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Miami Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill is a hot fantasy football waiver wire pick-up in week 8.
"I can give you fantasy points with my arm... and legs thanks to our shaky RB situation."
(Kellen Micah / Icon SMI)
Fantasy Football Waiver Wire
FREE Week 8 Pick-Up / Drop Advice
The RB landscape is officially decimated. On top of all the losses at RB this year, RB C.J. Spiller and Knowshon Moreno are officially lost for the season after this week. Other starting RBs like Montee Ball and Toby Gerhart remain sidelined recovering, while others like Zac Stacy have appeared to just have flat out lost their starting job. What does it all mean? A RB FREE-FOR-ALL THAT'S WHAT!!! So come one, come all, check out our fantasy football waiver wire column and then run, don't walk to your waiver wire to scoop up some of these hot deals while they still can be had! Full Story
Weekly Player Rankings
FREE Week 7 Player Rankings
The weekly rankings are back. This season continues to be a challenge thanks to many injuries and other odd circumstances. Throw in some bye week for a very interesting Week 7 Weekly Player Rankings. Andrew Luck, Aaron Rodgers, Demaryius Thomas, Jordy Nelson, DeMarco Murray, Matt Forte, and Julius Thomas are at the top of the fantasy rankings. Full Story
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Week 3 Wrap Up (9/23)
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Week 3 QB Rankings (9/18)
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Week 2 Wrap Up (9/16)
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Week 2 QB Rankings (9/11)
Week 2 RB Rankings (9/11)
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Week 1 Wrap Up (9/9)
Week 1 Ask the Docs (9/5)
Week 1 Player Rankings (9/4)
Week 1 QB Rankings (9/4)
Week 1 RB Rankings (9/4)
Week 1 WR Rankings (9/4)
Week 1 TE Rankings (9/4)
Week 1 Start Sit Advice (9/3)
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We take an immense amount of care and time crunching player stats and making coordinated projections for the upcoming football season. Some would say that developing a unique draft algorithm and mathematical model is obsessive - you're darn right it is! That's why you came to "Where the geeks meet the gridron." We've pulled no punches, and we've spared no expense in bringing you top quality information and projections for your fantasy football draft. Our proprietary, numerical algorithm leverages 10 years worth of past player performance data to generate our fantasy football projections for the upcoming season. This algorithm incorporates numerous variables that dramatically increase the probability of a correct outcome when projecting individual player performance, so feel free to unleash them on your unsuspecting competition. Without further ado, enjoy! Full Story
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