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As the old adage goes, "Knowledge is power", and the Docs are big advocates of education and research (comes with the territory of a Ph.D.). The Docs can appreciate the value of collecting quality fantasy football sites and resources and are happy to provide an organized inventory of the best fantasy football sites for those just as passionate about fantasy football as we are. So there is no need to search through long lists of fantasy football sites anymore... here are some of the best fantasy football sites and fantasy football resources on the web. We have broken these resources down to the "Best of the Best" and the "Best of the Rest":

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Best of the Best - These fantasy football sites represent the cream of the crop as far as go-to resources are concerned. Several key categories are provided to help folks get the information they need and get it quickly on their quest to supremacy.

Best of the Rest - If you need that extra little piece of fantasy football information to give your team that winning fantasy edge, these are some quality fantasy football sites that deserve a visit. Sites are subdivided to distinguish between "Fantasy Football Information", "Fantasy Football Products", and "NFL Fan Sites" with a brief description provided next to each site.

The Docs provide these links to fantasy football sites for your convenience and for informational purposes only. Being external websites, we have absolutely no control over their content and any potential products listed on those sites.  Furthermore, we recommend you take whatever precautions you deem necessary before visiting and/or engaging in any offline or online transaction with any of these sites.

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Best of the Best

Best NFL Player Statistics (Current and Historic)
Access to NFL player statistics is the life-blood for any fantasy football enthusiast. Rather than giving a long list of resources that provide various types of player statistics, we are only going to give two resources... the only two resources you will ever need. The first resource,, is the source for any player statistic from a historical perspective. It is a fast-loading site with easy navigation. The second resource,, is the source for any in-season player statistic occurring during the football calendar. With these two sites, you've got all of your NFL and fantasy football player stats needs covered. - NFL Stats

Best Fantasy Football League Service
Once you've formed a league, you will need to find a place to play. (If you would like to learn more, we've written the following article Where to Start a Fantasy League to help). Nothing will make or break your fantasy football experience than a league management service. A good league management service offers flexible league setup, solid customer service, real time scoring, flexible scheduling options, reliable operation with little down time, and provides a friendly layout that is easy to use. Although it is certainly not a requirement, we feel a Fantasy Trophy case and league historical records can help personalize your league and make your fantasy football experience that much more enjoyable. As with many things in life, there are both free and pay options. Although we have seen some pay leagues make the switch to free again, Yahoo! has never wavered from offering a very good free fantasy league service for football (and other sports for that matter). In fact, at one time in the not so distant past, Yahoo! was the only mainstream provider of free fantasy leagues. In a world of here one moment and gone the next, Yahoo! represents a solid rock for free fantasy football.

Yahoo Fantasy Football - Sign Up Today!

Best NFL Breaking News
It is always a good idea to have a small handful of high quality sources that bring up-to-the-minute fantasy football breaking news and NFL player information. The list below provides direct links to key sources that specialize in quick-snippets of information. - NFL News
CBS Sports Fantasy News
Rotoworld NFL Player News
Yahoo! NFL Player Updates

Best Fantasy Football Average Draft Position (ADP)
Average Draft Position (ADP) is a very valuable asset to use during your fantasy football draft. These listings provide the fantasy football average draft position of NFL players obtained from literally thousands of fantasy football mock drafts and/or real drafts. They can be used as a strong indicator when a particular player may be taken during a draft, although bear in mind there are many different types of fantasy football scoring systems and owners participating in these drafts from different systems. However, in general, using this information with rankings allows a fantasy football enthusiast valuable information that can be used as a general guideline when a particular player may be drafted, allowing an increased probability of selecting that player as late as possible in their own fantasy football draft. This allows more flexibility in drafting and draft strategy. As for what is meant by a "fantasy football mock draft", it is precisely that - a draft that serves no purpose other than for practice prior to participating in a real fantasy football draft.

Fantasy Football Calculator ADP ADP Rankings
Mock Draft Central

Best Fantasy Football Mock Drafts
Fantasy football mock drafts are precisely that - a draft that serves no purpose other than for practice prior to participating in a real fantasy football draft. Participating in a mock draft can help you get a feel when certain players will be selected and also when runs will be made on particular positions. The fantasy football mock drafts links below not only give you the opportunity to refine your draft strategy for the upcoming season, but also allow you to participate in a draft used to determine Average Draft Position.

Fantasy Football Calculator Mock Drafts
Mock Draft Central

Best NFL Depth Charts
NFL players get injured, cut, traded, and win roster spots, so having a couple of updated resources for NFL depth charts is always a good idea to keep in your fantasy football back pocket.

FootballGuys - NFL Depth Charts
KFFL - NFL Depth Charts
Ourlads Scouting Services*
* - subscriber restricted access

Best NFL Game Weather and Stadium Conditions
Unless playing in a dome, NFL game weather and resulting stadium conditions can have a significant impact on player performance and the corresponding outcome of many fantasy football games. Sometimes that last minute fantasy football lineup adjustment made as a result from a change in NFL game weather can make the difference between winning and losing. Here is a handy reference containing links from our friends up the street here in Atlanta at the Weather Channel for all current weather conditions for every NFL stadium.

NFL Game Weather and Stadium Conditions

To report a broken link or if you would like your site considered for possible inclusion, please send mail to our "webmaster" address.

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Best of the Rest

Fantasy Football Information Sites
About Football - covers all aspects of football, including fantasy football, NFL, college, etc.
AntSports - fantasy rankings, articles, and player commentary.
Ask the Commish - player rankings, fantasy football mock drafts, and "Sit or Start" analysis.
CBS Sportsline Fantasy Sports - commentary, injury info, player rankings, and message board.
D1 College Football - great assortment of college team links for college fantasy football.
ESPN Fantasy Football - expanded free content warrants consideration again.
Fantasy Football Bookmarks - fantasy football links broken down into categories.
Fantasy Cafe - Fantasy sports in a mug.
Fantasy Football Cafe - presents forums, player rankings, and strategy tips.
Fantasy Football Calculator - premium application products as well as mock drafts.
Fantasy Football Librarian - unique blog with loads of articles, resources, and information.
Fantasy Football Nerd - the nerd will get you dialed in on player rankings, start / sit advice, news, and more.
Fantasy Football Today - free site providing projections, rankings, articles, and message boards.
Fantasy Football Toolbox - free site with cheat sheets, tips, sleepers, and advice. - free fantasy football news, information, and resources.
Fantasy Sharks - free fantasy football news, information, rankings, and analysis.
Fantasy Sports Central - fantasy football daily planner, cheat sheats, stats, and rankings. - rankings, commentary, projections, and a daily email newsletter.
FOX Sports Fantasy Football - free leagues with NFL Headlines and message boards. - fantasy football cheat sheets, rankings, and advice.
JunkYard Jake's Fantasy Football Network -- player rankings, stats, depth charts, and news. - the mother ship for all things football in the NFL. - sports news, rankings, and highlights.
USA Today Fantasy Sports News - fantasy football injury updates, advice, games, and more. - fantasy football rankings, cheat sheets, mock drafts, sleepers and busts.
Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football - free leagues with NFL news, player updates, and injury info.

Fantasy Football Product Sites
FanDraft: Fantasy Football Draft Board - software that produces an electronic draft board to enhance fantasy football live drafts.
Fantasy Trophy - making fantasy league trophies for all sports.
Trophy Central - trophies and more to commemorate your fantasy football championship.

NFL Fan Sites
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