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Thank you for an incredible 15 years!

It's been amazing getting to know many of you through the years, and we are humbled that two geeks that love fantasy football a little too much for their own good were able to share their excitement through FootballDocs Fantasy Football. We hope some of our advice and articles were able to help you win a few more games along the way, as well as perhaps offered a little entertainment that gave you some extra laughs as well. If you find yourself hitting the fantasy pavement on a QB Free-Fall or drafting an older RB coming off a 472 carry season, just grab another slice of pizza and be happy you are enjoying one of the best days of the year - your Fantasy Draft Day! The time has come for us to sign off to try to bring a better balance with work and life for our families, which are growing all too fast. We humbly take a bow and sincerely say thank you for your support of FootballDocs. We wish each of you and your families the absolute best. Be safe. Have fun. Enjoy fantasy football!

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