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2010 NFL Picks and Predictions

Predicting the 2010 NFL season with fantasy football colored glasses

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September 7, 2010

After creating our NFL Power Rankings, it was only natural to predict the 2010 NFL season. After all, what else would you expect from a site "Where the geeks meet the gridiron"? With that in mind, we made our picks for every game of the 2010 season and have posted the final results below. In these results, we show Divisional Champions, AFC and NFC Champions, and even the 2011 Super Bowl Champion. These NFL picks are based on our fantasy football player rankings knowledge and NFL analysis, and the NFL predictions are the results of what would happen in the actual games when statistically crunching the possibilities to converge on a final outcome. However, in the NFL parity reigns supreme, and therein lies the challenge in making these predictions. While this isn't the typical subject matter that is covered on FootballDocs Fantasy Football, it is still football and a load of fun to evaluate what might happen in 2010. We did this last year for kicks and compared our over and unders to the lines that were set in the preseason. We actually did pretty well hitting on 60%. This year it will be fun to see how we compare. Without further delay, here are FootballDocs' NFL picks and predictions for the 2010 season:

NFC North
NFC South
NFC East
NFC West

AFC North
AFC South
AFC East
AFC West

2011 Super Bowl

*Note: Bold teams make playoffs.

Team Wins Losses
  Green Bay Packers 12 4
  Minnesota Vikings 9 7
  Chicago Bears 7 9
  Detroit Lions 6 10

Team Wins Losses
  New Orleans Saints 13 3
  Atlanta Falcons 10 6
  Carolina Panthers 7 9
  Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4 12

Team Wins Losses
  Dallas Cowboys 11 5
  New York Giants 10 6
  Washington Redskins10 6
  Philadelphia Eagles 6 10

Team Wins Losses
  San Francisco 49ers 9 7
  Arizona Cardinals 8 8
  Seattle Seahawks 5 11
  St. Louis Rams 3 13

Team Wins Losses
  Pittsburgh Steelers 11 5
  Baltimore Ravens 11 5
  Cincinnati Bengals 8 8
  Cleveland Browns 3 13

Team Wins Losses
  Indianapolis Colts 14 2
  Houston Texans 10 6
  Tennessee Titans 8 8
  Jacksonville Jaguars 3 13

Team Wins Losses
  New England Patriots 13 3
  New York Jets 12 4
  Miami Dolphins 6 10
  Buffalo Bills 2 14

Team Wins Losses
  San Diego Chargers 12 4
  Oakland Raiders 6 10
  Kansas City Chiefs 5 11
  Denver Broncos 2 14

Winner   Loser
Green Bay Packers vs Indianapolis Colts

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