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FootballDocs 6th Annual
Cheerleader Rankings

2008 NFL Cheerleader Rankings

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Original Release: May, 12 2008

Football is a great sport for many reasons. We would love to list those reasons in a moving piece of literature or in a stirring poem like one John Facenda would recite. However, that would only delay the cheerleader action that has brought you to these "monumental" rankings. These rankings are compiled by inspecting every cheerleader web page in the NFL. Squads are ranked based on the quality of uniform, quality of web site, and quality of "quality." And yes, we do crunch the numbers with our own special formula to provide the best of the best that the NFL has to offer.

In this year of election coverage, there is one political message that needs to be addressed. This issue is, "Why are there professional football teams without cheerleaders?" The answer, "There is no good excuse!" Really, you have to feel for those poor souls out there who follow a NFL team without cheerleaders, but we do bring a positive message of hope. The tide of change is coming. We are pleased to announce that the New York Jets have decided to follow the path of all that is good. The Jets now have cheerleaders. What an exciting day and what a great way to jump right into FootballDocs 6th Annual Cheerleader Rankings.

10 - tie. New York Jets (Last year - Not Rated)
This fine organization has shown the intestinal fortitude to stand up and say with a load and proud voice, "Not having cheerleaders is just plain silly!" AND "Dang it Bill, put down the darn video recorder." J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets! Welcome to cheerleaders, New Yorkers! Let this be a lesson to all other teams out there that are living a cheerleaderless life. If you get some cheerleaders, you will probably make the top 10 for pure effort alone. We give breaks the first season, but after that; you are on your own. Oh, and the name of this new group... The Flight Crew.

10 - tie. Arizona Cardinals (Last year - 10)
It's the desert, but come 'on, we need a little more refreshment than that. Talk about a webmaster dropping the ball. The pics are few and far between, and it's up to interpretation as to what the girls actually look like. This is just a terrible web site for a professional cheerleading squad. The girls look good in the white uniforms, but they just aren't cutting it. This group is on thin ice with the rankings, so they had better pick up the pace, or they will find themselves out of the top 10 in next year's rankings.

9. Philadelphia Eagles (Last year - 9)
It wasn't that long ago the Eagles pushed the envelope of decency with their cheerleading squad. Lingerie calendars, Maxim ads, risque outfits... nothing was beyond this group. After toning it down last year, they realized they need to let these birds soar and are turning the heat up a notch in 2008 without resorting to extreme tactics. The cheerleading web site starts with a mature content warning. This is kind of like a Col. Nathan R. Jessep moment and the Eagles are saying, "You can't handle the truth." This might be a little extreme as the photos of the ladies aren't THAT risky, but you will probably want to go see what the fuss is about anyway. It would be nice to see the Eagles revamp their uniforms a little, but they are still decent.

8. Washington Redskins (Last year - 7)
This squad still sends smoke signals that cannot be denied with uniforms that are a nice blend of sexy and covering. The Redskins are clearly trying to give that 70's vibe. From the uniforms to the Charlie's Angels-esque silhouettes on the roster page, this group has managed to go retro in a cool way. On each girl's bio page, you can link to her photo gallery. Most of the galleries are loaded with uniform and swimsuit photos. This site is definitely a solid one.

7. Denver Broncos (Last year - 4)
The Broncos have a quality unit every year, but they just can't seem to take their game to the next level. Regardless, they rightfully maintain their slot in our top 10. They have a good looking web site; however, they need more photos from the girls' bios. Some of the girls do have specific links to their small game photo gallery. You have to credit the web site because you can see a few pics from the calendar. This group still holds the record for the most abs in the NFL! There is one thing you can count on with the Broncos' cheerleaders - those skirts continue to push the limit while still looking very sharp.

6. San Diego Chargers (Last year - 2)
No denying the electricity in this group. The Charger Girls always bring a strong group to the table, and they remain ranked in the upper tier of cheerleading squads in the NFL. The girls each have a calendar photo and a photo of them in their uniforms, but they don't seem to have any game photos. What happened to the gobs of game photos they use to have? This is disappointing, but the Charger Girls are still a top group.

5. New England Patriots (Last year - 6)
Clearly the Pats front office is convinced nothing will ease the pains of a heartbreaking 2007 season like hot girls in hot uniforms. Well, mission accomplished. After taking a look at these girls, you will be rooting for another undefeated season and Super Bowl loss. Good photo selection. You can tell that they are really working on improving their cheerleaders. The uniforms are shorts and a top, but they look very sharp. These uniforms have a similar style to the Eagles' uniforms, but the lines just look better. Hmmm. Those illegal "Spygate" tapes of opposing teams' signals did have some cheerleader footage in them. Most of the media didn't think much of that, but it is hard not to notice how quickly the Patriots have moved up the rankings. In fact, the footage in the "Spygate" tape was of the Charger Girls. You know, the Patriots used to be far behind the Charger Girls in FootballDocs' Rankings, but now the Patriots have passed them. Let it be known that this will not be reported to the league office as it is encouraged for squads to get better by any means necessary. Needless to say, you can expect to see the Patriots organization continue to move up the charts.

4. Houston Texans (Last year - 8)
Houston, we no longer have a problem. The Texans ditched their gym short outfits and have taken a page out of the Cowboys book with great results. The quality of this squad keeps getting better, and we look for them to make a big move next year. They really have done a good job with their web site and have added some cool features. They have a 360 view of each cheerleader and a virtual dance. It is like some futuristic movie, but it is all about Texans' Cheerleaders. You have to take a look at this one. After you do, it is clear that the Texans are climbing to the top of the cheerleader world!

3. Miami Dolphins (Last year - 3)
Holy web content Batman! This really is a great site and it is a must visit for the cheerleading fan. Hey, these girls have all the tools they need to be considered among the elite cheerleaders of the NFL. Hot girls, hot web content, hot uniforms... what more is there?? The Dallas Cowboys' Cheerleaders had better take notice because this group is on the verge of knocking off the kings of cheer. For those of you who caught the Dolphins on their reality show, you are aware that this group has links to the Dallas Cowboys' Cheerleaders. (Sorry about that spoiler, but you knew Dallas was still to come.)

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last year - 5)
Yo-ho-ho and no bottle of rum needed for these Beauties of the Bay. Tampa's squad has been making a serious push to the top, and their uniforms, girls, and web content place them as a legitimate contender to the cheerleading title. The swash buckling outfit is still awesome. The intro is very neat, and it is just one of the signs that this group is taking it to the next level. Much like in college football, the pressure to produce a top quality product in Florida is huge. Cheerleading in Florida is big time, as noted by the two Florida squads tied for second place. The Dolphins have a great group, but the Bucs are seriously stepping up to the plate! Bios are cool. The zoom feature on the thumbnails is pretty neat as well. This is another must see site.

1. Dallas Cowboys (Last year - 1)
Holy cow! This group is still on top, but their margin of victory is getting paper thin. In this heated battle to become the champions of cheer, all fans of the NFL are winners. It would be wise for the kings of the mountain to check out what up-and-comers like the Bucs and Texans are doing with their web sites. Dallas could also use links from each girl's bio to a girl specific photoset. However, it is still clear that the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders are the creme de la creme when it comes to cheerleading. The girls of this squad put the big D in Dallas. America's team knows what the people want, and they give it to them. Great uniforms + great girls = tops on our list. But don't take our word for it, check out these beauties for yourself with Cowboys Tickets.

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