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Fantasy Football Rankings

"Where the geeks meet the gridiron."
Celebrating our 15TH YEAR on the web, FootballDocs is the only known site to be completely owned and operated by fantasy addicts with advanced degrees up to the Ph.D. level. (For those that have asked, all advanced degrees are from Georgia Tech, so we are talking about a fairly high level of geek here!) The Docs are avid fantasy football fanatics who live, breathe, and talk fantasy football 365 days a year. These are the guys that wake up to sports talk radio on their alarm and end the day with the NFL Network fading off in the distance. With a Ph.D. in engineering, crunching numbers, predicting statistical trends, and developing numerical schemes are an everyday way of life. As such, FootballDocs is built on proven statistical methods, winning techniques, and unique mathematical algorthims. We pride ourselves in dishing out top projections (450+), draft software, and custom rankings for your fantasy football draft to help you dish out a fantasy beatdown on your competition! Full Story
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2016 Preseason - FREE (Made by Geeks for Geeks - Enjoy!)

Fantasy QB Rankings (HOT!)
Fantasy RB Rankings (HOT!)
Fantasy WR Rankings (HOT!)
Fantasy TE Rankings (HOT!)
Fantasy K Rankings (HOT!)
Fantasy D Rankings (HOT!)
Fantasy Football Player Rankings
Where to Play Fantasy Football
2016 NFL Player Movement (AFC)
2016 NFL Player Movement (NFC)
2016 NFL Coaching Changes (AFC)
2016 NFL Coaching Changes (NFC)
Fantasy Football Stock Watch: Vol 3
Fantasy Football Stock Watch: Vol 2
Fantasy Football Stock Watch: Vol 1
2016 NFL Rookies & Commentary
Strength of Schedule - Rushing
Strength of Schedule - Passing
Strength of Schedule - Total Offense
Strength of Schedule - Defense
"Two Year" Wide Receivers
"Three Year" Wide Receivers
"Four Year" Wide Receivers
Wide Receiver Three-Year Rule
Effect of RB Carries in 2016
RB Major Injury Rule
5 Draft Day Mistakes
The Walking Dead Guide to Fantasy
Offensive Line Rankings
NFL Rookie Fantasy Draft Strategy
Fantasy Football Draft Strategy
Tips for Successful Draft Preparation
Fantasy Football Rankings
Importance of RBs in your Draft Plans
Quarterback Free Fall
Fantasy Kicker Mistake
Fantasy Football Mock Drafts
Fantasy Football Sleepers
Offensive Line Rankings
Fantasy Football Busts
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Fantasy Football Projections

Experience with Ph.D. Know-How
We take an immense amount of care and time crunching player stats and making coordinated projections for the upcoming football season. Some would say that developing a unique draft algorithm and mathematical model is obsessive - you're darn right it is! That's why you came to "Where the geeks meet the gridron." We've pulled no punches, and we've spared no expense in bringing you top quality information and projections for your fantasy football draft. Our proprietary, numerical algorithm leverages 10 years worth of past player performance data to generate our fantasy football projections for the upcoming season. This algorithm incorporates numerous variables that dramatically increase the probability of a correct outcome when projecting individual player performance, so feel free to unleash them on your unsuspecting competition. Without further ado, enjoy! Full Story
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Welcome to the cyberspace location "Where the geeks meet the gridiron"! Entering our 14th year on the web, Football Docs is like no other fantasy football site, and the only known site to be completely owned and operated by fantasy football addicts with advanced degrees up to the Ph.D. level. Our mission is to dish out the best fantasy football rankings, projections, and advice available. We're glad you found us and hope you like what you see. You can learn more about us, our rankings methodology, and everything in between here.