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Draft Advisor Software - Included in our
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Fantasy Football Draft Software

Fantasy football software to generate custom rankings for your draft

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Our exclusive Draft Advisor software is included as part of the Total Draft Package, which is completely updated every week from early July up to Week 1 of the NFL to make sure you have all the latest and greatest from the NFL Preseason.

Windows compatible? YES!
Mac compatible? YES! (Except for Mac based Excel 2008)
Updated Weekly? YES!
Generates Custom Auction Values and Rankings for Different Scoring Systems? YES!
Includes Weekly Updated Average Draft Position (ADP) Information? YES!
Generates Color Tiers for Value Based Drafting? YES!
Same Functionality as Traditional Draft Advisor? That and more!

Fantasy football finally meets the 21st century.  When first released in 2002, FootballDocs Draft Advisor fantasy football software was to our knowledge the first time anyone had tried to implement a version of "artificial intelligence" in a draft tool.  Since that time, the Docs have prided themselves in making the Draft Advisor bigger and better each year, making it one of the premier fantasy football draft software tools available on the web.   Long gone are the days of trying to relate player values and rankings from a generic player rankings list for your particular fantasy points scoring system and league settings.  Our fantasy football draft software will do it all for you using the Docs' own unique fantasy value drafting algorithm in conjunction with extensive statistical player projections to produce powerful fantasy football software.

Highlights of the Draft Advisor Fantasy Football Software include:
Creates custom rankings (and value color tiers) based on inputs from your fantasy scoring system
Generates value color tiers to compare players of similar fantasy value across different positions (QB, WR, RB, etc.)
Provides player capsules / profiles for over 300+ players
Lists custom player rankings broken down by overall (top 450+) and individual position (QB, WR, RB, etc.)
Weekly updated Average Draft Position (ADP) rankings to gage when players may get selected in your draft*.
Generates Auction Values based on your budget and league scoring system
Tracks draft progress and shows remaining available players with the highest fantasy value based on your league scoring system
Accounts for fantasy scoring systems that award bonus points on long plays
Accounts for fantasy scoring systems with flex positions
Tracks players taken and individual team selections for the teams in your league
Completely updated every week based on the latest and greatest developments from the NFL preseason
Full email support and much more!

*All ADP information is provided by the good folks at Fantasy Football Calculator. Be sure to check them out for great ADP information.

With Ph.D. know-how built into the program, the Draft Advisor is designed to be precisely that... an advisor for your draft. Our fantasy football draft software will recommend players to take based on player value, 2016 projected performance, rankings, and availability based on your particular league scoring system. The heart of the Draft Advisor fantasy football software is based on the Docs' own unique fantasy value drafting algorithm, which produces a comprehensive evaluation of each player's worth and subsequent rankings based on actual coordinated projections for the 2016 season. The extent to which the Draft Advisor is used is left entirely to the user.  For the fantasy novice, our fantasy football draft software can be used to build a highly competitive fantasy team virtually by itself.  For the seasoned fantasy veteran, the Draft Advisor can be used as a consultant during tense moments of your draft.

It really is just that simple. We've been here since 2002, and we're in the business of offering a quality product at a quality price. We are so confident you will enjoy what the Draft Advisor has to offer, we offer a money back guarantee. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied, just send us an email within 14 days of the date of purchase. Refund issued. Just. That. Simple.

Go ahead and give it a try and start having fun right now:

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FootballDocs Total Draft Package - Includes software to generate custom fantasy football rankings!