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"Where the geeks meet the gridiron."

FootballDocs (fut-bol-däks)n.
1.  Result of crossing fantasy football fanatics with a Ph.D. in engineering.
2.  Cyberspace location where the geeks meet the gridiron.

Fantasy football is a game of numbers. In fact, the entire concept of fantasy football hinges exclusively on statistics. Any credible fantasy football media site must not only be knowledgeable on the latest and greatest NFL news and rumors, but also be able to analyze, assimilate, sort, and numerically predict statistics.   It is not enough to be a sports junkie.  It is not enough to be a geek who can wield a pretty mean calculator. When it comes to fantasy football, you must be able to do both and do both well. So ask yourself, would you go to someone other than a surgeon for open-heart surgery? What about serious legal council from anyone other than a lawyer? Then why would you settle for anything else than advanced engineering degrees up to the Ph.D. level for your fantasy football analysis, numerical projections, and advice?

That's where the Docs come in. Entering our 13th year on the web, FootballDocs is like no other fantasy football site, and the only known site to be completely owned and operated by fantasy football addicts with advanced degrees up to the Ph.D. level. (For those that have asked, all advanced degrees are from Georgia Tech, so we are talking about a fairly high level of geek here!) The Docs are avid fantasy football fanatics who live, breathe, and talk fantasy football 365 days a year. These are the guys that wake up to sports talk radio on their alarm and end the day with the NFL Network fading off in the distance. With a Ph.D. in engineering, crunching numbers, predicting statistical trends, and developing numerical schemes are an everyday way of life. As such, FootballDocs is built on proven statistical methods, winning techniques, and unique mathematical algorthims. With high school All-State football honors awarded way back in the day, knowledge and excecution of the game was installed at an early age.   There is no better place for these football geeks than in the world of fantasy football, which represents a perfect marriage between nice, clean statistics / data and otherwise worthless football trivia knowledge amassed from countless years of sports articles, television shows, football practices, and talk radio. The Docs will get you locked in on all the fantasy football trends, analysis, draft tactics, articles, who to pick up on the waiver wire, who to start, fantasy football player rankings, draft software, fantasy football projections, fantasy football cheat sheets, and for that answer you just can't seem to find anywhere else, you can even just "Ask the Docs" in our weekly fantasy football advice column.

So let's face it, would you rather seek the services of a typical multi-sport journalist or some football crazed lab rats that have nothing better to do than try to describe chaos theory through a numerical simulation of an ACL? We thought so...welcome to FootballDocs Fantasy Football - "Where the geeks meet the gridiron."

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