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FootballDocs 4th Annual
Cheerleader Rankings

2006 NFL Cheerleader Rankings

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Original Release: April 12, 2006

It's that time of year again.   With the champions of the world crowned, what is the one thing that all NFL fans are buzzing about?   No, not the draft (OK, yes the draft, but you still have a little time before that, so what do you really need to help get you through the NFL off-season?) - it's FootballDocs 4th Annual Cheerleader Rankings of course.

When looking at the teams without cheerleaders, they can be grouped into two categories:   Northern Division teams (Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Cleveland Browns) and New York teams (Jets and Giants).   We've been lobbying for several years now for those NFL teams out there that don't have cheerleaders to GET THEM.   Well, not much has changed, but something should be done soon or the rest of the NFL cheerleaders may be forced to take things into their own hands.   We are sure that most of you heard about the little "incident" down in Tampa Bay last season.   This could only be the beginning of the cheerleader revolt if other NFL teams don't get their cheerleading acts in shape.   Oh well, if they don't listen, the rest of us will just have to "suffer".

On another interesting note, the NFL Cheerleaders as a whole have really started to step things up over the past few years.   We would like to give out a couple of awards to teams outside of the top 10 to show that we care.   The award for the most improved uniforms goes to the Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleaders.   The Bengals Cheerleaders' uniforms still need work, but they have come a LONG way!   They are much better than the Fred Flintstone look they were going for before, and the results are translating into a winning product on the field.   The dubious award for the worst uniforms in the NFL has to go to the St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders.   Seriously, check them out and still try to disagree with this statement.   It is not the squad's fault, but these uniforms are just horrendous.

OK, now that we have that out of the way, we'll continue.   Over the past few years, the cheerleading world has really starting taking off to the next level.   In the early part of this decade, we started to see NFL cheerleaders appearing in mainstream magazines.   In subsequent years, television exposure and magazine photo shoots have increased.   Last year was possibly the biggest one for cheerleaders yet.   In addition to the continued and steady popularity of cheerleaders in magazine photo shoots, there was a reality show about making a cheerleading squad.   The frenzy has even spilled over to our rankings, as we have received actual emails from NFL cheerleaders complaining about not being in our top 10.   Yes, these girls are competitive.   Is there any end to this cheerleading frenzy?   Well, after "the incident" last year involving a couple of girls that broke out into a bar fight and... let's just say some extracurricular activities, we think not.

The rankings were compiled after taking a "close" look at all the squads.   Factors that were weighted heavily included: uniform quality, cheerleader photo variety and quantity, and... other intangibles (secret recipe!).   Let us just state that all of the teams in the NFL (minus 7 that need to get with the cheerleading program) have a multitude of exceptionally talented ladies with big... hearts and lots of beautiful... spirit, so if your team didn't make the top ten, just assume they were ranked number 11.   After all, nothing is more damaging to a fan than to think they have substandard cheerleaders.

10. Carolina Panthers (Last year - Not Rated)
while the Panther's cheerleaders are on the borderline of the top 10 just based on their limited photo selection in conjunction with the quality of their uniforms, they do have additional intangibles.   They are rowdy and they take this whole cat theme to the extreme.   Wrrrrrrr!   Hiss!

9. New England Patriots (Last year - Not Rated)
The Patriots are one of the teams that have really started to step it up from what we have seen from them over the past few years.   Their website is "wicked sweet" as they have a large selection of photos that pop up when you click on each girl.   These pictures are at the bottom of each girl's page, and they even have swimsuit pictures if they are available for that girl.   The squads' uniform is all about the Patriots.   We love the stars and the color theme.   The Patriots are taking it to the next level by showing that you don't need hot weather to have hot... umm... talented girls.

8. Arizona Cardinals (Last year - 5)
The members of this squad have fine attributes and their uniforms are quality, but the team just can't seem to get their website together.   If they did, there is no telling where these desert birds might end up.   However, even with the limited information available on this squad, it is almost impossible to keep this group out of the top 10.

