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1999 just called and they want their fantasy football magazine!

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FootballDocs Total Draft Package coming in July!

EVERYTHING in our Total Draft Package is updated weekly from its release in July up to Week 1 of the NFL: Draft Advisor software, fantasy football player rankings, projections, player profiles, offensive line rankings, sleepers, busts - everything. Your paid subscription gives you unlimited access from your personal computer. Come back each week to get the latest update that reflects the lastest and greatest player injuries, trades, and depth chart adjustments from the NFL Preseason!

The people have spoken and we have listened! It's feedback from our site patrons that help us dial in our efforts to better suit your fantasy football draft needs. One key piece of feedback provided was that the electronic magazine was just not being used. It was a large 200+ page pdf that contained all the written content in the Total Draft Package found on our website and designed to be portable when you couldn't get access to your computer. That was a good idea back in the 90's when cell phones were in bags and wifi didn't exist (By the way, did you know that "wifi" doesn't stand for anything and is just a catchy term coined to help promote a new wireless idea from back in the day? Just a little nugget for you to ponder and impress the ladies next time at trivia night - geeks unite!). At any rate, now an electronic pdf magazine is just an outdated approach. So rather than invest our time in the magazine and the formatting required to make everything fit, we invested our time to expand our online draft package content. You will notice more in-depth and longer team summaries, sleepers, busts, and player profiles, particularly for those early draft picks where every nugget of information can help with those crucial picks. Thanks again to everyone for the great feedback, and please keep the suggestions coming!

FootballDocs Fantasy Football Total Draft Package - Unleash the Docs on your Unsuspecting League!

FootballDocs Total Draft Package (Only $11.95 - includes our exclusive Draft Advisor Software). The Total Draft Package has it all: FootballDocs Draft Advisor software, fantasy football projections, rankings, top 400+ players overall, 300+ in-depth player profiles, offensive line rankings (run and pass), sleepers, busts, NFL team overviews, and weekly preseason updates of ALL content (including Draft Advisor software) to make sure you have the latest and greatest information from the NFL preseason for your fantasy football draft. Click the button below to order today!

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At $11.95, the Docs offer a tremendous level of value with their Draft Package. All major credit cards accepted. Click on the button below to purchase today.

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FootballDocs Total Draft Package - Includes our exclusive Draft Advisor Software!