fantasy nuke, but he is steady and a key asset for your line-up.

Denard Robinson, RB, JAX - Well, two games into the Robinson era as a full time RB, and Robinson looks great. There is no reason to get away from him this week as he takes on the Bengals. The NFL could catch up with him soon, but Robinson is running so well that you can't bench him. The Bengals are also the 6th best defense for a fantasy RB to run against.

Shane Vereen, RB, NE - Vereen had a terrible game last week. As usual, the Patriots RB situation is not one you want to depend on regularly. This week, the Patriots need a big game from everyone to overcome the Broncos. Rob Gronkowski is likely to have fewer points this week after his monster Week 8, and those extra touches should swing back Vereen's way.

Chris Ivory, RB, NYJ - The Jets are a train wreck, but Ivory has managed production. This week the Chiefs will make it tough on Ivory, but he should still be able to collect his numbers. While you wouldn't bench a trusted starter for Ivory, he can be a very solid option in Week 9.

Terrance Williams, WR, DAL - Williams has been barely hanging on the past few weeks, but we liked the noticeable increase in his targets last week (7) and the match-up against a very suspect Arizona defense this week.

Mike Wallace, WR, MIA - Wallace had a mini-meltdown this week, and more times than not these WR temper tantrums of getting them the ball results... in them getting the ball. Wallace has been a TD machine this year, but last week he didn't find the endzone. That changes this week.

Mike Evans, WR, TAM - Evans' stock is going up and up, and he is literally running Vincent Jackson out of town. The chemistry with his QB is very good, and Evans' role in the offensive game plan could very well increase this week.

Kelvin Benjamin, WR, CAR - Benjamin faced Richard Sherman last week and did pretty good. This week will seem like a walk in the park facing a Saints' secondary with all kinds of holes in it.

Martavis Bryant, WR, PIT - Bryant should continue to be Ben Roethlisberger's "other" go-to guy. Bryant's 1st two NFL games have been very impressive. Bryant will continue to draw less attention thanks to Antonio Brown sucking up the majority of looks. Bryant makes a good start against Baltimore in his third NFL game.

Brandon LaFell, WR, NE - Lafell has quietly become a very reliable option for Tom Brady. LeFell has had 3 games over 18 points in the last 5 weeks in a non-ppr league. Denver will score plenty of points and force the Patriots to match that tempo. LaFell will be a major part of that effort. This will be your last chance to get one more great game out of LaFell before the Patriots bye week.

Doug Baldwin, WR, SEA - Baldwin has stepped up to the plate in the absence of Percy Harvin. Baldwin's matchup against the Raiders makes him a good start in Week 9. The Raiders have been a complete mess and this should be a great opportunity for the Seahawks to show the difference between the bottom and the top of the NFL.

Travis Kelce, TE, KC - For those struggling at TE, we think you can sneak Kelce into your starting line-up this week facing a Jets defense that has had particular issues against quality TEs.

Cincinnati Bengals Defense - The Bengals get the Jaguars this week. This could get very ugly. Sacks, turnovers, and even a return TD is not out of the question. Bingo.


Let 'em warm up the pine (a.k.a. Sit)

Derek Carr, QB, OAK - Carr had a big week in week 6, an off week in week 7, and a good week in week 8. The pattern of good, bad, good, bad is settling in as the rookie continues to adjust to the speed and complexity of the NFL. Well, let's ground this in a little more reality. The Seahawks also may have a little something to do with keeping the pattern in place as Carr should experience a bad week this week facing the 2nd most difficult defense in the NFL for a fantasy QB to face over the past 2 weeks.

Colt McCoy, QB, WAS - It was a great feel-good story last week as McCoy led the Redskins to an improbable win against a very good Dallas team. However, feel-good has no place in fantasy, the Vikings are licking their chops looking to stuff McCoy with their very tough pass defense.

Darren McFadden, RB, OAK - A struggling Derek Carr at QB this week is going to make things worse for McFadden facing the Super Bowl champs. Best to stay clear of run DMC this week.

Tre Mason, RB, STL - Mason has struggled away from Saint Louis. This week he has a tough game against the 49ers in San Francisco. The 49ers have been very stout against opposing RBs. Mason hasn't clearly defined himself as the starting RB for the Rams, so you can expect to see his carries split. As a result, Mason doesn't make an attractive option this week.

Eric Decker, WR, NYJ - Decker has a bad hammy and an even worse QB situation. Now a very tough Kansas City secondary is on tap. Uh-oh.

Torrey Smith, WR, BAL - It was a nice little flurry of fantasy activity from Smith in weeks 6 and 7, but week 8 was awful and things don't get any better facing the Steelers. It's clear Smith is out of sync with Flacco.

Percy Harvin, WR, NYJ - The Chiefs has been pretty tough against opposing WRs. Harvin saw his first significant action as a Jets last week, but there wasn't much to talk about from a fantasy sense. The Jets are too risky to trust anyone that needs a Jets' QB to get them the ball.

Julian Edelman, WR, NE - You have to wonder if Edelman has something wrong with him. He has been terrible the past couple of weeks. For the past 5 weeks he has only had one decent game against the Bills. You can still hang onto Edelman on your roster, but you shouldn't start him this week.

For an expanded list of players to help with weekly fantasy football start sit line-up decisions, be sure to check our our Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings, which are released every Thursday during the regular season.

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