7. Washington Redskins (Last year - 6)
Good thing these girls weren't around when Slick Willy was in office.   These uniforms are very bold and sharp... let's just say that the girls could send a smoke signal that any Redskin could follow.   The site has plenty of photos for the avid Washington fan to peruse.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last year - 10)
The Buccaneers have managed to put together a very nice squad with quality uniforms for the past few years.   The pirate outfits are as good as ever and they have started to upgrade their website. They have a great scrapbook feature on each girl's page complete with even a photo of each girl in a Santa outfit.   The only thing this crew is missing is a few swimsuit shots, but we are sure those aren't too far off.

5. Philadelphia Eagles (Last year - 2)
Over the past few years the Eagles have been a group that stood out among their peers.   However, this group has taken a bit of a tumble in this edition of the cheerleader rankings.   One of the trademarks of the Eagles Cheerleaders was their edgy and ground breaking style.   Their lingerie calendar was always a big hit in the rankings.   They still have the calendar, but they don't dish out the sample photos like they used to.   We wonder if the squad was catching some heat for being too hot.   Regardless, they have toned it down and the cheerleader webpage is a worse place for it.   Their uniforms, while better than most, still could use a little improvement and this group is still one of the elite programs, but you have to be on your game because another group of cheerleaders is always looking to take your place.

4. Denver Broncos (Last year - 4)
This is one group that has managed to hold their top 4 status, and they are so close to moving even higher in the rankings.   They have added some nice pictures from their calendar, which is a nice contrast to some of the squads that didn't make the top 10.   They still have some of the shortest skirts in the business with one of the sharpest looking uniforms in the league as well.   Each girl has a slide show, and if that show were to include a little swimsuit action... there wouldn't be much keeping these girls from moving on up!

3. Miami Dolphins (Last year - 7)
Last year this squad dropped to 7 from its previous position of 4.   They obviously weren't satisfied with that and did something about it.   If you managed to catch the mini-reality show on the NFL Network about the making of the Dolphins Cheerleaders squad, you have an idea as to why these girls are a top contender.   The ex-Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader that they had in charge of picking the squad was an absolute drill sergeant!   We mean "Full Metal Jacket" style!!   She was calling very cute girls out on the smallest imperfections.   She basically had girls in tears and out in the hallway after auditions doing sit-ups.   It was wild.   Well, the quality of this squad is evident as a result.   The website could still use some work because they don't feature the girls as well as they could.   The photo link on each of the girls' pages takes you to the general photo gallery.   If that link took you to a gallery of the specific girl, this site could be one of the very best. Swimsuit pictures would have been a major plus as well.   The new uniforms are clean and white.   This new design is a perfect match for the heat of Miami and the tans that all of the girls have.   The previous uniforms weren't terrible, but the new ones are pretty outstanding.

2. San Diego Chargers (Last year - 3)
When you are close to the top, there isn't much room to move up, but this group, affectionately known as the Charger Girls, managed just that.   The amazing thing is that they did this without a reality show or a scandal.   They did it with high quality ladies and a great site to show them off.   Each girl has several other photos that you can click below their main one.   This is a simple and very effective way to do this, so hopefully some of the other squads out there will take note.   They also let you see some calendar pics when possible.   Even the "less talented" girls in San Diego would be All-Stars on other squads.   They apparently had a day where the girls dressed up like guys fantasies.   They have pictures of the girls in cheerleading outfits that look like: a sailor girl, a cowgirl, a nurse, wonder woman, etc.   We don't know how letting Drew Brees go will work out for the team, but let us just say "good job" on one move we know was a hit.   Even the squads regular uniforms are quality.   They are very distinct and probably the best out of the squads that don't use the "Cowgirl" theme.

1. Dallas Cowboys (Last year - 1)
Surprise, surprise!   Look who is number one once again!   Over the past few years we felt like some of the other groups were closing the gap between the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and themselves.   Well, that gap has gotten a lot bigger this year.   They have the highest quality girls in the highest quality uniforms, which just about says it all.   They have lots of photos from the calendar that makes you wish we could switch to a different system to add a few more months to the calendar.   You don't want to miss it.   The only thing they could do better would be to have a scrap book for each girl from their bio page, but they are as close to perfection as you get in the cheerleading world.   Congratulations to the Undefeated, King of the Hill, A-number-1, Champions of Cheer!

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