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Thank you for your interest in advertising on FootballDocs.   FootballDocs is like no other fantasy football site on the web, and the only site known to be completely owned and operated by fantasy football addicts with advanced graduate degrees up to the Ph.D. level.  This is a critical aspect unique to our site for a hobby dominated by statistics and numerical analysis.  As such, FootballDocs has steadily grown in traffic, and we are looking forward to another big year this fantasy football season.

Based on the results of an independent, third-party survey, 1,382 visitors to our site indicated the following demographic:

• 95% of our visitors are male.

• 91% of our visitors are between the ages of 18 - 54, with the following breakdown in age groups: 18 - 24 (7%); 25 - 34 (37%); 35 - 44 (33%); 45 - 54 (14%)

• 92% of our visitors indicated they are either a college graduate, have completed undergraduate or post-graduate work, or obtained a post-graduate degree.

With competitive pricing and monthly rates, sponsors can reach a large volume of consumers for a comparatively low cost. We offer several advertising sizes for your organization, including but not limited to 720 x 90 Leaderboard, 468 x 60 Banner, 160 x 600 Wide Skyscraper, 120 x 600 Skyscraper, 300 x 250 Box, 300 x 600 Half Page, and 125 x 125 Cube. To bring further flexibility to your campaign, we offer banner rotations and can adjust the viewing rate of your advertisement to accommodate threshold spending limits relative to desired advertising duration (note that all advertisements are monitored by an independent, third-party advertising agency). If a previous banner rotation agreement is in place with another sponsor, we will let you know what the availability of page views is for the month and advertising size of interest.

All sold advertisements will be located above the fold, within the first scroll of the screen.   If our site demographic fits your organization's target audience, FootballDocs represents tremendous value for a targeted campaign to a targeted audience. We value our sponsors and want them to be 110% satisfied with their campaign.   Many of our sponsors have been with us year after year, and we welcome the opportunity to start a business relationship with your organization and earn your repeat business.


today to reserve your space or acquire additional information regarding rates and availability. (Please note that no gambling, sports betting, or sexually explicit advertisements will be accepted).

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