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FootballDocs 3rd Annual
Cheerleader Rankings

2005 NFL Cheerleader Rankings

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Original Release: February 18, 2005

That's right!   It's that time of year again.   With the champions of the world crowned and the Pro Bowl in the rear view mirror, what is the one thing that all NFL fans are buzzing about?   No, not the draft (not just yet anyway) - it's FootballDocs 3rd Annual Cheerleader Rankings of course.

Last year we made a heartfelt plea to those NFL teams out there that don't have cheerleaders. All we suggested is that those teams would be much better off if they had a cheerleading squad.   Well, not much has changed, but the movement has started.   We saw a petition by Lions fans that were trying to add cheerleaders to their beloved franchise.   Obviously, these fans understand the type of commitment it is going to take for the Lions to get over the hump and to start contending for championships.   What do cheerleaders have to do with winning football games?   Well, we don't proclaim to have all the answers, but we do have some very interesting facts for you.   Only 1 team out of the past 14 Super Bowl champions has won that doesn't currently have cheerleaders.   The past 8 champions in a row have been teams with cheerleading squads.   Is this all coincidence?   We think not.

When looking at the teams without cheerleaders, they can be grouped into two categories:   Northern Division teams (Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Cleveland Browns) and New York teams (Jets and Giants).   We understand there is some reluctance to have cheerleaders in colder weather, but teams have been very successful with cold weather cheerleaders.   The Philadelphia Eagles have experienced great success both on the field and in the FootballDocs Annual Cheerleader rankings.   Another notable cold weather team with cheerleaders is the New England Patriots, and we all know how they have been doing (and you guys thought it was all Belichick and Brady).   Hopefully, these teams without cheerleaders will come around sooner rather than later.   Football without cheerleaders is like cake without icing.   It is still good, but it could be better.

OK, now that we have that out of the way we'll continue.   The rankings were compiled after taking a "close" look at all the squads.   Factors that were weighted heavily included: uniform quality, cheerleader photo variety and quantity, and... other intangibles (secret recipe!).   Let us just state that all of the teams in the NFL (minus 7 that need to get with the cheerleading program) have a multitude of exceptionally talented ladies with big... hearts and lots of beautiful... spirit, so if your team didn't make the top ten, they were probably ranked number 11?

10 - tie. Indianapolis Colts (Last year - Not Rated)
This year we had a three way tie for 10th place, so we had no other choice but to list all three in our rankings.   Looks like you will just have to look at two more groups of cheerleaders (such torture and punishment).   The Colts management is doing whatever it takes to get Indy to the next level... even down to the cheerleaders and a bikini spread.   As usual, this site has lots of photos of the girls at games, but the best pics are seen via the swimsuit calendar.

10 - tie. Kansas City Chiefs (Last year - Not Rated)
The Chiefs are joining the Colts as the second squad to "bust" into the top ten for the first time. This site has a very large selection of pictures for each girl.   They have photos in their cheer outfits, bikinis, and miscellaneous wardrobes.   Once you get a chance to see the girls in about six different outfits other than their cheer costumes, it is clear that their cheer outfits don't do these young ladies justice.   This is one of the reasons that this group is not any higher than 10th.

10 - tie. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last year - Not Rated)
We are happy to welcome the Buccaneers back into the top ten after dropping out of it in our 2004 rankings.   This year's squad tweaked its pirate outfits, and they are back better than ever as one of the best outfits in the NFL.   When working with a pirate them, there really is a lot you can do with it and we like what the Bucs have done.   In fact, some of these lovely ladies are really "stretching" the limit on keeping their swashbuckling outfits PG-13.

9. San Francisco 49ers (Last year - 10)
For the second year in a row, the 49ers cheerleaders have the best uniforms in the NFL.   A few of these young ladies really show the full potential of this league-leading uniform style.   Once again, the main factor working against San Francisco is the small photo selection.   However, we are sure that one look at this group more than justifies their top ten status.

