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Fantasy Football Projections

Over 450+ fantasy football projections for your draft

Coming in early July 2015

All fantasy football projections and player rankings will be updated every week in the NFL Preseason to account for all player injuries, trades, and depth chart adjustments.

Accurate, high-quality fantasy football projections are not easy to find, and we strive to deliver at a level of quality that is second to none with our projections. Entering our eleventh year on the web, we have been dishing out fantasy football projections for years and have developed a robust, proprietary algorithm that incorporates numerous variables when predicting individual performance for the upcoming 2015 NFL season. Furthermore, each projection for each player shown in our projections is carefully reviewed and critically discussed by the Docs on both a player by player and team by team basis. When all the smoke clears, the end result yields an extremely comprehensive evaluation for each player listed in our projections. Using our fantasy football projections in conjunction with our fantasy football player rankings and fantasy football cheat sheets will put you in the drivers seat on your fantasy draft day. All projections will be updated weekly during the NFL Preseason to account for player injuries, news, and depth chart adjustments ( Fantasy Football Projections FAQ ).

2015 Fantasy Football Projections (450+) Passing/Receiving Rushing

For QB, RB, WR, & TE Team Pos Yards TD INT Yards TD

For Defense Team Pos Pts. All. FUM INT TD Sack Fantasy
Rank For Kickers Team Pos PAT 1-29 30-39 40-49 50+ Points
1   Available in July 2015










11+   Included in Total Draft Package

The remainder of our 450+ fantasy football projections are included as part of the FootballDocs Total Draft Package (Only $11.95 - includes Draft Software & Draft Magazine). The Total Draft Package has it all: 450+ Player Projections with Overall Rankings, 300+ In-depth Player Profiles, Draft Advisor Software for custom player rankings based on your fantasy scoring system, Offensive Line Rankings (pass and run), Offensive Line In-Depth Profiles, Sleepers, Busts, and our FootballDocs Draft Magazine (100+ pages). Everything is updated each and every week to make sure you have the latest and greatest information from the NFL preseason for your fantasy football draft.

Note that fantasy point totals shown in our projections were calculated based on the following scoring system:
• 1 point / 10 yards rushing or receiving
• 1 point / 20 yards passing
• 6 points / TD rushing or receiving
• 4 points / TD passing
• -2 points / INT

Our Fantasy Football Draft Software will allow the user to incorporate a variety of different fantasy points scoring systems to generate custom rankings and a unique draft strategy based on those scoring systems.

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Fantasy Football Projections FAQ

Whether new to fantasy football or a seasoned veteran, we offer a variety of responses to try to help folks understand the methodology behind our projections a little better:

What are fantasy football projections?
Fantasy football projections are predicted statistics of NFL player performance in terms of yardage and touchdowns for the upcoming season. Cheat sheets, player rankings, and overall rankings become more credible when fantasy football projections are provided with them.

How do fantasy football projections build quality control in player rankings?
Accurate, high-quality fantasy football projections are difficult to make (and find), and it opens the door for severe scrutiny when offering projections with player rankings (i.e. do QB TD projections correspond to equivalent total team WR/TE/RB receiving TD projections? Do Kicker P.A.T. projections correspond to equivalent total team TD projections?). Thus, there is nice quality control built into rankings with fantasy football projections as it is very easy to expose sloppy rankings (it forces a website to really think in-depth about their rankings). Most websites do not offer projections due to the time and effort involved to do correctly and accurately. However, when available and done well, fantasy football projections provide a powerful ally during your fantasy football draft.

How do the Docs generate their projections?
We have developed a proprietary, numerical algorithm that leverages 10 years worth of past player performance data to generate our fantasy football projections for the upcoming season. This algorithm incorporates numerous variables that dramatically increase the probability of a correct outcome when projecting individual player performance. Examples include but are not limited to the effect of a wide receivers' production on himself and teammates when switching teams, reversible and irreversible effects on player performance relative to specific injury history, and maximum production relative to age and experience.

What happens after the model generates its fantasy football projections?
Every projection for every player is carefully reviewed and critically discussed by the Docs on both a player by player and cumulative team by team basis. Naturally this is a very time consuming process; however, we feel the end result produces an extremely comprehensive evaluation of player performance for the upcoming 2015 fantasy football season.

What sort of quality control checks are put into your fantasy football projections?
Beyond an intense statistical regression analysis using ten years worth of player statistical data, extensive quality control (QC) checks are made. We take our projections very seriously and are committed to delivering at an extremely high level of quality. Examples of our QC checks include but are not limited to cross referencing projections to historical trends based on the number of players that achieve certain yardage thresholds each year, checking that projected team receiving yards/TDs correspond to projected team QB passing yards/TDs, and insuring kicker PATs agree with projected total team TDs relative to their historical kicking accuracy. There are numerous other QC checks that are made in our fantasy football projections, but they are well beyond the scope of this reply. Furthermore, our fantasy football projections are coupled with the latest and greatest NFL depth chart information, player news, and coaching changes. Once all the smoke clears, a substantial amount of time and effort is required to generate and maintain our projections, which deliver at an extremely high level of quality.

Do you actually have advanced degrees in engineering up to the Ph.D. level?
You bet. After all, FootballDocs is "Where the Geeks meet the Gridiron."

How could a Ph.D. help with fantasy football projections?
Fantasy football is a game of numbers. In fact, the entire concept of fantasy football hinges exclusively on statistics. Any credible fantasy football media site must not only be knowledgeable on the latest and greatest NFL news and rumors, but also be able to analyze, assimilate, sort, and numerically predict statistics. By looking at the numbers behind the numbers, statistical trends are exposed that increase the probability of a correct outcome. This helps significantly stack the fantasy odds in your favor when drafting players for your fantasy football team.  It is not enough to be a sports junkie.  It is not enough to be a geek who can wield a pretty mean calculator. When it comes to fantasy football, you must be able to do both and do both well. So ask yourself, would you go to someone other than a surgeon for open-heart surgery? What about serious legal council from anyone other than a lawyer? Then why would you settle for anything else than advanced engineering degrees to the Ph.D. level for your fantasy football projections?

Thanks to all for your interest and continued support.  Enjoy our fantasy football projections, and above all else, have fun during your draft!

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