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FootballDocs 1st Annual
Cheerleader Rankings

2003 NFL Cheerleader Rankings

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Original Release: February 13, 2003

The battle for bragging rights in the NFL has been settled. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are world champions (as any leprechaun will tell you), and all of the Pro Bowlers are back at home enjoying their bonuses. The one question that is still being debated by many die-hard fans is "Which team has the best cheerleaders?" Never fear, for the Docs have pulled their heads out of the football books just long enough to settle this debate and rank these lovely ladies of the gridiron.

The rankings were compiled only after taking a very close look at all NFL cheerleading squads. The final rankings are based on how pret... ahem... talented each girl is at cheerleading and which squads have the biggest... spirit. Only the top 10 cheerleading squads are listed because nothing is more damaging to a fan than finding out that your team's cheerleaders are the ugl ... ahem ... least talented in the NFL. So if your team's girls didn't make the list, assume that they are number 11 and just missed the cut. Without further delay, here are the greatly anticipated 2002-2003 FootballDocs Cheerleader Rankings:

10. Oakland Raiders
Affectionately referred to as the Raiderettes, this group of girls starts the list off at number ten. Unfortunately for the Raider Nation, it looks like they have been edged out by the Bucs once again.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Able to pull off the pirate theme just a little better than the Raiders, the ladies of the Buccaneers come in at number nine. World Champs in addition to having a top ten cheerleading squad, it just doesn't get much better in Tampa these days.

8. Denver Broncos
It is really amazing what cowboy hats and tassels can do for a cheerleading squad. The mile high city can be proud of this group.

7. Philadelphia Eagles
FootballDocs denies any accusations that the Eagles Cheerleaders' ranking has anything to do with the fact that most of the squad has lingerie pictorials.

6. Minnesota Vikings
This site seems to have a picture of every cheerleader in her swimsuit. Some teams will do anything to get their cheerleaders ranked higher on the FootballDocs' Cheerleader Rankings.

5. Arizona Cardinals
While there may be a lot of things wrong with the team in Arizona, the cheerleaders give the fans something to be proud of for a change.

4. Houston Texans
This expansion team may not win many games in the near future, but they at least give the fans something to cheer about. And you thought that good draft picks were the way to build a successful expansion team.

3. Miami Dolphins
Coming in at number three on the countdown are the ladies of south beach. We think we know why Ricky is a lot happier in Miami...

2. San Diego Chargers
If there is any group that comes close to the world champs of cheerleading, it is this squad. The sunny beaches of Southern California seem to agree with these girls.

1. Dallas Cowboys
Being skeptics, the Docs were expecting to rank this legendary group farther down the list, but once you visit their website you too will see why they are still the undisputed cheerleading champions of the world.

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