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St. Louis Rams RB Todd Gurley is a hot fantasy football waiver wire pick-up in week 5
"I have arrived just when you need me most."
(Rich Gabrielson / Icon SMI)
Fantasy Football Waiver Wire
Week 5 Pick-up / Drop Advice
Time to take your team in for a pit stop and give it a tune up with your fantasy football waiver wire. We've got players emerging left and right, and now is the perfect time of the year to make a key addition to your team before their fantasy stock goes through the roof. So without further ado, here's our waiver wire targets for Week 5 of the NFL. Full Story
Free Fantasy Football Advice
Week 4 "Ask the Docs" Mailbag
Week 4 is here and we've got some international football on our hands with an early kickoff on Sunday in London. Loads of great questions this week regarding waiver wire moves, start / sit decisions, and roster optimization. So without further ado, let's get to it chaps and open the mailbag for this week in "Ask the Docs" UK style. Full Story
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Week 5 Waiver Wire (10/5 - HOT!)
Week 4 Ask the Docs (10/2)
Week 4 Player Rankings (10/1)
Week 4 QB Rankings (10/1)
Week 4 RB Rankings (10/1)
Week 4 TE Rankings (10/1)
Week 4 WR Rankings (10/1)
Week 4 Start Sit Advice (9/29)
Week 4 Waiver Wire (9/28)
Week 3 Wrap Up (9/29)
Week 3 Ask the Docs (9/25)
Week 3 Player Rankings (9/24)
Week 3 QB Rankings (9/24)
Week 3 RB Rankings (9/24)
Week 3 TE Rankings (9/24)
Week 3 WR Rankings (9/24)
Week 3 Start Sit Advice (9/23)
Week 3 Waiver Wire (9/21)
Week 2 Wrap Up (9/22)
Week 2 Ask the Docs (9/18)
Week 2 Player Rankings (9/17)
Week 2 QB Rankings (9/17)
Week 2 RB Rankings (9/17)
Week 2 TE Rankings (9/17)
Week 2 WR Rankings (9/17)
Week 2 Start Sit Advice (9/16)
Week 2 Waiver Wire (9/14)
Week 1 Wrap Up (9/15)
Week 1 Ask the Docs (9/10)
Week 1 Player Rankings (9/10)
Week 1 QB Rankings (9/10)
Week 1 RB Rankings (9/10)
Week 1 TE Rankings (9/10)
Week 1 WR Rankings (9/10)
Week 1 Start Sit Advice (9/9)
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We take an immense amount of care and time crunching player stats and making coordinated projections for the upcoming football season. Some would say that developing a unique draft algorithm and mathematical model is obsessive - you're darn right it is! That's why you came to "Where the geeks meet the gridron." We've pulled no punches, and we've spared no expense in bringing you top quality information and projections for your fantasy football draft. Our proprietary, numerical algorithm leverages 10 years worth of past player performance data to generate our fantasy football projections for the upcoming season. This algorithm incorporates numerous variables that dramatically increase the probability of a correct outcome when projecting individual player performance, so feel free to unleash them on your unsuspecting competition. Without further ado, enjoy! Full Story
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