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FootballDocs 8th Annual
Cheerleader Rankings

2010 NFL Cheerleader Rankings

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This year has been a dark, dark year so far for football fans. There has been a lockout and there is not real football information for us to sink our teeth into, but that is not the real travesty that we have had to suffer. The true pain that all football fans had to suffer was the fact that the Super Bowl featured two teams without cheerleaders. It just makes you shake your head. Can't we get past the bickering, put aside stubborn pride and just admit that EVERY team in the NFL needs to have cheerleaders? That is an obvious rhetorical question much like, "Wouldn't it be insane to mess up the good thing the NFL has going with a strike/lockout?" Yes, some things just don't make sense.

What does make sense is bringing some joy to the NFL fans out there with some real cheerleader competition. FootballDocs 8th Annual Cheerleader Rankings are here to recognize the outstanding squads from the 2010 season that can make us all forget about the huge mess the league has going on right now (for a least a little while anyway).

As always, these rankings are compiled by inspecting every cheerleader web page in the NFL. Squads are ranked based on the quality of uniform, quality of website, and quality of "quality." And yes, we still cannot resist crunching the numbers with our own special formula to provide the best of the best that the NFL has to offer. It is time to skip all bickering and legal ease. Who is ready for some football? The question that is even more pertinent to this piece of work is: Who is ready for the FootballDocs 8th Annual Cheerleader Rankings?

10. New York Jets (Last year - Not Rated)
Two years ago the Jets added cheerleaders and the made the FootballDocs rankings for the 1st time. Last year, the cruel dog-eat-dog world of NFL cheerleading left them out in the cold. This year's rankings have this group of fine young ladies returned to the top 10 list. We have no doubt that the fact the Patriots slipped from the top 10 list and the Jets made the top 10 list will warm every green and white heart in the Meadowlands. The hot stewardess theme has been made into a cheerleading outfit and works well. The uniforms are still not perfected, but the Jets are on the right flight path with their Flight Crew Cheerleaders.

9. Houston Texans (Last year - 5)
The Texans have undergone a healthy slide over the past few seasons, and they are currently on the brink of slipping out of the top 10 altogether. Obviously, the Texans are already on it. The Texans have been rolling with 1 set of twins over the past few years. Perhaps that novel idea has lost some of its charm. As a sneak peek for 2011, the Texans are adding not 1, but 2 sets of twins for the upcoming season. Clearly the Texans will not go quietly into the dark night. The Texans need to pick up their game on the uniform end of things. The Texans have worked hard to select the best ladies in the region, but then they skimp on the uniforms. The fitness competitor look was cute at first, but these lovely Texas ladies need to get a wardrobe makeover to really gain some ground on the likes of their in-state rivals (The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders).

8. San Francisco 49ers (Last year - Not Ranked)
The Gold Rush Cheerleaders were at the top of their game back in the early part of the last decade, but they have slipped in recent times. This group hasn't even made the top 10 since 2005. This squad has made some significant movement in terms of website and team quality. The leather vest and skirts are a slick look and the 49ers logo is well placed on the back of said vests. This group has one of the most lacking websites out of all of the top 10 cheerleading squads, so we would love to see them turn the corner in that area.

7. Philadelphia Eagles (Last year - 6)
While the Eagles might tend to bounce around in the top 10 depending on the year, this group is committed to high standards and being the best. With that kind of dedication, the top spot of cheerleading is up for grabs in any given season. The Eagles' site gives you lots of photos of one of the best cold weather squads year in and year out. The uniform is a gym short look. It is distinct, but they could use a little tweak. The shorts versus skirts give them a tougher look for a tougher town, but that doesn't mean they can't use fresher look in the coming season.

6. Washington Redskins (Last year - 8)
The homepage will stop you in your tracks. One thing that might surprise fans who aren't acquainted with this squad is that they have been in the top 10 every season except for the inaugural FootballDocs Cheerleader rankings. This is an impressive run. With so much turnover in the world of professional cheerleading, you have to take your hat off to the longevity of this squad. The NFC East brings some serious cheerleading to the table between the Redskins, Eagles, and Cowboys, so we are wondering why the Giants can't seem to get with the program. Note to Giants, get some cheerleaders.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Last year - 4)
We've got a feeling Captain Jack Sparrow will be recruiting these girls for his next blockbuster, "The Curse of the Swashbuckling Squad." The Bucs continue to deliver the best non-cowgirl theme uniforms in the NFL. This cheery bunch clearly keeps their eyes on the top squads in the NFL, and they are striving to be the #1 group in the NFL. They continue to have a slick and unique looking site. Some of the great navigation and features have slipped a little, but they still continue to be a top cheerleading organization. Thank goodness they don't wear their cream sickle uniforms very often. Those uniforms look bad on the players and bad on the girls.

4. Denver Broncos (Last year - 7)
If the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have the best uniforms in the business, the Broncos Cheerleaders are right on their heels. Interestingly enough, the Broncos also have a "cowgirl" theme. If your uniform looks like you could throw on a cowboy hat at any moment, you could have a winner on your hands. The Broncos version of the cowgirl theme is a lot more colorful than the Texas version. This also would not be a proper Cheerleader ranking without mentioning the shortest skirts in cheerleading. Seriously, you have to go check them out. The lovely ladies of the Broncos come in a slightly more "fitness-competitor-look" than other squads, and that works really well in Colorado.

3. San Diego Chargers (Last year - 3)
The Charger Girls are bringing the heat and clearly have one of the deepest depth charts in the cheerleader business. If you make this squad, you should hold your head up high. The San Diego Cheerleaders have had the same style of uniform for several years. The colors are crisp and clean, but they do have a little bit of a Raiderette feel to it. That is not a good thing. If they tweak the uniform a little, this group could jump up to the #1 spot in a hurry, but it is hard to pick at this squad and their elite quality.

2. Miami Dolphins (Last year - 1)
This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you do a cheerleading site. This is also how you put together an NFL cheerleading squad that is going to compete for the #1 spot in cheerleading year after year. They have some great videos for fans to peruse and gobs of photos. The Dolphins Cheerleaders just missed the #1 position, but make no mistake, this group is WAY up there on the pecking order of cheerleading. These lovely ladies and their colorful uniforms are a friendly reminder of all the good things to be found at South Beach.

1. Dallas Cowboys (Last year - 2)
In a rare instance, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were toppled last year as the #1 squad in cheerleading. You knew this team wasn't going to be held down for long. They have an excellent website. They provide some great photos from the swimsuit calendar and plenty of photos of the squad in action. From the digital side of things, you are getting one of the best. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are once again the gold standard that all cheerleaders are measured against. They still have the best uniforms in the business! Toss in some of the most beautiful girls in the NFL, and you've got yourself a winner.

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