8. Houston Texans (Last year - 3)
While we still like the Texans' Cheerleaders, their uniforms need some work.   The gym short pants need a little tune up and the whole look doesn't have that look you would like to see out of NFL cheerleaders.   However, this group still has lots of redeeming qualities.   The red knee high boots are a nice touch that did score a few bonus points, and you should definitely check out the cheerleader magazine slide show.

7. Miami Dolphins (Last year - 4)
Last year we couldn't say enough good things about the cheerleader trading cards for Miami.   You could click on the girls' photo and the card would flip over to show some very interesting South Beach attire.   For some unintelligent reason, they eliminated the trading cards.   Needless to say, we were disappointed when we made our evaluation visit to the Dolphins' squad page in 2005.   There is still more than enough quality in South Beach, so the Phins are in no danger of being booted from the top 10, but a reduction in rank was more than warranted.   Be sure to checkout the "cheerleader of the week" for the best pics at this site.

6. Washington Redskins (Last year - 5)
The Redskins are really doing well lately, and we suspect that they will be a contender for years to come.   This squad goes with the daisy dukes, but this daisy duke version is a little sexier than many of their NFL counterparts.   They have a little 'x' in the front that makes all the difference.   Each cheerleader seems to have 10 pics in their photo album.   The pics are game photos before number 4 and then the swimsuits start, so be sure you don't miss out on this hidden feature.   In the last few picks, the girls are back in their cheer uniforms.   The Redskins' cheerleaders have also had a few young ladies in Maxim Magazine (A trend that 'mysteriously' picked up shortly after FootballDocs inaugural cheerleader rankings... hmmm).

5. Arizona Cardinals (Last year - 8)
The Cardinals' cheerleaders are back in the top 5 for the first time since 2003.   Let's just say that the sun isn't the only thing that is hot in the desert.   These lovely ladies of Arizona are doing all they can to climb the rankings, but they need their website to pick up the slack.   There just aren't that many pics to browse on their site.   We hope that this oversight is corrected in the future because we would love to see this group topple some of the top squads still to come.

4. Denver Broncos (Last year - 9)
After spending the last couple of years in the lower part of the top ten, the Broncos cheerleaders have made a big jump up to number four.   This group has always impressed us with their top caliber uniforms.   This year you can see that the squad is in good health and the uniforms help demonstrate what a "no-carb" diet can do for you.   They don't have individual pics for girls, but they do preview the calendar.

3. San Diego Chargers (Last year - 6)
This marks the point where we hit the best of the very best.   All three of the top squads are neck and neck, but they are a good distance above the rest of the crowd.   After dropping out of the top 5 last year, the San Diego cheerleaders are back in a big way.   The Chargers cheerleaders have a photo of every girl in a bikini.   All you need to do is go to their individual pages and click on the pics in the lower left corner for a full screen shot.     Everyone in this group is top quality, and they all have a solid selection of photos.   The uniforms aren't bad, but could be a little bit better.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (Last year - 2)
If you have been around the FootballDocs Cheerleader Rankings before, you know all about the Eagles' squad.   If you haven't, let's just start by saying that the site has an age appropriate warning.   The Eagles' cheerleaders are not afraid to generate a little 'excitement' over the Eagles!   This site has great navigation and picture variety.   If you plan on visiting all of the sites we list here, make sure you go here last because you may never leave.   If you are crunched for time, we suggest checking out Lora's photo gallery picture 3 or Bridget's calendar photo.   Did we mention that the calendar is a lingerie calendar?

1. Dallas Cowboys (Last year - 1)
We always leave the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders for the last site to evaluate, and we always think that this will be the year that the Dallas cheerleaders are dethroned.   However, once you check them out, there is no denying greatness.   You've heard the hype.   Is it true?   YES. These are the best of the best because they have high quality girls in high quality uniforms - what else is there?   We could be trendy and pick someone else as the #1 squad to shock people, but that would just be for show.   As always, we call them like we see them and the Cowboys' cheerleaders are simply the best.   Be sure to checkout the calendar for tons of photos.  You won't be disappointed by the back-to-back-to-back undisputed Cheer Champions of the World!

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