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Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets

Color tier based fantasy football cheat sheets

Last Updated: September 3, 2016

All fantasy football cheat sheets will be updated every week in the NFL Preseason to account for all player injuries, trades, and depth chart adjustments.

Our cheat sheets provide overall composite rankings (450+), individual position rankings, and color tiers. The color tiers in our cheat sheets are designed to provide an easy, visual reference to indicate players of comparable fantasy value across different positions for a standard performance scoring system.

Custom cheat sheets based on your scoring system can be made by using our fantasy football draft software, which is powered by our proprietary, complicated mathematical draft algorithm coupled to our exclusive fantasy football projections. The software will automatically generate the color tiers based on your scoring system and reflected in the cheat sheets to produce custom fantasy football player rankings. The draft algorithm in the software has proven to be very robust for generating high-quality cheat sheets for numerous fantasy scoring systems. You can select whether or not you would like to see the color tiers in the cheat sheets by simply checking or unchecking the "Color Tier" box at the top of the software window. All cheat sheets will be updated weekly during the NFL Preseason to account for player injuries, news, and depth chart adjustments ( Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets FAQ ).

Note that fantasy point totals shown in our cheat sheets were calculated based on the following scoring system:
• 1 point / 10 yards rushing or receiving
• 1 point / 20 yards passing
• 6 points / TD rushing or receiving
• 4 points / TD passing
• -2 points / INT

2016 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets
Rank Player Name NFL Team Position Proj. Fantasy Points
1   Antonio Brown PIT
2   Todd Gurley
3   Odell Beckham Jr.
4   Adrian Peterson
5   David Johnson
6   Julio Jones
7   Lamar Miller
8   A.J. Green
9   Rob Gronkowski
10   Ezekiel Elloitt
11+   Included in Total Draft Package

The remainder of our fantasy football cheat sheets are included as part of the FootballDocs Total Draft Package (Only $11.95 - includes our exclusive Draft Advisor Software). The Total Draft Package has it all: FootballDocs 2016 Draft Advisor software, fantasy football projections, rankings, top 400+ players overall, 300+ in-depth player profiles, offensive line rankings (run and pass), sleepers, busts, NFL team overviews, and weekly preseason updates of ALL content (including Draft Advisor software) to make sure you have the latest and greatest information from the NFL preseason for your fantasy football draft.

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Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets FAQ

With cheat sheets, player rankings, and projections, it can get confusing, particularly if new to fantasy football. With that in mind, the Docs offer these responses to hopefully make things a little more clear:

What are fantasy football cheat sheets?
Cheat sheets provide an aggregate, compiled list of player rankings in a single table for several positions. Often they are shown sorted only by position; however, there are other resources similar to ourselves that also show a composite cheat sheet across all positions (QB, RB, WR, TE, etc). In general, these types of cheat sheets are tough to find and not offered by many resources.  However, when available, they are a nice resource to use when evaluating the relative fantasy value of one position vs. another (i.e. QB vs. WR. vs RB). A critical aspect of cheat sheets is noting the scoring system used to generate the rankings (many sources do not specify the system used), as the list will completely change from league scoring system to league scoring system. Hence, sometimes you do not get "apples to apples" comparisons when comparing a cheat sheet based on one scoring system to another one based on a different scoring system.

What scoring system is used for your cheat sheets?
If referring to the table above, a standard performance scoring system is used as the basis for the cheat sheet (details for that system shown above the table); however, if you play in a league that is not based on a standard performance scoring system, custom cheat sheets can be generated for your particular league setup using our draft software.

How can I use your custom cheat sheets to my advantage?
Any time you participate in a league with a scoring system you aren't quite familiar with, you can use our software to generate custom cheat sheets based on that scoring system and league setup. The software does a great job of exposing players of value in a load of different scoring formats. It gives immediate feedback for what positions are valuable, what positions can slide, and what type of players you need to target for a particular scoring system, all shown within one cheat sheet. It is a great starting point and ultimate ending point on your draft day.

Hopefully that helps clear things up a little. Thanks to all for your interest and continued support. Enjoy unleashing our fantasy football cheat sheets on your opponents during your draft!

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