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fantasy football mock drafts

Updated: July 4, 2016
Original Release: August 2, 2005

Fantasy football mock drafts and Average Draft Position (ADP) are very valuable assets to use during your draft. These listings provide the average draft position of all fantasy football players obtained from literally thousands of fantasy football mock drafts and/or real drafts. The fantasy football mock drafts links give you an opportunity to participate in one of these drafts used to determine Average Draft Position. Average Draft Position can be used as a strong indicator when a particular player may be taken during a draft, although bear in mind there are many different types of fantasy football scoring systems and owners participating in these fantasy football mock drafts from different systems. However, in general, using this information with player rankings allows a fantasy football enthusiast valuable information that can be used as a general guideline when a particular player may be drafted, allowing an increased probability of selecting a desired player as late as possible in their own fantasy football draft. This allows more flexibility in drafting and draft strategy. As for fantasy football mock drafts, they are precisely that - a draft that serves no purpose other than for practice prior to participating in a real fantasy football draft.

The Docs provide these links for your convenience and for informational purposes only.  Being external websites, we have absolutely no control over their content and do not endorse any potential products listed on those sites.  Furthermore, we recommend you take whatever precautions you deem necessary before visiting and/or engaging in any offline or online transaction with any of these sites.

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