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DeSean Jackson and the Eagles crack our top 10 NFL Power Rankings
DeSean Jackson and the High Flying Eagles!
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2010 NFL Fantasy Power Rankings

Fantasy spin on NFL power rankings for your 2010 fantasy football draft

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August 13, 2010

This is a fun time of year to release NFL Power Rankings, which are based on the quality of NFL teams and rosters. However, our NFL power rankings are a little different than traditional NFL power rankings and intended to be used as a quick and dirty resource to help with your fantasy football draft. They are based on the overall fantasy potential of each NFL roster. The fantasy potential is linked directly back to our fantasy football player rankings. This list has nothing to do with which teams should do well in the NFL regular season and playoffs (check our NFL picks and predictions for that), and it has everything to do with which teams are loaded with potent fantasy football production from an overall team perspective. If you find yourself in a pinch and you need to draft someone in 10 seconds, just draft players on teams near the top of this list and avoid players near the bottom. However, you might have more success if you do a little more fantasy football draft preparation than just 10 seconds. Enjoy our fantasy spin on 2010 NFL Power Rankings*:

*Quick Note from the Docs:
For those interested in a Strength of Schedule Analysis (passing, rushing, total offense, and fantasy defense), links are provided below:
Offensive Total Strength of Schedule
Passing Strength of Schedule
Rushing Strength of Schedule
Fantasy Defense Strength of Schedule

2010 NFL Fantasy Power Rankings

Rank Team Comments
1   Green Bay Packers   Aaron Rodgers has some of the best WRs in the NFL, an up and coming TE, and a solid RB.
2   Indianapolis Colts   Peyton Manning makes can cover up a lot of mistakes. Good WRs, TE, and solid RBs surround #18.
3   Dallas Cowboys   Tony Romo and a 3 headed rushing attack work with some of the best receivers in the NFL.
4   Atlanta Falcons   Michael Turner will pound it on the ground while Matt Ryan, Roddy White, and Tony Gonzalez soar
5   San Diego Chargers   Even with the issues of Vincent Jackson, Philip Rivers will will still keep the Chargers moving.
6   Minnesota Vikings   Adrian Peterson is the rock for the Vikings. The rest of the Vikings are filled with questions.
7   New Orleans Saints   Drew Brees makes everyone better in New Orleans. The Saints are going to produce.
8   Carolina Panthers   DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart anchor this team's fantasy hopes.
9   Philadelphia Eagles   Kevin Kolb is surrounded by a bounty of young talent that could surprise in 2010.
10   Houston Texans   If Matt Schaub can stay upright for 16 games again, opponents had better beware.
11   Baltimore Ravens   Joe Flacco has a new weapon in Anquan Boldin. Ray Rice is pretty good too.
12   Miami Dolphins   Brandon Marshall should provide a new dimension to a team with strong rushing attack.
13   New England Patriots   Tom Brady and Randy Moss should return to form to lead the Patriots.
14   Arizona Cardinals   Larry Fitzgerald should succeed no matter who throws the ball.
15   San Francisco 49ers   Frank Gore is one of the few work horses left. Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis are new stars.
16   Pittsburgh Steelers   Rashard Mendenhall is the engine that will drive the Steelers this season.
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17   Cincinnati Bengals   Carson Palmer adds Terrell Owens to his preexisting cast of Cedric Benson and Chad Ochocinco.
18   Jacksonville Jaguars   Maurice Jones-Drew is the real deal in Jacksonville.
19   Washington Redskins   Donovan McNabb should breathe new life into the Redskins under Mike Shanahan.
20   Tennessee Titans   Chris Johnson is one of the best in the NFL and he IS the fantasy outlook for Tennessee.
21   New York Jets   Shonn Greene will anchor a team that will count on its run and defense to win.
22   Kansas City Chiefs   Jamaal Charles provides some fantasy spark, but Matt Cassel will need to contribute.
23   New York Giants   Eli Manning has a nice cast of young WRs to go along with an oft injured RB corps.
24   Chicago Bears   Can Mike Martz inject some fantasy spark into the Bears offense?
25   Detroit Lions   Calvin Johnson stands head and shoulders above the rest of the Lions.
26   St. Louis Rams   Steven Jackson will try to carry the entire Rams offense on his sizable shoulders.
27   Tampa Bay Buccaneers   When Cadillac Williams is about all your team has, you could be in for a long season.
28   Denver Broncos   With their defense in shambles and their offense lacking stars, Denver is going to have it tough.
29   Oakland Raiders   Jason Campbell should help turn things around in Oakland, but it might take more than he has.
30   Seattle Seahawks   Justin Forsett is about all the Seahawks have and that isn't saying much.
31   Cleveland Browns   The Browns are counting on Jake Delhomme. Hmmm.
32   Buffalo Bills   The Bills would be very good if they just had 11 good players on offense and 11 more for defense.

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