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Screen Shot from Draft Advisor Software

Screen shot from FootballDocs Draft Advisor Fantasy Football Software

Fantasy Football Draft Software
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Fantasy football software to generate custom rankings for your draft

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Available in early July and included as part of the Total Draft Package ($11.95), which is completely updated every week (Windows compatible only - sorry, no Apple / Mac friendly versions yet).

Welcome to the Draft Advisor presented by FootballDocs Fantasy Football:

The Draft Advisor is a stand alone program that generates custom fantasy football player rankings based on your league setup and scoring system. It also provides you with a place to track your league mates' teams as well as your own during your fantasy football draft. You get exclusive write-ups on over 300 players just by clicking on a player's name to help with critical draft day decisions. Furthermore, up-to-date Average Draft Position (ADP)* is available every week to help you make the best decisions on draft day.

The Draft Advisor is completely updated each and every week right up to the start of the NFL season with the latest and greatest from the NFL preseason to make sure there are no surprises on your draft day. This helps stack the fantasy odds in your favor and gives an advantage over your opponents. Hey, who doesn't like to dominate their friends, family, and coworkers in a little friendly competition? Check out some of the screenshots below for a little taste of what the Draft Advisor has to offer.

Welcome Screen shot from FootballDocs Draft Advisor Fantasy Football Software

Customize to your league's settings and scoring system to generate custom player rankings using our unique fantasy football ranking algorithm (1,000's of possibilities - each with a unique ranking set based on fantasy player value for those systems):

Fantasy football software lets you customize to your league's setting

Enter your league team names to track draft progress and individual team rosters during your draft:

Fantasy football software lets you put in your league's team names

Assign players to specific teams as taken during your fantasy football draft. Also note you can sort to see the best available real-time during your draft at each fantasy position (QB, RB, WR, etc.), as well as the top 450+ overall, including color tiers to denote players of different positions of comparable fantasy value relative to your fantasy football scoring system:

Track every team in your league with the fantasy football software

Check out the competition with fantasy team pages and write-ups on over 300 players just by clicking on that player's name:

Fantasy football software puts over 300 player write-ups at your fingertips

Track your league and use the Draft Advisor to help you draft a contender. Then get the lowdown on your roster and your opponents' rosters with over 300 player write-ups.

*All ADP information is provided by the good folks at Fantasy Football Calculator. Be sure to check them out for great ADP information.

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